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Scott Russell

scott_russell_edge540-1.jpg (45925 bytes) scott_russell_edge540-2.jpg (43970 bytes) The flight went very well and I am extremely satisfied with the Edge and am looking forward to your new Extra 330S 

Although I have only just finished my Carden Edge, and have only three flights, this is one of the best flying planes I have flown to date.

It does all the maneuvers with ease, hovers at less than throttle, has no bad habits and I can't wait to push the envelope.


scott_russell_edge540-3.jpg (51101 bytes) scott_russell_edge540-4.jpg (43143 bytes)

Monokote covering conclude the equipment, and an all up weight of around 38 lbs.  I took some pictures of the plane before the first flight, just in case.

The equipment used is a mixture of manufacturers.

A Futaba 9ZAPS guides it, 9 JR 8411 servos move it, a 3W- 150W with tuned can mufflers powers it.  A Nelson ball bearing pull-pull cable system on the rudder.  Two 2400ma servo batteries, 700ma on the Rx, i4c isolator, 

Scott Russell Up here in lonely Minnesota.

 scott_russell_edge540-6.jpg (35254 bytes)   scott_russell_edge540-5.jpg (36183 bytes)


Hello again, I am sending some more pictures of my recently finished Carden Edge on it's fifth flight.

Although I hovered it on the first flight, I didn't bring it down until I was confident that the motor was reliable.

I almost touched on flight number 8, it is only a matter of time until I do




scott_russell_edge540-7.jpg (9159 bytes) scott_russell_edge540-8.jpg (18626 bytes)
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July 23

Hi Dennis

Well, I was flying this weekend and everything went very well.

These photos were taken yesterday when a few of our members and I were having a little fun, with my airplane of course !!

 Hope you like them, Scott.

scott_russell_edge540-11.jpg (16487 bytes) scott_russell_edge540-12.jpg (20449 bytes)
scott_russell_edge540-13.jpg (18107 bytes) scott_russell_edge540-14.jpg (44715 bytes)

This last picture is me holding my Edge and Tim Docken's Cap

Both are 40% Carden kits and powered by a 3Ws.

Thanks again, Scott

scott_russell_edge540-15.jpg (17575 bytes)   Nov 9th, 2001