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Edge 540 Gallery 3

This gallery features pilots and their planes built by Brian Hueffmeier

Brian is one of Carden's recommend professional builders

Brian Hueffmeier at the 2000 IMAC Nats, Edge 540   Brian Hueffmeier at the 2000 IMAC Nats
Brian Hueffmeier, Edge540, Chicago IMAC 2000 Here's Brian Hueffmeier again with his Edge 540, this time at the Chicago IMAC contest 2000



Doug Cronkhite, Edge540 Doug Cronkhite, San Diego

"Performance is absolutely amazing."


Doug Cronkhite, Edge540 A-150 w/stock mufflers
Air Models 32.5x11 2-blade prop
Ailerons - 2 JR 8411 each
Elevator - 1 JR 8411 each
Rudder - 4 JR 8411's on pull-pull
Doug Cronkhite, Edge540 Throttle - JR 8231
Receiver - 2 JR 1000S PCM 10ch
Batteries - 2 2400mah Duralite for radio, 1 1600mah Duralite on ignition
Built by Brian Heuffmeier
37 pounds all up weight.
Jon Vance, 40% Edge 540

Doug Cronkhite (foreground) 

Jon Vance (background)

Both 540s were built by Brian Heuffmeier

jon_vance_540-1.jpg (17016 bytes)

Owner Jon Vance (2001)

Built and finished by Brian Hueffmeier,

Covered in Monokote

Weighs 36 lbs. DA 150 

jon_vance_540-2.jpg (28461 bytes)

JR radio gear with 8411 servos
Uses i4c products CVolt monitors, Tru Turn Spinner,
Kirby Custom Graphics, Duralite batteries...fabulous airplane......

jon_vance_540-3.jpg (22946 bytes)

 "every serious modeler needs at least one of the Carden Edges in the hanger".

best regards....Jon Vance

jon_vance_540-4.jpg (99148 bytes)


Jon Vance with his Edge 540 on "Knife Edge Pass"

New for 2002 Jon Vance 40% Edge 540

 jon_vance_2002-540-1.jpg (36644 bytes) 

Here are a few photos of latest Carden 40% Edge 540... I liked the first one
so much...I had to have another one!

Like the first one, this one is built
and covered by Brian Hueffmeier....great craftsman....

jon_vance_2002-540-2.jpg (31449 bytes)

This one weighs about
35.5 lbs, is powered by a DA 150, has all JR 8411 digital servos, uses i4C products "c-volts", Tru-Turn spinner, and has dual JR receivers with two 3200 ma Duralites on airborne and one 2400ma on ignition.........45 degrees
on elevators and rudders and up to 38 degrees on each aileron....super

jon_vance_2002-540-3.jpg (40232 bytes)

jon_vance_2002-540-4.jpg (33841 bytes)

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