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Bob Snyder, Die Hard Graphics, 40%  Edge 540 . Bob Snyder's 40% Edge 540. Built by Scott Walby

Equipped with JR 10X radio with 8411 servos and a 3W 150 engine, .

Weight is 37 pounds.

Bob Snyder, Die Hard Graphics,40%  Edge 540 . Bob Snyder's 40% Edge 540

This aircraft is capable of extreme elevator, rolling, and knife edge maneuvers

Brian Hueffmeier at the 2000 IMAC Nats, Edge 540 Brian Hueffmeier at the 2000 IMAC Nats
Elton Fairless, Edge540 Owner/Pilot: Elton Fairless
Builder: David Jones
40% Carden Edge 540
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Doug Cronkhite, Edge540

Doug Cronkhite, San Diego

"Performance is absolutely amazing."

 DA-150 w/stock mufflers
Air Models 32.5x11 2-blade prop
Ailerons - 2 JR 8411 each
Elevator - 1 JR 8411 each
Rudder - 4 JR 8411's on pull-pull
Throttle - JR 8231
Receiver - 2 JR 1000S PCM 10ch
Batteries - 2 2400mah Duralite for radio, 1 1600mah Duralite on ignition
Built by Brian Heuffmeier
37 pounds all up weight.

Jon Vance, 40% Edge 540

Owner Jon Vance

Built and finished by Brian Hueffmeier, covered in Monokote, weighs 36 lbs.

powered by DA 150 engine, 

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Mike Sauls, 40% Edge 540  

Here is Mike Sauls new ride for 2001, the  Carden Edge 540

Mike says "bird came in at 38lbs. JR radio with 8411's thru out.

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Billie Shaw and Matt Stechlachick new Edges at a mall show


Billie Shaw and Matt Stechlachick new Edges at a mall show, March 20, 2001

Billy Shaw , Edge 540 March 20, 2001 


We got our first flights on our Edge 540 yesterday. the plane flies great! I made Billy take it easy to make sure everything is going to be ok.  But we think it's our best plane yet

Thanks, Bill, Steph, and Billy

Billy Shaw , Edge 540, first flights, March 20, 2001

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Hi I'm Billy Shaw I'm 15 years old and these are my pictures of my 40% Carden Edge 540. I have a DA-150 for power and Futaba radio. The airplane fly's great I have 8 flights to this day and I have torque rolled and touched the rudder on the ground it is so easy! 
Thanks Carden!!!!!!!!!!
Billy Shaw


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