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Extreme Flight Championship, 2002

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Airplane Final Finish
1. Chip Hyde
2. Garrett Morrison
3. Matt Stek
4. Yuri Higuchi
5. Elton Fairless
6. Jason Danhakl
7. Blaine Austin
8. Jeff Pfeifer
9. Darren Eaton
10. Scott Russell

Helicopter Final Finish

1. Curtis Youngblood
2. Jason Krause
3. Alan Szabo
4. Scott Gray
5. Clive Ceney
6. Anthony Jagger
7. Marty Kuhns
8. Paul Soha
9. Kam Wyatt

Chip Hyde wins the XFC Aero event
photo courtesy

Matt Stek 3rd, Garrett Morrison 2nd, Chip Hyde 1st, Darlene Cline 

Matt Stek with Dennis Gergits

Carden wants to thank all the Carden pilots, their helpers and callers, the organizers and the judges who took the time and effort to travel from far and wide to participate in and help with the XFC. 
The XFC Judging crew
photo courtesy
The heli and aero pilots pose for photos
Futaba pilots

Now a highlight of the pilots

We want to point out that all 8 of the pilots using Carden planes flew completely stock planes.  No lightening or beefing up of any planes.  

Chip and Terry Boston's 35% "Baby" Edge 540

Jason Shulman helping as Chip fires up the Baby Edge

Jason Shulman (left) helper, spotter and buddy to Chip Hyde (right)

Chip puts the Baby Edge on "Knife Edge"
Chip and helper Jason Shulman
Matt Stek with his 40% Extra 330S on Knife Edge
Matt Stek proudly poses with his Extra 330S 
Uri Higuchi with his self designed Extra
Elton Fairless
Jason Danhakl
Jason Danhakl sssssssssssssssssssssssmokin'
Jason Danhakl spotting for Jeff Pfeifer
Blaine Austin 
Blaine Austin ready to fire up as he contemplats his now famous "Blaine-O-Drain-O"
Blaine Austin with pyro-technics

Jeff Pfeifer
Jeff and Dennis
Darren Eaton
Scott Russell
Carden Booth - Bill Cline, Matt Stek, Caroline Gergits

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