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Rudy Voldrich, Salina KS

My Carden 40% Cap232 is spectacular!   You were right, bigger is better.

I enjoy flying my Carden 30% Cap232 I got from Mike Jenkins

But your 40% I built blows it away. I don't think it can get any better than this! The 3W140 is  getting stronger every flight. I currently have 51 flights on it.

Ask Don Apostolico what he thinks about it the next time you talk to him.
Anyway the reason I'm writing is that I need wheel pant decals in white.

Here is a picture from last October. Since then I cut the exhaust and added my name. I'm wanting to take some new photos now that everything is colourful. Could you please send the decals to me at the address below.
Thanks Dennis - Great Bird!



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Dan Ross, Michigan

35% Cap 232

Dan flies IMAC in the North Central Region


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Here's Terry Boston with his 35% Cap 232

Terry lives in Dayton Ohio and is one of Carden's professional buildersThe little white dog hiding behind Terry's rudder is Carden Aircraft Mascot #2 named Ginger


Walter Beike 35% Carden Cap 232  

Walter Beike 35% Carden Cap 232


Hi Dennis and Caroline

Here's my latest project. 35% Carden Cap 3W-100, 28.5lbs. Futaba 9Z, all 9204's Covered in Ultracote. ...Was a joy to build and after 10 flights I love it. 
Thanks Dennis for your help and beautiful kit. Looking forward to 40%..
Will be in touch. Walter Beike, Portage In

Walter Beike 35% Carden Cap 232


Darin Miller, Carden 30% Cap 232  

Darin Miller, Carden 30% Cap 232  

Darin Miller, Carden 30% Cap 232


Dennis, I have attached a few pictures of the 30% Carden Cap232

The builder of the plane is a NW Advanced IMAC competitor Russ Welton and he is the one holding the plane during startup in one of the pictures.

The plane is a blast to fly and it is the biggest plane that will fit into an Subaru Outback (no trailer).

The plane came out at 21.5 lbs with all Ni-Cads; 1700 on ignition, 2 X 1500 on the RX.  The BME 100 just barely fit in the cowl (gotta love those Cap cheeks) with no plug clearance holes necessary. 

 It has all JR servos 4721/8411 and a Futaba 9 channel RX.

I have a dream of a 40% aircraft with the Black and Yellow DeWalt scheme.

Take care, thanks for a fun plane
Darin Miller, Oregon
IMAC NW Regional Director



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My name is Bill Holsten and I live in Myrtle Beach, SC


Here are some details of my new and first Carden aircraft.


It is powered with a 3W-140 w/ Super Sonic mufflers.

 It is covered with Monokote and has graphics from Kirby's Custom vinyl. 

The radio is an Airtronics Stylus w/ the new 200oz standard size servos (94358's) with an aluminum composite gear train.

The weight of the plane is 38&3/4 lbs.

This plane was built to compete at this years 2001 Don Lowe Masters Aerobatic Championships.

Thanks Carden for an awesome machine!


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Richard Parzy 

35% Cap 232 with a 3W-100 for power. It weighs in at
26.25# with a Harris smoke system.  All JR radio equipment.  Built by A
& D Custom Aero.  Richard says "It's one sweet flying plane"

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Hey Caroline and Dennis, 

Finally got a camera to take a few pics of the Cap

Thanks and talk to you soon...Joey Hamilton

P.S. .Plane has a DA 150, 8411s on rudder and elev., 2721s on the wings
and JR 10x TX.

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Hi Caroline and Dennis, me again 

The wingbags are wonderful and the fit is great. When I get the other 40% built I'll get another pair...

Thank you for the (quality and hard work) you put into your wingbags and your kits, it's hard to find these days..

Sincerely,  Joey Hamilton  

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August 26th ,2001

Here are a couple of pics of me hovering the Cap

Joey Hamilton

Call Carden Aircraft at 423-295-2295