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40% Extra 330S Gallery 10

guillaume_saucier-40extra-339.jpg (118343 bytes)

September 10, 2005
Dennis & Caroline,

Here's my new 40% Extra 330S all finished up.

Did the maiden flight today.  WOW!!  Only 1 Click of aileron trim.

guillaume_saucier-40extra-343-800.jpg (90977 bytes)


DA-150, Mejlik 32x10, JR-10X, 2 JR receivers, 


guillaume_saucier-40extra-344.jpg (102704 bytes)

 What a great flying plane, thanks  

Guillaume Saucier
London, Ontario

mike_clemmens-40extra-0175.JPG (122609 bytes)

July 13, 2005
Dennis & Caroline,

Just thought you might like to see my new ride. Attached is a photo of my new 40% Carden Extra with the ZDZ 160 I have in it. I have about a dozen flights on it now and its performing sweet....  just like all of the other Carden kits I have bought from you over the years

Hope to see you soon, Mike Clemmens

darin_peirce_40extra-001.jpg (65349 bytes)

July 13, 2005
Dennis & Caroline,

Here are a few pictures of my recently completed 40% Extra 330.

 It has approximately 30 flights on it now and it keeps getting better each time I fly it. 

darin_peirce_40extra-002.jpg (64861 bytes)


The rolling and snapping characteristics are awesome, the presentation in the air is great and vertical lines are amazing, point the nose straight in the air and forget about it, do snaps, rolls, whatever and it just keeps going straight up.

darin_peirce_40extra-003.jpg (46565 bytes)


I am mostly a sequence guy but this airplane is just begging me to do the 3D stuff, I have never flown anything that makes it so easy.

darin_peirce_40extra-008.jpg (55599 bytes)


The only thing that rivals the fantastic flight characteristics is the look of this airplane, you have the best looking Extra in the entire modeling world. 

darin_peirce_40extra-034.jpg (56654 bytes)

The kit was great and I truly enjoyed building it, I was left with an empty feeling inside when I finished, maybe a Yak or a 260 will fill the void. 

Thank you for the great product, I hope you like the way it turned out.

Sincerely, Darin Peirce
Lehi, Utah

jim_breedlove_40extra-1.JPG (73450 bytes)

June 22, 2005
Dennis & Caroline,

I had a great time meeting you both at the Toledo Expo. 

jim_breedlove_40extra-2.JPG (70298 bytes)

I've enclosed some pics of the first of two Extras I built this past winter.

The planes turned out AWESOME!!!! 

jim_breedlove_40extra-3.JPG (58744 bytes)

Now if the snow here in Michigan stays away and it warms up I will be flying it soon. 

My wife is having a hard time believing that I'm actually going to fly it she would rather see it hung from the living room ceiling (and that will never happen)!

jim_breedlove_40extra-4.JPG (64700 bytes)

I would just like to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to join the league of Carden owners.

 I now have 3 and can't wait for the Extra 260 to get here and I'll take a Yak also!!!!   

Thanks Jim Breedlove

jim_breedlove_40extra-5.JPG (77183 bytes)

jim_breedlove_40extra-6.JPG (80266 bytes)

mickey_crawley_40extra-422.jpg (94251 bytes)


Hello guys here are the new pics of the airplane so you can add them to the gallery when you get a chance. 

mickey_crawley_40extra-423.JPG (99153 bytes)

mickey_crawley_40extra-424.JPG (85230 bytes)


I will get a picture of the bottom to you as soon as I can get someone with a camera out at the field while parked down low in a torkroll 

mickey_crawley_40extra-425.JPG (96568 bytes)


 have fun and take care...

Mickey Crawley

shawn_best_40extra_009.jpg (124416 bytes)

May 25, 2005
Dennis & Caroline,

Hope the new Yaks are selling well.....I know my new 40% 330 is the best thing yet!  I love it.....a truely awesome IMAC bird.  With no practice and 3 days of initial flights before a contest, I did great and was so proud of the performance of my new CARDEN!!!!  Can't wait to get out and practice, now that I have such a fun plane to fly the pattern.  A.J. Lee of Midland, TX did a great job building and covering.....I wish I had two 330s now.  Thanks for all of your help and answers to my questions, I hope to see you all soon.
Thanks again
Shawn Best,   Lubbock, TX

will_berninger_40extra-02-800.jpg (96552 bytes)

May 15, 2005
Dennis & Caroline,

Here are a couple of pictures of my two Carden Extras.  This year I built your 35% Extra 330 to run back up for my 40% Extra 330 and also be my free style airplane.  I have about 25 flights on the Baby now using DA-100 for power and the new Futaba 14MZ radio for guidance. 
I wanted to thank you again for producing such quality kits and designing wonderful flying airplanes. 

will_berninger_40extra-03-800.jpg (90410 bytes)

 I can’t get over how much the 35% 330 flies like its big brother.  I had high expectations for it that got exceeded!  The plane does not fly like a 35% plane at all and seems to lock in great.  Snaps with the plane (and new radio gear) are incredible!  Rollers, point rolls, 45 degree lines… all just like the 40%

Thanks again and best wishes!  Will Berninger

Carden@ELP-1024.jpg (144534 bytes)

March 28, 2005
Dennis & Caroline,
 Well, this past weekend (Mar 19 & 20) marked the start of a new IMAC season here in the South Central Region.  Our first contest this year was a first time contest for the city of El Paso, and being as it lies between San Antonio and Tucson ( 8hrs from SA and 5 hrs from Tucson) it seemed like the perfect opportunity for Marc Moldowan and myself to catch up with our good friend and primary builder Brian Hueffmeier. Here's a picture of us from the Contest with the Carden Extras that Brian built for us. 
Thanks again for such a wonderful aircraft.
 Bill Higgins Jr. 
San Antonio, Texas

rob_teseo-40extra-309.JPG (119783 bytes)

February 9, 2005 

Caroline and Dennis,
At the end of last summer I started looking around for my next project.  Mostly for IMAC, but I wanted to be able to 3D it too.  So quickly my search narrowed down to what I will call "The Big Three " in SA aircraft.  .
rob_teseo-40extra-311.JPG (109906 bytes)
My wife then gave me some advice  . . . she said, "Get the best, because you will love it and fly it longer . . . In the long run it will save you money."  So I built a Carden 40% 330S. 
She came in at 38 lbs with 8611's all around and a total of four NiMh packs.  DA 150 (Of course) with the MTW canisters which dropped in


rob_teseo-40extra-312.JPG (35287 bytes)
Not only do I not regret going with CARDEN, but you now have another life long customer.  Your kits build straight, easily and the flying cannot be matched.  I have heard of a few people saying, "I wish I had a Carden." . . . My advice for others thinking of that next project?  Listen to my wife . . . and go with the best - CARDEN ! ! !
Rob Teseo

cam_mccausey-extras-1.jpg (93331 bytes)

December 4, 2004 

Hi Dennis and Caroline

cam_mccausey-extras-3.jpg (68261 bytes)

Here some pictures of my 35% and 40% Extra 330S.

Both of these planes have over 100 flights on them and fly great.

Both planes have DA engines, JR gear, KS canister mufflers, Duralite batteries and Kirby Custom Graphics cut the graphics for me.

cam_mccausey-extras-4.jpg (69990 bytes)  

I have now built 4 Carden kits and all have went together flawlessly (I have to thank you for high quality kits) and flown straight right off the table.

cam_mccausey-extras-5.jpg (63544 bytes)



Cam McCausey

October 11, 2004        The Legend Continues !!!
Dennis and Caroline,
Here are a couple of shots of your original 35% Extra.  I found the kit in a hobby store that must have been on the shelf for quite a few years. 
Built it up about 18 months ago with the TOC mods and I'll be coming up on 200 flights later this fall if the weather holds.

DA 100 and JR digital servos all the way around.  Great flying airplane and I get a lot of comments on how smooth this plane flies.
I  just ordered your 40% Extra and I hope to have it finished up early spring and flying next spring along side my 35%.

Thanks for a great design and great service.
Jim Thurman
Nebraska City

steve_swahn-2184.JPG (64396 bytes) October 27, 2004
Hi Dennis and Caroline
I am attaching some pictures from yesterday's activity at Windingbrook flying field in CT, including SANTA Steve Swahn hovering his 40% Carden Extra, 
steve_swahn-2192.JPG (63722 bytes) Steve is a very good 3D pilot, after all he is the father of giant scale in the Northeast in general and Carden in particular, he is always there to help when needed.
steve_swahn--elie-houayes-2168.JPG (63142 bytes)
I am also attaching few pics of the Carden lineup yesterday, attendence was light (20 MPH wind) notice the wind sock..

Thank you Elie Houayes

doug_cronkhite_extra-001.jpg (38288 bytes)

October 11, 2004

Doug Cronkhites 40% Extra 330

doug_cronkhite_extra-005.jpg (51330 bytes)

See also in Tucson Shootout Gallery

larry_gottschalk_40extra-002-800.jpg (152412 bytes)

September 22, 2004

Larry Gotschalk's new Extra 330s


kevin_miller_40extra-bottom.jpg (155193 bytes)  July 13, 2004

   Kevin Miller

kevin_miller_40extra-tail-touch.jpg (110695 bytes)   


    Kevin Miller

kevin_miller_40extra-006-800.jpg (199920 bytes)  

September 14, 2004

I finally finished my 40% Extra. You had said it would "be like cheating" compared to my 35% Edge, but honestly, I couldn't imagine it being that much better than the Edge because it was so good. I'll just say I was blown away when I flew the Extra for the first time. It took ZERO trim. I had been burning the midnight oil try to get ready for the Pacific Coast Freestyle Championships in Molalla OR so I finished it at the last moment. I showed up at the Molalla field the day before the contest and got one test flight on it. The next morning I flew it briefly before the pilots meeting. Third flight was first round of Knowns in Unlimited. I finished 2nd in Unlimited with a plane with 2 flights on it! That speaks volumes about how good this plane is.

I was honoured to receive PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD for best plane at the show. I flew the Edge for the Freestyle and was fortunate enough to pull off a win there. Two weeks later I flew the Extra in formation with Darrin Miller in the Hillsboro, Oregon International Air show. Then off to the Cascade IMAC for another 2nd place finish in Unlimited, and through all of this I still hadn't had a chance to add any mixes at all.  I finally got a free weekend to dial in the radio so I'm really looking forward to the next few contests and then off to the Tucson Shootout.

kevin_miller_40extra-012-800.jpg (80230 bytes)

I'm enclosing a few pictures of the new plane. I found a picture of this scheme on the full scale plane about a year ago and fell in love with it,  but it was really intimidating.  Finally my wife convinced me to go for it and I'm sure glad I did.

It's covered with Monokote, Paint is PPG base coat clear coat, JR 8611's (X10), 2 JR 945 receivers, Fromeco Batteries, Sure Link Rudder, DA 150 with MTW Cans (really quite and TONS of power), Mejlik 28X12 3 blade and Tru Turn spinner.

Special thanks to Frank of Frank Built Models for allowing me to use his Jigs and Vacuum Bagging system (made the build fast and light) and John Mann for all the help with the paint.

Thanks for yet another great plane. Looking forward to another one soon.
Hope to see you soon,
Kevin Miller

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