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Cap 232 Gallery 8

felipe_echavarria_cap232-1.jpg (34865 bytes)

Hi Caroline
 What about around there, I tell you at least finish the Cap 232 and this Sunday it fly.
The fly was  very nice, I only need to trim down elevator two beeps, I was impressed about the stability and the low speed attitude.
I attach you the first photo, I want to thank you and Dennis for this impressive airplane.
Regards,  Felipe Echavarria V,

tristan_cline-cap-002.jpg (58817 bytes)

Here's young Tristan Cline with his  30% Cap 232. It's powered by a 3W-75 and controlled by a Futaba 9CAF

Tristan is  5 years old.  He started flying when he was 4.  He has attended several fly ins his first year.  We have also just purchased a 35% edge that he will be flying this coming year.  

tristan_cline-cap-003.jpg (56663 bytes)


Tristan's Dad says "Tristan is now learning to torque roll and is also starting to lower it down.  I will only let him come within 15 of the ground for now, but it's just a matter of time before he touches the ground with the tail."

tristan_cline-cap-004.jpg (85638 bytes)


"By the way, he just learned to tie his shoes.  Who else can say the learned to torque roll before they could tie their shoes ?????"

joe_peccolo-cap01.jpg (54735 bytes)

Hi Dennis,
Find attached pictures of the 30% Cap. 

Finally finished. I spent most of the year fighting Cancer so it has not flown yet.

Ran the Minarelli, it's real smooth running but heavy.

joe_peccolo-cap02.jpg (37797 bytes)

The plane is 1-1/2 pound over recommended weight.
Thanks for all your help..and Happy Holliday's.

Joe Piccolo

joe_puentes_35cap_jan27_26.jpg (76608 bytes)


My name is Joseph Puentes.  I live in South Texas in a little town called Woodsboro.  In these pictures are my Carden 35% Cap 232 that is powered with a DA 100.  It has JR 8411's and Hitec 5735 digitals and uses a JR 10X radio system.  The color scheme was chosen by my wife as well as the colors  ( I think it looks pretty good).  Anyway, the plane performs 3-D so easily as well as IMAC style flying.  

joe_puentes_35cap_jan27_25.jpg (76587 bytes)

Keep up the good designing of aircraft and I will remain a customer for a long time.

Oh, by the way,  I have a 40% Edge from Carden on the building board.  It will have a DA 150 and JR throughout.

Joseph Puentes

kirk_jensen_cap232.jpg (69092 bytes)

Hi Bob,

Attached is a picture of my Carden Cap 232. This Cap, and my second, backup 40 edge pictures will come in a month or so, I think I will possibly have the most pictures from one builder on the site with the possible exception of the great Brian H. J

Regards, Kirk Jensen, Houston, TX

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