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Elton Fairless

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July 12, 2004

Hi Dennis and Caroline,

 Just wanted to drop you a line to see how things were going and tell you about this past weekend.  I was performing an aerobatic demo with my 40% Carden Extra 330 this weekend at the Crystal Coast Summer Sizzler Fly-inn when Bernie Ottinger of Right-On Signs in Kinston NC pulled out his new 35% Carden Extra 330.  As you may know Bernie is the one who covered and painted my Extra and what does he pull out?  My Extra's baby brother in just about the same paint scheme.  Bernie fired up the 35 Extra and I could tell he really liked this airplane by the way he was flying it.  After about 10 minutes of my pathetic whimpering he finally handed me the transmitter.  

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This was the first chance I have had to fly the 35 Extra and all I can say is awesome.  It flew exactly like my 40%.  The aircraft was balanced for better sequence flying and the lines were strait and the 3/4 snaps I was doing on up and down lines had a good break and the stops were dead on.  I then flipped to 3D rates and even with a forward cg the aircraft would do all of my routine.  I really couldn't tell a difference in the two planes other than the 35% rolled a little faster in the rolling harriers.  Now if I can just get Bernie distracted long enough to get both Extras into my trailer--hmmm.  The 35 Extra is defiantly another winner. 

 Hope all is well and have a great day,  Elton Fairless


Owner/Pilot: Elton Fairless
Builder: David Jones
Plane: 40% Carden Edge 540
Engine:  DA-150
Radio:  JR 10X, 9-8411 Servos, 2 Receivers, Duralite Batteries

Comments-This airplane is great.  Torque Rolls like it has gyros without
the gyros!!

Elton Fairless 40% Edge 540 Elton Fairless 40% Edge 540
Elton Fairless 405 edge 540 Elton Fairless 40% Edge 540