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Carden Aircraft PRO Series Kit Specifications


Wing Span


Wing Area


Power Class


124" Extra 300 PRO

(Two Place)





150 - 200cc


120" Extra 300s PRO

(Single Place)





150 - 200cc


120" Extra 300 PRO

(Two Place)





150 - 200cc


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Carden PROs build out at a stock weight of 37lbs (+/-) yielding unlimited performance when coupled with a 150/170cc twin, but also accept the popular four cylinder 200L engines.




124" Extra 300 PRO - Two Place

Performance Related Opportunities are the hallmark of our PRO series Extra aircraft.  The Carden Aircraft Extra 300 PRO was designed from the ground up as a pure-bred, precision competition aircraft with maximum allowable pitch and yaw stretch.  With a proven track record of major event victories - multiple IMAC National Championships, 2014 World Champion in Unlimited and Intermediate - the Carden Extra 300 PRO can help take your precision flying to the next level.








120" Extra 300s PRO - Single Place

Our Extra 300s PRO combines the best of our original 118" Extra 330s with some of the Performance Related Opportunities pioneered in our contest proven Extra 300 PRO.  Featuring clipped 120 PRO wings, thicker V2 PRO tailgroup, and refined thrust, pitch and yaw moments.  Our Extra 300s PRO is the answer for those who desire a slightly smaller airframe with the same cowl and fuse shape as our 124" and 118" Extras, and the classic single place look of our original ToC era Extra 330s (118" Extra 330s pictured).





120" Extra 300 PRO - Two Place

Our new 120" Extra 300 PRO raises the wing and adds a two place canopy / hatch to the 120" Extra 300s thereby further refining the Carden Extra 300.     Our 120" Extra 300 PRO is the answer for those who desire a slightly smaller mid-wing airframe with improved performance in all contest conditions.



118" Extra 300       124" Extra 300PRO

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