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July 20, 2006

Here's a few pics of my 40% Extra 330S for 2006




blaine_austin_new40_edge-190.jpg (41711 bytes)

January 10, 2005

 Here is the new Edge that Jim Short built.

Thanks, Blaine

blaine_austin_new40_edge-781.jpg (43797 bytes)

blaine_austin_new40_edge-783.jpg (43306 bytes)

 October 2002, update pics from Blaine
blaine_austin_40extra-01.jpg (47359 bytes)
40% Extra 330S
 blaine_austin_40extra-02.jpg (37250 bytes)
blaine_austin_40extra-03.jpg (45072 bytes)  blaine_austin_40extra-04.jpg (44885 bytes)  blaine_austin_40extra-05.jpg (65564 bytes)
blaine_austin_40extra-06.jpg (32616 bytes)
flying at dusk
 blaine_austin_new40_edge-01.jpg (67895 bytes)                          blaine_austin_and_mike.jpg (46813 bytes)
 This white Edge is Blane's new one       Mike Sauls and Blaine
blaine_austin_40edge-in-hover.jpg (73840 bytes)  blaine_austin_new40_edge-02.jpg (67644 bytes)                            blaine with extra and edge.jpg (52902 bytes)
                                                                          Edge and Extra

 blaine_austin_edge_2.jpg (25614 bytes) 

Hey Dennis
Got the new graphics on the bottom of my Edge. The Carden Aircraft is done in the mist holographic and the DA logo is in black. This past weekend we went to Marianna, FL. for the District 5 IMAA rally. 

blaine_austin_edge_1.jpg (22012 bytes)

Mike, Joey and myself had some really good demos together. The DA's ran great and the Edge's were awesome. 

blaine_austin_edge_3.jpg (52445 bytes)

They took a PIC of Mike, Joey and
myself  to put in High Flight. I told them to make sure that they listed that we were flying Carden Edges with DA 150s.

Thanks Blaine Austin