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This is the new 40%Edge of Gary (father) and Dave (son) Dennison.  Gary lives in Melbourne Fl and Dave in Providence RI.  Gary built the Edge for his son Dave. 

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 May 5th, 2002 Hi Folks,

Here are a few pictures of my new Edge 540.  I flew it for the first time this weekend.  

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This is my second Carden Edge and it is absolutely the best flying plane I've ever owned.  Hope the summer weather is great this year.
Steve Johnston, Toronto Canada

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Hello, Dennis and Caroline

 Hope that you are not working yourself to death.

April 2, 2002

I have been very busy down this way with work and trying to fly my 40% Edge.I would like to say thanks for all the help with the plane and I ready to start the other one when you get the kit ready. I have included some pics for you two too see and fill free to use them If you won't. Caroline I was wondering when i would be getting my grey prop bag, I know this is a busy time of week, with Toledo coming up this weekend. Well just wonted to say hello And I'm sure I will see you soon.

 Thanks Josh Bunn

dave_garris_40edge-fay9.jpg (94975 bytes)
Hey Caroline & Dennis,
Just flew the new 40% Edge in Fayetteville over the weekend

April 10, 2002

Besides having to do some adjustments it flew great!! I can see many happy hours of flying time in the near future.
I drove down with a buddy to your facility last year and meet with you when I picked up the kit. See you at Joe Nall

Thanks again , Dave Garris  Banner Elk, NC.

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Joey Hamilton New for 2002 40% edge 540

dan_knippen_40edge-2002-01.jpg (32987 bytes)


New for 2002, 40% Edge 540

Dan Knippen, Chicago

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Here's Ken Gregory with his 40% Edge 540 and 40% Cap 232

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Feb 20th, 2003


Thought you might like this one. 40% Edge with an D/A ornament on the front. I'm having a great time with this can you tell.
Ken Gregory

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May 27, 2002
Here are the pictures of my 540 being flown for the first time with Mike Sauls assisting. I only flew this plane once this day and still did not have all trimmed out but it  flew great. This one out of my three Carden aircraft flies the best !

-ray_perschall-40edge-1761.JPG (27107 bytes)

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May 28th, 2002

Hi Dennis, I flew my 40% Edge last week and it is another great flying plane. Its one of the easiest landing planes I have ever flown and the 3D capabilities are awesome, it lets you get away with murder. Here are a few pics.
Thanks!!!  Doug Cunning
doug_cunning-40edge-23.jpg (45119 bytes) doug_cunning-40edge-19a.jpg (21060 bytes)

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July 29, 2002

Here's Eric Watz with his 40% Edge 540

eric_watz_40edge-018.jpg (59431 bytes)

Eric's 40% Edge in front, and his 35% Cap 232 in back 

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August 1st, 2002

Here's Dick Held from Ada, Michigan with his wife and new baby, a 40% Edge 540

dick_held_40edge-1128.jpg (100376 bytes)

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Aug 14th, 2002

Hi Caroline and Dennis,

I finally took some pictures of my 40% Edge and thought I would send them  to you.  

doug_yaroch_40edge-2.jpg (30300 bytes) I sure am loving this plane!  She weighs in at 36 1/4pounds  and is awesome with the DA 150.
Thanks for everything!! 

Doug Yaroch

joe_puentes_40edge_aug11_22.jpg (20284 bytes)

Aug 12, 2002

I have enclosed some pics of my new Edge 540.  The plane has about 25 flights and all I can say is that it's awesome.  I felt that the engine has broke in well so I decided to bring it down to the deck as you can see in the pictures..  

This plane is one of the easiest planes to hover and torque roll.

joe_puentes_40edge_aug11_20.jpg (19906 bytes)

 I love the DA 150 engine---it has a lot of power.  It will pull it straight out of sight.  Anyway, the plane has JR 8411's, dual 945 receivers, and JR matchboxes.  This is a perfect combo.  I have not weighed it yet but it flies very well regardless of weightI can continue on and on about this plane but I think everyone knows how great they fly and do 3-D.

joe_puentes_40edge_aug11_02.jpg (18720 bytes)

Dennis and Caroline, keep up the good work and thanks for the excellent wing bags---superb quality.

Thanks,  Joseph Puentes
see Joe's Cap 232 here

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