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January 15th, 2004

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Hey Caroline and Dennis, 

Finally got a camera to take a few pics of the Cap  Thanks and talk to you soon...Joey Hamilton

P.S. .Plane has a DA 150, 8411s on rudder and elev., 2721s on the wings
and JR 10x TX.

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Hi Caroline and Dennis, me again 

The wingbags are wonderful and the fit is great. When I get the other 40% built I'll get another pair...  Thank you for the (quality and hard work) you put into your wingbags and your kits, it's hard to find these days..  Sincerely,  Joey Hamilton 

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August 26th ,2001

Here are a couple of pics of me hovering the Cap

Joey Hamilton


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Here's Joey Hamilton with his new Carden 40% Edge 540

This one's a beauty Joey !! Great job

See Joey's 40% Cap 232
in Cap Gallery 6

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Sept 22, 2001

Hey Dennis and Caroline,....Did a demo for a new club, (Elmore County R/C Club), it has about 15 members and they signed on about 10 more after the halftime activities. .didn't get but a couple of pics.  Was to busy answering questions. <G> Thanks  and see you in Tennessee. Joey 



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Joey's new 40% Edge 540 for 2002