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35% Edge 540 Gallery 3

dave_kelly-35edge-008-800.JPG (78843 bytes)

December 15, 2003 

Hi Dennis and Caroline,

 Your 35% Edge is my first Carden, and I am certainly impressed.  The DA-100 is a very good match and the stability exhibited in high-alpha manoeuvres is amazing ... very solid flying characteristics all around.  Thanks for taking the time with me to choose the right kit and hooking me up with an excellent builder and good guy, Jim Short custom builder.    

dave_kelly-35edge-006-800.JPG (102143 bytes)

Thanks also to another Carden friend (and ambassador), Joe Stek.  He talked me into EVERYTHING (including Caroline’s awesome wing bags) and was a big help … I’m a happy camper!

 Looking forward to my 40% Carden in the Spring … I just have to decide which one! Thanks should also go to Blaine Austin … I lifted his color scheme!  Sorry!  Thanks again … Dave Kelly

ethan_raforth_35edge-01-800.jpg (108684 bytes)
 November 18, 2003 
Hey Frank,

I got John's 35% edge today. All I can say about your building is SIMPLY AWESOME!  I haven't really gotten a good look at your planes taken apart, but after taking the cowl off  the Edge to tighten bolts.......I really got a good appreciation of your time and effort.   It is amazing.   And the way it flies.........dang ! Words cannot describe how straight it flies. This is going to be a truely awesome bird. Thanks a Bunch!!  Ethan Raforth

KevinMiller-Doing-A-Pre-Landing-Check.jpg (53900 bytes)

September 9, 2004

Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Hi All


This is a photo of Kevin flying the Pacific Northwest Freestyle Contest on Sunday  First Place Winner, of course!  

kevin_miller_35edge-005F-800.JPG (75167 bytes)
June 17, 2003
Denise and Caroline,

Sorry it's taken so long to get these to you, but here they are. That's my daughter Alexis in the pictures, she's 6 and is just starting to fly. Finally got some more flights on it today and I am truly in love with this plane. 
kevin_miller_35edge-012F-800.JPG (94832 bytes)
Hovers are effortless, rollers are incredible, and I can finally do snap rolls without over or under rotating. We have the Cascade contest in Snohomish WA coming up this weekend, I'll let you know how it turns out. 
kevin_miller_35edge-029F-800.JPG (75175 bytes) By the way thanks for getting the CARDEN shirts and windbreaker out so fast. What a great Father's Day present.

A little about the plane, I'm running dual JR 945 receivers, 9-8411's, 1-4131 on throttle, 3W 100B2 with a Mejlik 27X10, Sure-Link Huffemier setup. 
kevin_miller_35edge-08F-800.JPG (98827 bytes) The pilot is a Virtual Reality that went on a severe weight loss program with a home made fiberglass helmet.  The finish is Monokote with PPG Concept paints. I will hopefully add the graphics in the next week or so.

Thanks, Kevin L. Miller

mark_trent_35edge-001.jpg (122545 bytes)
Dennis & Caroline,
Thought I would send you some pics of my 1st Carden plane. Brian Hueffmeier helped me with the construction and it came out awesome. 1 click of aileron trim was all it took. 
mark_trent_35edge-032.jpg (50248 bytes)
Thanks for designing such a wonderful kit.
Mark Trent
St Louis

rich_nelso_35edge-004.jpg (188606 bytes)
Dennis and Carolyn,
Just wanted to send a couple pics of my new baby edge.  This is my first Carden kit and I'm sure not my last.  Hopefully I'll have it in the air soon.
Thanks again, Rich Nelson 
rich_nelso_35edge-013.jpg (124626 bytes)
Well, I finally flew it and it's awesome! 2 clicks down elevator and 1 right bank to get it trimed.


Thanks again for a great product.  I'm trying to get more guys up here in the Adirondacks interested in your kits. Hopefully. you'll be hearing from more of  my club's members in the future. I'm already looking forward to my next one.
Thanks again,
Rich Nelson 

craig_fendley_35edge-1.jpg (31227 bytes)

July 27, 2003

Hi Dennis and Caroline,

Well I finally finished my 35% Edge 540.  I have ten flights on the Edge and it jus keeps getting better with every flight.  

craig_fendley_35edge-2.jpg (33816 bytes)

This is the most well put together kit I have ever built.  Everything fit so well together.  It was a joy to build.

craig_fendley_35edge-3.jpg (29366 bytes)

The Edge has a DA-100, Tru-Turn spinner, Monokote, and JR 10X radio.  You guys put together a great kit, which builds into a great flying airplane, 

craig_fendley_35edge-4.jpg (35751 bytes)


Craig Fendley from Houston, Texas.

bobby_folsom-35edge-01-800.jpg (86582 bytes)
Sent: Monday, June 02, 2003

Hi Dennis and Caroline:  I am sending you three photos of my 35% Carden Edge to put on your website Edge Gallery.  It is absolutely the best flying plane I have ever built.  I took my time building it (I probably thought too much on each step) but the work and wait were definitely worth it.  It flies very straight and has no problem flying the 2003 IMAC Advanced sequence.  It does fly so smoothly and slower that what I was used to that I am learning to fly all over again! 

Now for the details :

bobby_folsom-35edge-02-800.jpg (75484 bytes)

3W 100 TOC , Supersonic mufflers, 3W 28 x 10 wood prop, 32 oz DuBro tank, 5800 rpm on ground, Tru-Turn Spinner , Futaba 9C Tx, 2-149PCM Rxs, Cermark HD switches , 4 9202s on ailerons with 2 Futaba MSA-10s on ailerons, 2 8411s on elevator, 2 8411s on pull-pull rudder with 4” Nelson tiller bar, Electrodynamics electronic ignition cutoff,  9202 operated choke (on spring loaded trainer switch), Ohio Superstar Haight-style tail wheel , Black and cub yellow Ultracote, Cowl and wheel pants automotive paint , Decals by Denny at Cajon RC

bobby_folsom-35edge-03-800.jpg (69644 bytes) Thanks for designing such a wonderful plane and for answering my questions during the building process

Bobby Folsom
, MS

charles_thomas_35edge-048.jpg (61466 bytes)
Thursday, May 22, 2003 10:00 PM
Subject: Edge
Thought I would send you some photos of my new 35% Edge.

We just took it out of the crate and it looks great . 

charles_thomas_35edge-049.jpg (62174 bytes)
 Has a 3W-100QS and 8411's all around and should be just as good as the Cap.


charles_thomas_35edge-050.jpg (62401 bytes)

PS.  How are things going with the new place? 

alber_santiago-35edge-030.jpg (100193 bytes)
June 3, 2003

 Finally flew my Edge today. 

It came in at 27-1/2 lbs with a DA100. 

alber_santiago-35edge-031.jpg (101619 bytes)

The airplane flies very "light", the rudder authority is incredible and the power to weight ratio is awesome. 

alber_santiago-35edge-032.jpg (74794 bytes)

The kit was a pleasure to build and must people don't believe it only took me eight weeks to build, it builds very fast. 

Here's some pictures.

Alber Santiago

bryan_zang-35-edge.jpg (76976 bytes)
May 13, 2003
Caroline and Dennis,
  I want to thank you for all of the support that you have given me over the last year with my Carden Planes. I can not say enough about your knowledge and the superior product that you are providing to the modeling public. 
bryan_zang-35-edge2.jpg (65155 bytes) With Two 40% Caps a 35% Edge flying and a 40% Edge about to be completed, I am convinced that Carden is the way to go! 

Last year you were so helpful at the Memphis, TN fly-in with helping set up my Edge. 
bryan_zang-35-edge-karen.jpg (51972 bytes) It really shows that you are committed to the modeller and the industry at making a quality product that you stand behind, and it shows! 
bryan_zang-35-edge2-karen.jpg (64010 bytes)
 I must also thank John Light for the awesome build job and steering me in the right direction. Thanks, and check out the pics of the 35% Edge. My wife Karen also says hello!
--- Bryan Zang

terry_gramling_35edge-386.jpg (67652 bytes) April 30, 2003
Hi Caroline,

Here are some PICS (taken at the IMAC training seminar in Lebanon, Ohio this past weekend) of my new 35% Edge 540.   It was built by Jim Short, he did a great job.  I would recommend him to anyone that ever wanted one built. 

terry_gramling_35edge-384.jpg (77963 bytes) The Carden Edge is the best flying plane I have ever flown.

 I want to thank you, Dennis, and Jim Short for such a remarkable plane.

Thanks again,  Terry Gramling,  Memphis, Tennessee 

sean_sadler-35edge-758.jpg (56731 bytes)

April 21, 2003

Dear Dennis and Caroline,

 I just wanted to write to thank you once again for allowing us (DSP Builders) to display my 35% Edge 540 in your booth at the Toledo Show.  We had a great time meeting and visiting with you during the weekend.  I test flew the airplane last weekend and it went well.  The airplane is everything I had expected and more.  

sean_sadler-35edge-756.jpg (68269 bytes)

I had been mostly flying ARF's up to this point and now realize how much I was missing by not having a Carden.  This is my first Carden and definitely won't be my last.  So thanks again and I look forward to visiting with you again at the Joe Nall! 

 Sincerely, Sean Saddler

sean_sadler-35edge-775.jpg (36653 bytes)

Toledo2003-DSP-002.jpg (60875 bytes) In the Carden Toledo Booth 2003 

jeffery_heitman-35edge-5402.jpg (19197 bytes)
Guys I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you all how much I love this Airplane. 

April 20, 2003

 The trim flight was the easiest I have ever done, It flew right off the deck. A couple clicks of elevator and aileron and it was dialled in.I would like to thank Jim short for the wonderful build job, and for his professionalism though out the building process.  Also his son Matt for the wonderful job he did on the gear,

 I would also like to thank Pastor Rick Arrowood for the Monokote, He is true a master of the trade, and a gentlemen and a scholar.  

jeffery_heitman-35edge-540-3.jpg (72743 bytes)
I also want to thank Leonardo Da Vinci , AKA, Bill Cline for the War Paint,  It looks like a million bucks.

And last but not least thanks to Dennis and Caroline for a superior product bar none.  

Jeffery Heitman
P.S See ya all at the Nall.

March 30, 2003

Bill Clines 35% Edge 540

Bill Clines 35% Edge 540

See more of Bill's planes in the Bill Cline gallery

chris_smith_35edge-001.jpg (64505 bytes)

Feb 16, 2003

Owner :Chris Smith
Builder : Louis Cribb
Color Scheme: Kirk Gray
Completion Date: 02.15.2003


chris_costantino-40edge-01.jpg (83694 bytes)
December 17, 2002
Dennis and Caroline,

Just wanted to send you some pictures of my 35% Edge...  You guys did one hell of a job designing this bird...  She fly's like no other..  Fortunately and unfortunately this is my second one.  The first had a short expiration date..  
chris_costantino-40edge-02.jpg (120840 bytes)

Well, just wanted to say thank you and keep up the great work...

A Carden Customer forever,

Chris Costantino

dave_gustafson_35edge_hover.jpg (40753 bytes)
October 2002
Dennis and Caroline:
Just wanted to send you this quick pic.  I sent one to your webmaster for the site.  Just thought Id send it to you guys as well. Thanks for all your help,  This plane flies great.  I'm ready to move the CG back a little and see what else I can do.
Dave Gustafson
bob_rembert_35edge-01.JPG (70058 bytes) October 16, 2002

Hi Guy's,
Here are the photo's of my Baby Edge. It is the finest flying model I've owned to date. It has required virtually no trimming to speak of and certainly has no bad tendencies! 
bob_rembert_35edge-02.JPG (73027 bytes)  

This is as you know, my third Carden kit and I'm more pleased than ever!!  All of the "non-Carden" guys at the field are eyeing this one pretty hard!  

bob_rembert_35edge-03.JPG (88110 bytes) Thanks for engineering and producing such a fine, high quality kit! Please feel free to edit all of the above anyway you wish. I remain one of your biggest fans!

Bob Rembert

will_berninger_35edge-01.jpg (62209 bytes)

October 14, 2002

Dennis and Caroline.
After flying my Carden "Baby Edge" all summer I have to say that I am very impressed with how well it flies.  The DA 100 engine and Pifa exhaust is a great combination for this plane.  

will_berninger_35edge-02.jpg (66945 bytes)

At almost 2000 square inches of wing this plane flies  like the 40% version.  The 3D capabilities of this plane are great with a roll rate I have never seen before. The durability of this foam sheeted and semi monocoque  construction is great lending itself to a plane that is rugged and reliable.
Thank you for producing such fine aircraft kits.
Will Berninger

will_berninger_35edge-03.jpg (68333 bytes)

will_berninger_35edge-04.jpg (67793 bytes)

mark_zimmerman-35edge-1.jpg (46157 bytes)

Oct 9th, 2002

Mark Zimmerman 

scott_wlby_35edge-57-800.jpg (143461 bytes)
Sept 19, 2002 

Hi Caroline and Dennis,


Here are some pictures of my 35% Edge.  I have almost 100 flights on it already.  It's powered by a DA100 and JR radio.  I'm a Lieutenant on the Eau Claire, WI  Fire Department and this is my personal tribute to 9-11-01.  It's one great flying airplane.  Keep up the great work and thanks for all the support along the way!!!!!  

Scott Walby 

scott_wlby_35edge-57a-800.jpg (85763 bytes)

scott_wlby_35edge-59-800.jpg (97038 bytes)

pete_rosa_35edge540-03.JPG (102175 bytes)

Sept 9th, 2002

Dennis and Caroline
Some pictures of our trip to The Rally of the Giants. My 35% and 40% Edges, 

My wife Sandy poses with my new 35% Edge, DA100, Airtronics
The 35% Edge has exceeded all my expectations.  I knew It would be a good performer but this plane is great.  It flies like my 40% Edge with a "handling package".  It handles like a sports car!  It does everything a little tighter and sharper and with the 27-10 PAC "P" tip prop it shoots out of hovers with real authority.
Keep up the great work!
Thank you,  Pete Rosas

pete_rosa_35edge540-02.JPG (82037 bytes)
My wife Sandy

pete_rosa_35edge540-01.JPG (67571 bytes) pete_rosa_35-40edge.JPG (71903 bytes) 
See Pete's 40% Edge 540 here

pete_rosa_rallyofgiants2002-01.JPG (54153 bytes) pete_rosa_rallyofgiants2002-02.JPG (37800 bytes) Rally of the Giants 2002



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