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Tucson Aerobatic Shootout 2004

Frazer Briggs and his Dad ( centre) 1st place 
Christophe Paysant-Le Roux ( 4),  Quique Somenzini ( 2 ),  Mark Leseberg (3), Chip Hyde (5) 

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Kevin Miller Frank Noll Ivan Kristensen
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Jason Noll Low and ( not so)  slow ! Frank Noll and Jason Noll
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Andrew Jesky David Jones of  DSP Builders  
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Brian Hueffmeier, Mike McConville Start the music !! Showtime !!
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Doug Cronhkite The Bernd Beschorner Dancers The Top Five Winners
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Tucson Aerobatic Shootout
 website here 

The Shootout "In The New" 
Great news story and video 
compilation by the Tucson Citizen

Team Futaba QuiQue Somenzini, Bernd Beschorner  
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Frazer Briggs 1St place 
with "Team Kiwi" 

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Brian and Mike Mike McConville  
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Ivan prepares for his Unknown flight Andrew and his caller David Jones John Glezellis and his Dad Peter

Many thanks to Tomohisa Konishi and Yasuhiro Sano our Carden Aircraft rep in Japan
 for visiting the Shootout and sending us these great pictures.
Photos by Yasuhiro Sano Visit his website here  

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