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Scott Russell  Carden 40% Edge 540Scott Russell  Carden 40% Edge 540

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The flight went very well and I am extremely satisfied with the Edge and am looking forward to your new Extra 330S.


Although I have only just finished my Carden Edge, and have only three flights, this is one of the best flying planes I have flown to date.

It does all the manoeuvres with ease, hovers at less than throttle, has no bad habits and I can't wait to push the envelope.

 Scott Russell

Bob Hudson, Carden 40% edge 540

She's equipped with a DA-150 up front which is an incredible powerhouse.  I also have the KS muffler cans on pipes and a Mejlik 32-10 prop.  This is a super quiet combo.

JR 10X TX, 2x 4721 on each aileron, 8411 on elevators, 2x MPX Jumbo on rudder. I am running 2 1600ma Duralite packs on each of 2 receivers, and 1600ma Duralite ignition. Sure Link fittings on rudder servos and rudder horn.

Hi Dennis and Caroline

Here are a couple of pics of my recently finished Edge 540.

Finally got a chance to take her out between rain showers for her maiden voyage.  Things went so well I actually took her up for three more flights that day.  Can't wait for more, and cant wait to get some practice in on the IMAC sequences so I can take her to some of the contests.

In the tradition of my Carden 35% Extra 300 (Big Red), and my 35% Carden Cap 232, Big Red 2, I have named my 540 Big Red 3.

Thanks for producing such great flying planes

Bob Hudson, Toronto Canada 

Mike McConville, 40% Edge 540

Mike McConville finishes 1st with his new Carden 40% Edge 540 at the Thorncreek IMAC contest, Lansing Illinois, June 2nd,3rd, 2001

Ken Gregory's Carden Edge 540   Ken Gregory's Carden Edge 540, Ken's wife Diana

Here is Ken Gregory's new Edge 540.

That's Ken's wife Diana posing with Ken's Edge.

Ken and Diana live in  Newark, CA

jim_bauer-edge1.jpg (34424 bytes)jim_bauer-edge2.jpg (40481 bytes)

Jim Bauer


Here's Jim Bauer with his new "baby", his 40% Carden Edge 540

This is a real beauty

jim_bauer-edge3.jpg (42837 bytes)  jim_bauer-edge4.jpg (34827 bytes)

 "Hey,  can I  hangar  my new Edge here ?"

jim_bauer-edge5.jpg (27368 bytes)



wayne_mathews_edge-0.jpg (20240 bytes) Hi there Guys & Ladies....  Just a short note to let you know my new Edge 540 has just taken to the air. She is a beauty & flies better than she looks!!! This one will take me far up the ladder of competition. A little more "tweaking" on the set-ups & engine will trim her out just right.   Wayne Mathews

wayne_mathews_edge-2.jpg (30994 bytes) Hope to make some "IMPACT" on the competition scene & keep Team Jamaica,  flying high.
Wayne Mathews

kirk_jensen_edge540-005.jpg (50596 bytes)   kirk_jensen_edge540-006.jpg (44825 bytes)  
This one's a beauty from Kirk Jensen, take a closer look

Hi, Bob
Here are the pics of my new Edge.  really liked your covering scheme, but wanted yellow. I like how it turned out. DA-150, JR 10X, 8411 servos everywhere but rudder, 2 Multiplex Jumbos there. Came in at 38 lbs.. I am on the list to get a 35% Edge from the first batch and my DA-100 is waiting.....  Kirk Jensen

 joey_hanilton_edge540-2.jpg (136836 bytes)      joey_hanilton_edge540-1.jpg (21393 bytes)  

Here's Joey Hamilton with his new Carden 40% Edge 540

This one's a beauty Joey !! Great job

See Joey's 40% Cap 232 in Cap Gallery 6

joey_hanilton_edge540-3.jpg (41944 bytes)      joey_hanilton_edge540-4.jpg (21105 bytes) joey_hanilton_edge540-5.jpg (23643 bytes)
joey_hanilton_edge540-6.jpg (31430 bytes)      joey_hanilton_edge540-7.jpg (27059 bytes) joey_hanilton_edge540-8.jpg (18220 bytes)
joey_hanilton_edge540-9.jpg (37391 bytes)      joey_hanilton_edge540-10.jpg (25523 bytes)

Sept 22, 2001

Hey Dennis and Caroline,....Did a demo for a new club, (Elmore County R/C Club), it has about 15 members and they signed on about 10 more after the halftime activities. .didn't get but a couple of pics.  Was to busy answering questions. <G> Thanks  and see you in Tennessee. Joey 

david_fepelstein_edge540-1.jpg (31331 bytes)      david_fepelstein_edge540-2.jpg (46029 bytes) Sept 23, 2001 

Hi All, I just shot some photos and thought you might like to see them.  I have 8 flight on it and it gets better and  better and better every one.  David Fepelstein

 blaine_austin_edge_2.jpg (25614 bytes)      blaine_austin_edge_1.jpg (22012 bytes)  
Blaine Austin
blaine_austin_edge_3.jpg (52445 bytes)  
Hey Dennis & Dave,
Got the new graphics on the bottom of my Edge. The Carden Aircraft is done in the mist holographic and the DA logo is in black. This past weekend we went to Marianna, FL. for the District 5 IMAA rally. 

Mike, Joey and myself had some really good demos together. The DA's ran great and the Edge's were awesome. They took a PIC of Mike, Joey and
myself  to put in High Flight. I told them to make sure that they listed that we were flying Carden Edges with DA 150s.

Thanks Blaine Austin

 pete_rosa_edge540-1.jpg (29137 bytes)  pete_rosa_edge540-3.jpg (31801 bytes)    

pete_rosa_edge540-2.jpg (22735 bytes)  
40% Edge 540

Here's Pete Rosas of Council Bluffs, Iowa

pete_rosa_edge540-4.jpg (22416 bytes) pete_rosa_edge540-5.jpg (19150 bytes)  pete_rosa_edge540-6.jpg (45900 bytes) 

bob_lea_edge-1.jpg (24948 bytes)      bob_lea_edge-2.jpg (34491 bytes)  
Bob Lea with his Carden Edge 540

Guys, I test flew Bob Lea's new Edge today. He has a JR 10x 8411's and a 3-W 150 on it.  Flew just like it had a 100 flights on it.  Only took a couple clicks of down trim and one right aileron.
It was very windy and it was hard to tell on the mixing.  Bob was wondering if we should test fly it in the wind.  I just smiled and told him that this was never even thought about being discussed at Lebanon.  Just get the damn thing started and let's rock.  Now that he's got this one done my Extra330S is headed to the building board.  Another Aeroworks guy converted.

Jason Danhakl

andy_kane-edge-1.jpg (43760 bytes) 
Dennis,  Thanks for making such a great plane,,,(as always)
Andy Kane
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My Edge is powered with a new 3W150 Power Meister engine, lighter crankcase engine.  The plane weighs 40 pounds with the 3W Canister Mufflers, JR 8411 servos on all the surfaces, and Duralite Batteries.

Fuchs 29/13-3 blade prop makes this a super quiet combo  96 DB at 9 feet.  Monokote finish.  And Kane's Super Horns on the rudder   Super Control Horns

Call Carden Aircraft at 423-295-2295