Carden Aircraft 

Our friends in Japan 

We have opened up this special gallery to honor our friends in Japan.

We send thanks to Tomohisa Konishi for leading the way there.

See the Japan Gallery #2 here

Tomahisa Konishi, Japan, 40% Cap 232  

Tomohisa Konishi

Immaculate 40% Cap232.

Tomohisa is our Carden Aircraft rep in Japan

Visit his website here

HI, Here is Mr. ONO flying my 40%cap!

He is our Japanese Frank Noll Jr !

Mr. Simamune Cap 232 35% Mr. Simamune

35% Cap 232, 3W-100


Mr. Simamune, Cap 232 35%

Tomahisa Konishi, Japan, Beautiful 35% Extra 300S Tomahisa Konishi 
Beautiful 35% Extra 300S

Mr. Ikeda, Giles G-300 Mr. Ikeda Giles G-300
Mr. Ikeda, Giles G-300 Mr. Ikeda Giles G-300

Mr. Ikeda, Cap 232

Mr. Ikeda

New 40% Cap 232,DA-150


Mr. Ohtani, Extra 300s,  3W-100

Mr. Ohtani

Extra 300S 35%, 3W-100

sibuya2.jpg (53872 bytes) Mr. Sibuya, Extra 300S 30%
Mr Sibuya, Japan, 30% Extra 300S

tom_cap_torque-1.jpg (27328 bytes) tom_cap_torque-2.jpg (30540 bytes) tom_cap_torque-4.jpg (40300 bytes)  
Update June 2nd 2001 - Tomahisa Konishi  torque rolling his Cap232
My 40cap still good condition. I can torque rolling a little better! 

mag1.jpg (19398 bytes) mag2.jpg (18765 bytes) mag3.jpg (20899 bytes)
mag4.jpg (21147 bytes)

Carden Aircraft gets good press in Japan.

Tomohisa Konishi with his  40% Cap and Mr. Oka with his 40% Cap are very active Giant Scale fliers in Japan.



Tomohisa Konishi Torque Rollling the 40% Cap 232 (1mb) at the "Sky Sport Festival"

tomohisa_konishi_40edge-030.jpg (38839 bytes) tomohisa_konishi_40edge-032.jpg (37522 bytes) tomohisa_konishi_40edge-035.jpg (35299 bytes)

tomohisa_konishi_40edge-0004.jpg (4685 bytes)

tomohisa_konishi_40edge-0005.jpg (6162 bytes) 

May 11th, 2002      Tomohisa Konishi new 40% Edge 540 

kenichi_simamune-35extra.jpg (55919 bytes)

 Kenichi Simamune

35% Extra 300

mr_ohtani_40extra-01.JPG (31649 bytes)

 Mr. Ohtani

40% Extra 330S, 3W-150, Menz 32 x 10, JR radio 

mr_ohtani_40extra-02.JPG (24081 bytes)

Mr. Ohtani says this plane flies great !!!

hiroyuki_hayashi-40extra-002.jpg (33231 bytes)

May 29th 2002

his is Hiroyuki Hayashi with his new 40% Extra 330S
Looks good.
He did built it in only one & ahalf months!

Powered by DA150 Menz 32*10s

hiroyuki_hayashi-40extra-005.jpg (27579 bytes)

Hiroyuki Hayashi

gs-flyin-2002-03.JPG (20290 bytes)

June 9th

Giant scale fly in Japan.  50aircraft came to the flying field. 10 Carden (30% to 40%) planes came.  It seemed to be Carden Aircraft AIR SHOW completely.

Tomohisa Konishi

gs-flyin-2002-01.JPG (51958 bytes)

gs-flyin-2002-02.JPG (52213 bytes)

Tomohisa doing a tork roll

air200333.jpg (77109 bytes) 

AIRKILLER SPRING CUP 2003 (March 2003 )

Giichi Naruke flew his  35% Carden Edge 540
Tomohisa flew his 40% Edge 540 

  is holding my 40% Edge

The 35% Edge belong to Mr. Mr.Mori )

air200360.jpg (32497 bytes)

air200383.jpg (36223 bytes)  air200342.jpg (89098 bytes)


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