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November 9, 2018

Carden Extra 300s Owner : Jim Spurlock  Builder: Cover & Paint Bill Burgad

Composition 120" extra 300s pro

DA 200, Futaba receivers and servos, KS canisters, True turn spinner, Mejzlik prop, Kirby Graphics, and ultra coat covering. Finish weight 41.5 pounds

Recently completed this build for Jim Spurlock and consistent with all the other Carden kits I have built, what always stands out in my mind is outstanding quality of the wood and fiberglass components provided in the kit. Dennis is always readily accessible with support, even though after all these years we don't always agree his opinion is the one that is benchmark.



The owner of this Extra, Jim Spurlock flew his first contest in 1965. He informs me that he and others have recently flown this extra in the Tucson area many times.

The feedback that I'm getting is that it is possibly the best flying aircraft he has ever flown or nearly the best. He is a die hard Carden fan.


Sincerely Bill Burgad

P.S. Pics. Builder Left: Owner Right 

June 22, 2018

Hi Dennis,

I finally maidened the new Extra 300S Pro.  Got a DA 170 on KS 1080-5 tuned pipes. Its more than enough power.  First flight, one click aileron trim and then off she goes.  It's my first Carden Pro, but having flown several 40% Carden Extras, first impressions: it definitely tracks much better; really feels locked in.

 It needs minimal rudder correction for axial point rolls, and performs very nice snaps, rotation easy to control. I am sure it will fly even better once I am dialled in.  Thanks Dennis.

Tsai Chen

Toronto, Canada

June 11, 2018

Hi Dennis,

Here are a few pictures of my single place PRO.  It has a DA 200 and KS 95 rear exit canisters.  Plane flies awesome!

Thanks for a great kit!

Best Regards,

Frank Alfano

May 27, 2018

Hi Dennis and Caroline,
Here is the 124� Extra 300 Pro that Mark Boguszewski built and covered for me. 

Mark did a unbelievable job on the build and the plane fly�s and shows very well in the air.  As a fellow builder Mark sets the bar for building and covering skills. 

He has helped me tremendously in my own builds and with covering tips.  Thanks for providing us with great kits and keep up the good work. 

John Grabow

May 27, 2018

Hi Dennis and Caroline
Here is Daryl Morgan�s 124� Extra 300 Pro I built for him.  This is Daryl�s first Carden Pro kit he�s had built.  Daryl has been working up the ranks in the SW IMAC region and will be flying in the very competitive advance class.  Thanks for the help and the great kits.
Thanks,  John Grabow

May 3, 2018

Hello Dennis and Caroline,

Well after a three year long build of my Carden Pro 300 SP, I finally maiden it last weekend and I couldn�t be any more ecstatic! This was my first large build since doing small .25 size glow kits as a kid and what an endeavor it was.

As you can see I put a twist on Art Scholl�s Super Chipmunk scheme which has been near and dear to me since I was a child. I now know why this plane is held in such high regard, it�s absolutely amazing!  


Best regards,

Randy Dreyer

April 17, 2018

Hi Dennis and Caroline,
Today was maiden day for Jason Neves 124� Extra 300 Pro here in Arizona.  Bill Adams did the maiden and Mike Bacosa did the install of all the components.  Everything went well and now Jason can start getting it dialed in.  Thanks again for producing high quality kits.  Take care and I�ll talk to you guys later.
Thanks, John Grabow

April 9,2018

Hi Dennis, I completed the maiden on my Pro today.  Went as planned with no problems, plane flies fabulous.



March 30,2018

Hi from Dave Hargrove in Tucson Az.  I have completed a dual build of the two 124� Pro�s that Michael Marcellin ordered last year.  Thanks again for these beautiful airplanes.  Mike's plane is the yellow, red, white.  Mine, yellow, red, blue and not quite done.   I�ll send another picture of mine when completed.

March 12, 2018

Good Morning,

I just got home from Miami after picking up my pro build from Tuny. The whole experience was overwhelming. Carlos was an awesome person to meet. He built an absolute masterpiece from your kit. During Maiden, he immediately put the pro through the unlimited sequence with ease.

The plane exceeds my expectations in quality and flight characteristics. Thanks for producing such a quality kit.  Here are the specs to my setup:

Da200 w/ MTW 110 cans.

Dual Futaba 7008 with DPSI 2001 power board, Pulse batteries,

Futaba BLS 172 servos.

Thanks for everything!

Drew Rousseau

February 28, 2018

Thanks Dennis,

I finally completed the color schemes for the 120� & 124� Extra�s,started covering, after framing, back in early Jan. 

It is a challenging scheme, but rewarding.  I have done it a number of times now, in different colors, but am fond of the Met. Red, Met. Blue, Met. Gold & White.

Best Wishes,




January 28, 2018

Dennis & Caroline,

I was back in the states for the last 3 weeks on a short vacation to visit with my father and take care of some household issues, but just before I departed, I drove down to the Tangerine Field in Apopka FL to take delivery of my Carden Pro.  I met up with Tuny & Jason, and we spent the afternoon checking the bird out and going over all of the radio system.

(I�m brand new to the JR Xbus line and had a brand new JR28X to check out as well.)  After all 3 of us agreed that the bird was good to go, we did the test flight without any issues what so ever!  I�m very pleased to be flying again, and especially happy to still be flying a Carden.  Tuny�s work is on another level. After having all of my aircraft built by Hueff, I didn�t think anyone could live up to my expectations on a build, but Tuny does amazing work that is incredibly clean!

Here�s a link to some photos that I took before I departed the states on Saturday (I�m sitting in Dubai now on my way back to the sand pit).

Hope you guy�s are well and miss chatting with y�all !


April 4, 2017

Good afternoon,

I am currently flying one of your 124" pro's built by Joe Puentes and looking to have a second one built.

Here is a picture of my pro ready for this iMac season. 


April 2, 2017

Hello there,
Just came to the club and flew this airplane!  This was 5th flight, and after making more adjustments, it is flying better now than any other airplane I have ever flown.  With minimal adjustments!  Just want to tell you again, thank you!
You were right, the money spent is well worth the value of this airplane!

February 26, 2017

Good morning Dennis and Caroline,

Wanted to give you an update.  I was able to get 2 flights in, I spent a good deal of time at the field programming the fail safe and then doing a range test, since it was also the maiden flight for the new transmitter.   It was a complete success!
Here is my set up:

Jeti DC 24 transmitter 2.4 GHz + triple redundancy with 900 MHz backup transmission.  DA 200L, SWB 3 degree mount,  KS 95 rear dump Canisters, Mejzlik 30-13 LF 2 blade prop.  Mejzlik 5" spinner w/light back plate, PSP fuel cap and 64 ounce Juicy Juicy Bottle, with two PSP fittings and one from TDRC, McFueller fuel dot. Jeti Central Box 400, Jeti Duplex EX R3/RSW 2.4GHz Receiver (x 2), JR NXB 8921 servos x9, AirWild Uni-Hub Double Truss servo arms on all surfaces, SWB 4" Wide Rudder trouble truss control horns.

 JTEC Double Truss control horns on Elevators and Ailerons.   Jeti R3 Electronic switch, turns airplane radio on from the transmitter.  Pulse 5000 mah 3 S Li-on receiver packs x2, Tech Aero IBEC X 2, Taildraggerrc 20g servo wires, J&J carbon tail gear, White Rose 4.5" main wheels, AI Super Lite pilot, Monokote covering, Klass Kote Epoxy pain and clear-coat.
I really like this airplane, and to date, I had never flown a Carden, and I had never flown an Airplane that flies this good. Primo was right!!!


February 13, 2017


Jim McCall took delivery of his 124" Extra 300 Pro this week.  He did the maiden on February 11th, 2017 and flew it 6 flights.  So far he is really enjoying it.  Here is a few pictures I took on maiden day.  Covering is Monokote and paint is Nason's.  I hope all is well and talk to you later.
John Grabow

January 22, 2017


Hi Dennis,

I just got my Carden 124" Extra 300 pro! Excellent quality kit, maiden went amazing. Just need a few clicks of trim and some usual mixes. It was built by Tuny down in Florida.
- Michael Landa

January 20, 2017

Hi Caroline,

I recently finished up this 124" Extra 300 project for Dennis Brown in his favorite scheme, which I have done a number of times now.


It features a handmade wood cowl & wheel pants and will have a DA200 w/KS cans.  Hope You & Dennis are doing well, talk again soon.

Mark B.

January 14, 2017

John Stewart's new PRO.

December 29, 2016

Hi Caroline & Dennis,

Thought you might like to see Justin Gesquiere's new 124" Extra.  Equipped with a DA150 and standard mufflers.  Hope all is well, wish you both a happy & prosperous New Year.

Take Care,


November 21, 2016

Hi Dennis & Caroline,

Here are pictures of my new Carden Pro, built by Bill Burgad in Spokane, WA.  The airplanes flies very, very well!!  Hope everything is gong well for you two!!

Jim Spurlock

June 28, 2016


Here is my Carden Pro, it flies great with the DA 200L. Looking forward to flying it at the Nats and Clover Creek. 

Here are a couple more photos of my beautiful PRO!

It flew like it was on rails for my first contest last weekend, so smooth.  I love the DA 200L and Carden PRO, what a perfect combination.

Thank you!

Ray Morton

May 9, 2016

Hi guys,
Hope all is well! Thought I would send you some shots of my 'new' plane (at least to me). This is the plane I bought last year and decided to convert it over to a single seat Extra, and cut the firewall off and moved it back for the DA200.


I also recovered about 60% of the plane and repainted the top of the cowl as well as adding some decals.
If you go back on your picture gallery to 2011, you can see where the plane was first built by Mike Vascellaro.


I flew the maiden flight last weekend and had to add 5oz to the tail and the CG was spot on. It will take minimal amount of mixing - my good friend Wayne Matthews said that he can already see where, "I'm going to be deadly with this plane once the mixing is done!"
Thanks for a great design, I'm looking forward to competing w it this year and next...trying out for the World Team for 2018! By then - the plane should be like the back of my hand!!
Take Care!
Joe Cutright

March 24, 2016

Hey Dennis Mickey here, hope all is well with you and Caroline.  I finally got around to finishing the trim on my Pro so here is a picture so you can update the website. I probably will start my spare kit this next winter.

March 2, 2016

John Grabow's third 124 Pro and his first full kit build.
Beautiful workmanship...
Go John!


January 12, 2016

Hi Caroline & Dennis,

Thought you would like to see a completed 124" Extra project done for Tony Austin, featuring handmade wood cowl & pants, DA200 w/Pro-flo cans, White Rose 4 1/2" wheels; J&J Tailwheel.

Tony (pictured) drove up from S. Carolina this past weekend for pickup.

Hope you are both doing well, talk again soon.



November 28, 2015

Mr. Takahashi's PRO.

November 13, 2015

Jeff Dye's new PRO.


November 13, 2015

Ramon De Zubria's new PRO.

November 13, 2015

Ramon De Zubria's new PRO.

July 31,2015


It flies great!  The motor will take some time to break-in, but that's normal for these tight tolerance engines.  Frank, Randy and Cam did a fabulous job on the build and finish, it�s truly Toledo Expo quality.  Thanks to all that were involved, John DeYoung

June 29, 2015


Hi Dennis,  hope all is well when you get this.  Here is my Pro that Rich Sornborger built for me.  We maidened it this weekend and it flies awesome. Talk to you later.

John Grabow

June 11, 2015


Got about 10 flights on the plane; did not manage to get pictures of the bottom, but will make sure I do next time out this weekend.  


Here is another picture out at the field. Plane next to the Pro is a brand new Dalton ML and Mike Stoners original prototype 118" mid wing 300.


Mickey Crawley

June 11, 2015

Thomas Young's new 124" Extra 330 PRO, built by A.J. Lee.


June 1, 2015

Dennis, today was the maiden flight of my PRO!! Total weight is 40lbs! It's pretty light for a plane this big. It has a DA 170, Mejzlik 28.5 x 12S 3-b prop, 5" Tru-Turn Ultimate spinner, MTW 110 canisters, Tech Aero IBEC, Futaba BLS 172 HV SBus servos with SWB 1" arms and SWB turnbuckles, Aeroworks control horns all around, J&J carbon fiber tailwheel, Carden pull/compression springs, Fuji 1.5L water bottle fuel tank with PSP plumbing and Fromeco badger switches. No regulators!!!

It also has an SWB motor mount that has 3 degrees of right thrust built in. It seems as though I saw where all PROs needed a bit of downthrust so I added two of Ron Bullard's thin shims to give it the required downthrust.
Based on the CG test of pulling a 45 upline an rolling to inverted it needs little to no weight shifted rearward. The vertical up and downline were spot-on!!  The fuel tank was centered over the CG using the tank support system that Dean Nistetter developed.

The cowl and wheel pants were painted by a local body shop (Jerry's Collision and Repair). The plane only required 3 clicks of left aileron, one click of elevator and 4 clicks of left rudder trim! CG was right on at the Kurt K recommended 4.625" back from the LE at the tips. I will need to add just a dab of opposite aileron to rudder and up elevator both ways before the next flight. I will also need to add a throttle "curve" as the throttle is non-linear.

We got rained out or I would have put more flights on it but I am highly satisfied with the PRO and the way it is set up!!
Three photos show myself and the PRO!!



May 26, 2015


Hi Dennis and Caroline,

I have maiden my Carden Pro this weekend, and couldn�t be happier! 


Thank you both so much for a truly amazing plane, and just as good of customer service.  Cam McCausey built, covered, and turn-key the plane.
Cam did an outstanding build, to say the least, up to the last detail!

The Pro is powered by a DA-200 L, Futaba BLS177sv all around, two Futaba 7008 rx�s, and guided by Futaba 18mz.  My sincere thanks to you all,

Amit Doron.


May 26, 2015

Evan Turner and his 124" PRO.


Evan won the Intermediate class at the 2015 Posey Flyers IMAC Challenge.

October 10, 2014

Hello Dennis and Caroline,

Thank you for providing us with such nice kits! The Pro makes my second competition airplane professionally built and covered by Cam McCausey. My first being a 118" Extra 300 powered by a DA 150 on MTW 110's.

The 118" has proven to be a very neutral platform and has taken me to many top place regional finishes including first place central world qualifier at Clover Creek in 2013. With some awesome help from my teammates and friends alike, we were able to rapidly complete the install and maiden the Pro a few weeks prior to the Worlds.

I was really concerned about getting the plane trimmed and ready for competition in such a short window of time. I'm happy to report that with some intense practice/instruction sessions I placed 6th at the Worlds in the sportsman class.

The Pro exhibits many of the same great characteristics as the 118". I was able to quickly adjust to the increased performance and have the confidence to compete well against some of the best world class pilots. 


Ron Graham

September 14, 2014


You have been asking for a long time, so finally, here are some pictures of my 124 Carden Extra 300 Pro, after returning home from the 2014 IMAC World Championships.  Powered by a DA200L, KS 2-into-1 headers and KS 95 rear dump canisters.  The servos are Futaba BLS152s all around, BLS451s on throttle and choke; Futaba 6014HS receivers and guided by a Futaba 18MZ.

I want to say thank you to both you and Caroline for helping me on the hundreds of phone calls over the years.  The 124 Pro is the best plane I have flown in my years of competing in IMAC.  I look forward to building my new 124 Pro kit myself (ok, maybe with a little help from Ty), and I'm sure you'll be getting some more phone calls!

Thanks again,

Tony Gorgone

September 12, 2014

Hello Dennis & Caroline,  


I finally got my new Pro built by Cam McCausey ready to fly just in time to attend the IMAC World Championships with it.  I am including a couple of photos in case you may like to use them in your gallery.  

The plane flies very well and I'm sure it will only get better as I get more flights and make some minor adjustments.  Cam has done a beautiful job building and covering the model and the paint (which he has someone else do) is also incredible.  I will look forward to flying this plane in many more IMAC contests and honing my skills along the way.

Best regards, 

Paul McMillan

September 10, 2014

Hi Dennis
I just wanted to thank you for a very nice kit. I included a few pics of my completed plane.


It's equipped with a DA 170 on Re3's, Futaba 9157's all the way around. Final empty weight is 36 1/2 pounds.
It flies extremely well.
Thank you,
Jim Ziegler

June 4, 2014


Hi Caroline Dennis, here is Team Japan.
No1 Extra300Pro with JR DMSS Xbus+DA200L pilot Manto

We will do our Best with your Airplane.

April 5, 2014

Hello Dennis & Caroline,

My dad and I managed to test fly our Carden PRO at the weekend. The test flight was very successful and  uneventful. The plane felt really good and I know it has huge potential.  The Plettenberg Predator Motor up front proved to be as expected extremely powerful and quiet. We have more than enough power and have the motor turned down to 80% of what it's capable of.

There is something bizarre about hearing the wind rushing over/through a 42% model as it flies past.  The plane uses 9x packs (4 & 5s') wired to give us 14cell 15000mah and we estimate this will give us 8-9min of truly unlimited performance. This powers a 16kw Plettenberg motor through the JETI Spin 300 PRO ESC.  We elected to use the trusty JR 8911HV's all round, a Spektrum AR12200 Cockpit RX & Spektrum DX18 for guidance.

All up weight of the plane is 41lbs, we are very pleased with that, considering a 'dry' petrol powered PRO would typically be 39-40lbs. We are slightly lighter than a fully fuelled PRO and have the advantage of consistent weight/balance all through the flight.

Thanks for all your help throughout the build and we look forward to more stick time on this great design. 

We see this plane as tool to compliment our petrol powered IMAC models. Noise is a huge concern so we have to be proactive in Europe if we are to continue flying our big planes. We will be able to utilize both power sources during practice thus reducing the amount of noise we produce, electric power should be seen as a way to preserve petrol power not replace it, well that's my opinion anyway.  Here is a short article: Electrified PRO

February 17, 2014



After building 40+ Carden aircraft, I finally have one of the best for myself!


It is without a doubt the finest IMAC model available and has sparkling performance with the DA170 and RE3 pipes.


Gerry Dale

February 4, 2014


Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the cowls, I've now completed the Carden.



All the best,

Lenny White UK!


November 13, 2013


I snapped this photo at the IMAC SE Regional Championships down at Hodges Hobbies this past weekend.  It's Dennis Brown and his beautiful plane.  Thought you guys would like it.

Kevin Turner

October 14, 2013

Hi Dennis,

Jim Spurlock maidened his new Carden Pro that I built for him today.  It's done in Mike Hurley's classic Bull Dog paint scheme.

Covering is all Monokote.  Royal Blue, True Red, Cub Yellow, and Jet White.
Matching Paint mixed by Finish Masters using Dupont's Nason line. Clear coat is Nason Select Clear.

Jim seems to really like the new plane.  We agreed to do a counterbalanced rudder, forward CG @ 3.25 inches.  1/3 degree positive incidence on the wing and 1 degree downthrust on the motor.  2.5 degree right thrust provided by a SWB motor mount.  Jim feels the plane is locking in very close to his matching 126" Carden 260 that I built for him last year.

Rich Sornborger

August 12, 2013

Dennis & Caroline,
Thanks, this is the best plane!  Extra 300 Pro, Builder: AJ Lee, Engine: DA-170, Servos & Receiver: Futaba, Smart Fly: PowerSystem Eq6Turbo, Batteries: Duralite, Propeller: Mejzlik.  Thank you,
Carlos Anaya

June 9, 2013

Thanks for an awesome plane Dennis!

The plane is equipped as follows:

DA 200 on KS 95
Futaba bls172 sbus servos on all surfaces

2 Thunder power rx packs for all power ignitions as well
30x13 evo 2 blade prop.
The plane came out at just over 38 lbs without fuel.


Chuck Edwards


May 18,2013

Hi Dennis & Caroline


I got my pro back from Cam McCausey and got it covered and finished everything else up, We test flew at Kurt's and everything went well.








Flies great, and Cam did a great job on the build, evrything is straight as a arrow, the wings and stabs fit perfectly to the fuse, Cam really knows how to put a Carden together.


Here are some pics of it.





DA-150 re3s

9157s servos

fromeco batts and regs and switches

Futaba receivers





Thanks for a great plane,




April 10, 2013


Here's a photo of my Carden, I changed the scheme a little.

I love the plane!!



March 26, 2013


I have attached a few pictures of Richard Brink and his new Carden Extra 300 PRO. He asked me to send them to you.

I fly with Richard all the time here at the Ocala field and took the attached pictures.

March 20, 2013

Russell Stohr's new 124" Extra 300 PRO.

March 20, 2013

Hi Dennis.   

I attached a couple of pictures of my new 124 Pro that was built, painted and covered by Mike Vascellaro.  The plane was built great but the covering job is the best that I have ever seen.  The plane is powered by a DA 200 which I can't say enough about.  I am using 2 in 1 headers and KS 95 rear exhaust cans with a Mezjlik 3 blade 29x12N prop and Tru Turn 5 1/2" ultimate style spinner. 

The radio is a JR 12X with DSMX and I am using the Power Box Royal Spektrum with 3 Duralite 5200 mah batteries, 2 for the Power Box and 1 for ignition.  I am using JR 8911HV servos all around with SWB arms.  Graphics were done by Dennis Kirby.   A big thanks to all and to you Dennis for giving us another winner.  This one might be the best yet.


Tony Bonanno


March 11, 2013

If you have any Pro Kits left, lets send one out to Joe McGregor.  Looks like the Pattern Plane lost:)  I came to my senses after flying the Carden yesterday.
This is the Pink Pro that Joe McGregor built, and color scheme by Chip Hyde. Thanks again for an incredible design.

February 23, 2013

Hi Caroline & Dennis,
I am sending along some photo's of Dennis Browns completed 124" Extra 300 Pro project which featured handmade wood cowl & pants-covered  in Monokote.  He picked it up this afternoon.  Hope you are both doing we'll talk again soon.

February 5, 2013

Hello Dennis & Caroline

I just want to share to you the picture of my Carden Pro was build and cover by Joe McGregor ,this picture was take after I make my first test flight . It a great flight airplane I had DA 150 with MTW can my CG 3.50 .

Thank you Dennis & Caroline

Jerry Ou

February 4, 2013

Hi Dennis and Caroline!!


I just wanted to pass on some photos of the latest build for Brent Bullen in Calgary, Alberta!  It�s the 124� PRO Special with DA200L on the front, Mej Spinner and Mej 28.5x12 prop. 


We got some pretty sweet airbrushing done to the cowl, canopy and pants with an added touch on the prop!


Brent is outfitting it with full Powerbox system, powering a full slate of Futaba BLS172HV SBUS servos.  The rudder has a pair of 172HV�s in a double-Durant Box.


The entire fuse is built with square, hollow CF sticks and a slightly modified gusseting system and Durant Gussets to lock all sticks in place.  This is my second fuse built like this and torsional stiffness is at least double with no added weight.

This plane will be at many of the US IMAC events, including the upcoming Desert Classic in Phoenix in March 2013 along with many others and Brent is hoping to be able to make the Tuscon ShootOut again!!



November 12, 2012



A few pics of Tony Bonanno's new PRO.



October 27, 2012

Hello Dennis and Caroline,

I wanted to share with you these pictures of my new Extra 300 Pro. It was built by AJ Lee. Flies very straight, stable and with the Mintor 220 and 31x12s three blade prop, the speed is phenomenon, up and down.



This is my third Carden, two Extra 260 40% and now this one. All of them great airplanes, but this one's the best!



Thanks a lot for all your support.

Ramon De Zubria


October 15, 2012

Dennis and Caroline,


I want to thank both of you for another great airplane! The 124 Carden Pro Extra 300 Special built by master builder Dean Nistetter was built not to be the lightest plane but to be durable and weight conscious. The perfect plane was achieved!!



I couldn't have asked for a better plane to compete with.  It topped the scales at 36lbs 14.8 oz. The Special flies like a pattern plane. After just a few flights I was right at home. I have flown several Carden designs and this is at the top of the list. I really don�t think you could top this plane.


Construction points include cored wings, carbon rods for the cross bracing, and just some good ole hard work from Dean. Dean truly out did himself on this built. We both were really looking forward to flying it at Clover Creek and Tucson.  The plane was finished with Monokote and Dupont paint. Stuffed with Futaba gear and a lighten DA200 on the front with stock mufflers.


Prop is a 32x12 Menz and flies constant speed at it�s best.

Thank you Grasshopper Competition Airframes for another great airframe!!! Thank you to all my sponsors.

Thanks again Dennis and Caroline!!!

October 7, 2012

Not sure if you will be in Tucson so I just thought I would send a pic of my plane.  This is the same one that started out as Andrews but now it has been totally stripped and refinished.  I cut off all the hinges and even took  out the stab tube and realigned.  Came in just under 38 pounds and I now have 180 flights on it.   Since I have another one as a back up and this one flies so good I stopped work on the Ultimate about a month ago.   It's truely a joy to fly.

September 12, 2012



My Carden 124� Pro was built by custom builder Dean Nistetter. What an excellent combination. This plane has taken my flying to another level. It�s performance is solid in all aspects of flying.


The Pro is a pure precision Imac machine.  You and Kurt have achieved the results you set out to accomplish in your design.

It�s light, penetrates well, and will stop on a dime. The fact that it can be flown with a wide range of power plants makes it very versatile.


I am flying mine with a DA 170 on Pro Flow canisters and at times has too much power for the 37lb (-) plane.


Allan Smith

Crosby, Texas


September 6, 2012



Dennis & Caroline,

This is Steve Stanton's Pro


September 4, 2012

Hello Dennis and Caroline,
Attached are a couple of pictures I took this morning, I forgot to get one of the 300 by it self but I will do that later and send one to you. Of course, the full size aircraft in the background is my RV-10.  I now have 7 flights on this airplane and it is performing superbly.

The final weight was 39 lbs. 2 oz. which I consider to be very light in view of the larger aircraft and the DA-200 in the nose.I was able to fly the unlimited sequence in the second flight and by the 5th. flight I had it dialed in to where I could be competitive at the National level. Trimming and fine tuning will continue for a number of flight yet. I can say without hesitation that the shorten ailerons, @ 35.5" and a single servo (Futaba 9157), are working very well.

I have no trouble doing snaps in any attitude or speed. This is my 5th. Carden airplane and the way it is shaping up so far perhaps the best one yet. (Cap232, Edge 540, Extra 300s, Extra 260, Extra 300-PRO.)  Thanks to both of you Dennis and Caroline for continuing to bring this great line of IMAC airplanes to market.  All the best,
Ivan Kristensen

August 11, 2012


Dennis and Caroline,

Thank you for your dedication to our hobby and Carden Aircraft. I only have about seven flights on my 124 and it's already become my favorite airplane of all time.




The 124 is very precise, tracks like a pattern plane, and requires a much lighter touch than other planes this size. The stock build finished up just over 38# with a 200L so the performance is awesome.


Dean documents the weight of every part in his kits before he builds so he can compare the weights of different builds. It's astonishing that you are able to supply and control the wood parts with that level of consistency.






Thank you,


July 27, 2012



Caroline & Dennis, this is Alvaro Yanguas's plane


June 26, 2012

Dennis and Caroline,

I recently finished Jack Marcotte's 124" Pro with DA200 and he's now got approximately 20 trouble-free flights on it.  Jack really wanted to do a Red Bull scheme, so I tried to model the latest EdgeV3 scheme that they're using!! 


What an amazing flying plane!!  It flies like it's on rails and is definitely less affected by cross-winds than the larger 126" line.  The DA200 on KS cans is a work of art for smoothness and provides a perfect power-to-weight ratio!!  It also 3D's amazingly well, even with the 3Blade prop.  Thanks for an amazing kit!!!!


Below are some specs/details:

* Weight = 40.5lbs

* CG = 4 1/4" aft of LE at Wing Tip (flies completely neutral inverted, per Jack's liking)

* Front end lightened approximately 14oz to make CG work out at 7 1/4"

* DA200 w/ lightened cylinder fins  w/ KS Cans & 2-into-1 headers

* Mejzlik 28.5 x 12 3-Blade prop with Mejzlik 5" CF spinner

* Graphtech G2 Gear with AirMan 5" Aluminum Wheels

* Batteries = (2) 3200mAh LiFe for Rx + (1) 2100mAh LiFe for ignition� mounted in tail

* CF Tail Wheel

* Carbon Fiber cross-bracing in fuse, under hatch

* KlassKote Epoxy Paint used on all parts

* Hitec 7950 / 7955 servos throughout

* JR 9ch Powersafe Rx mounted in fuse, under pilot

* Ailerons beveled for 45 degrees throw, elevators beveled for 68 degrees throw

* Ailerons are 3" longer than stock and 1/2" wider

The build thread is located here�.

Maiden Video is located here�.



Trevor Brum

May 24, 2012

Hi Dennis

The color scheme is from a full size counter part on the Walter Extra website.  The colors are metallic.  I went with the DA 200, 2 into 1 exhaust, into the Pro Flow 3D canisters.  I am very pleased with them, they are quiet and very throaty compared to the KS95s.  I need to hear them again together but I think the lower exhaust note makes them seem quieter.

I did make one modification to the ailerons, similar to what so many others are trying.  I didn't do it to be the same though, I did it to test another theory.  That being I think the large ailerons are only needed for 3-D aerobatics when there is only the air from the engine to make the ailerons effective.  I deviated from what the others have done and used full sized aircraft design metrics for the modified aileron design.  The change in the ailerons is just something I wanted to try and in no way reflects on the planes performance with the ailerons as designed on the plans.

My belief is for the plane to perform in both 3-D and precision aerobatics I think it needs the full ailerons as per the plans.

Thanks again for another great kit.  It is always a pleasure to build one of your kits and a great pleasure to have friends like you and Caroline.  Take care of yourselves. I hope our paths cross soon.  Joy says hi to you both.



April 27, 2012

Hi Dennis & Caroline


I have got my pro done and test flown.

I went to Columbus Ohio and got with Kurt Koelling for the maiden and some flights after we got it dialed in .


This is what is in it:


DA150 with MTW headers and RE3 pipes

30-12 Mejzlik prop



5inch Mejzlik spinner

9157 Futaba servos

2- 6014 Futaba recievers

Fromeco Li-Ion Batts



2-5200 packs and 1-2600

Fromeco wolverine switch and a badger switch

J&J tail wheel

Airwild uni-hubs and servo arms


April 18, 2012

Thanks Dennis and Caroline for wonderful service and for putting together such a beautiful kit, and for my wonderful and understanding wife who bought me this baby!  The build was fully documented on RC Canada in the Giant Scale Forum under �Carden PRO Built by Lee�.

My plane features the shortened canopy and shorty ailerons as done by Dean on his blog in Flying Giants. This plane is built strictly for IMAC, hence the reasoning behind the shorter ailerons which theoretically make for less turbulence and smoother rolling manoeuvres. I did some lightening to the fuse but the wings and stab are un-cored. 

I did do CF strips right to the ends of the wings which many are now doing for extra strength, as these wings are very light and very thin!

Final weight came to 36.76 pounds which was bang on to my hoped for 37 and the maiden flight was non-eventful (which is to say BEAUTIFUL!) with one click of down and one of left for hands off.

I used Dean�s radio settings with a cg at 3 5/8  from wing LE tip which seems perfect for Advance and Unlimited IMAC. To say I am happy is a big understatement and building this plane was a joy form the start. Now its on to competing with arguably the best IMAC plane on the planet�will be fun!


Lee Prevost

March 29, 2012


Carden 124 Pro  -    DA 170  K & S canisters -  JR 8711 servos -  3 Blade Mejzlik 29-12N prop -   Graphtect  spinner, wheel pants and landing gear -  60 0z. Dubro tank.


Red Arrow pilot - Ultra coat covering - J & J tail wheel -Fromco batteries and switches -39.7 LBS


Jerry Ream

February 16, 2012

Caroline & Denise,


This is Nick Johnson's Carden Pro it has a DA 200 L/Canisters JR 12X & HV 8911 servos and weights 40# ready to fly.  The CG came out perfect.  Graphics by Brad.

A J 


November 28, 2011

Hi Dennis,
Well I finished Kirt Campbell's plane and will deliver it tomorrow.

Thanks for producing the great kits that you put out.  And I swear the next build will be my very own Carden...I promise.

Rich Sornborger
Gilbert, Arizona

October 12, 2011


Dennis, here are some pix with the stickers added.....



October 1, 2011

Hi Dennis,

First off all I can say is WOW. :O  What an amazing airplane.  My dad spent 8 weeks building and painting it. He and I also covered the plane (my dad did the base white and I did the colors).  Came out to 38.8lbs and no mixes.    



So we are on our way to Tucson on Saturday and should get there around 12:00.  Already have 12flights on it an it will forever be my favorite plane.


A special thanks goes out to all my sponsors and my family for the support. (sponsors are on the rudder. I'm pretty impressed with my dad's first build. ;)

Best Regards,

For more info on Matt Stringer visit:

September 20, 2011

Good Afternoon Everybody,
Here is Kyle and his new 300 PRO ready for the "TAS."  The plane was framed by Cam McCausey, covered by Kenny Lauter, painted by Chris Swanson; assembled by Kyle and myself.  It is powered by a Mag DA200; all guidance is by JR: JR12x Tx, JR1222 Receiver; JR8911HV servos.  Thanks again for your help and support.
Phil Goodwine

September 20, 2011


Hi Dennis,
Some pictures of Jim Spurlock's new plane.  He hasn't picked it up yet and having it here completed after building has been a real strain not to go fly it.  


But...Jim should be here in a week or so and we can get down to some serious flying with her.  Really looking forward to seeing the Pro fly.

Rich Sornborger

September 14, 2011

Rusty Fried shows us his new 124" Extra 300 PRO.

September 5, 2011


Here are some pictures of my new 3oo PRO. I did the build, Kenny Lauter did the paint / monokote.


DA 200, KS 95 exhaust, Futaba 14mz, Futaba BLS157hv servos,

Fromeco 5200 li-ons, Fromeco switches.


Awesome airplane!


Jeff Blaylock

August 23, 2011

Hi Dennis and Caroline,

Here are some pics of my Carden 124 Pro, I would like to thank both of you for your support and putting up with all my questions. Mike Vascellero out did himself on this build. The plane is as strait as an arrow and as far as covering it is flawless,( he took his time and if you notice the cob web painted on motor box it actually grew while it was at Mikes house LOL)

The maiden went flawless trimming and mixing needed were to a minimum.

Jim Woodward drove to Miami just to help and maiden with me, on our maiden flight we had planned to fly for about 5minuts land and go over all the equipment and settings, about 7 minutes into the first flight with no mixing Jim felt comfortable enough he actually did a 360 roller which look to me like a 9 if I were going to score the maneuver.


The accessories used were all supplied by John Mitchell at Aero Protect, John being also a builder and pilot came out for the maiden flight. Equipment used:

DA-170, 14" headers, KS-95 rear exhaust cans, PowerBox Royal, Duralite Batts, JR-8711 all around, White Rose main and tail wheels, 30x13 Mezjlik Evo prop, True Turn 5" ultimate spinner.


Once again thanks to you, Mike Vascellaro, John Mitchell, and Jim Woodward for the help.

J.C. Alvarez

August 15, 2011

Hi Dennis & Caroline,


Attached are pictures of the new Carden 124� Extra 300 Special. As a refresher for people who don�t already know, this is a modified 124� Extra 300 Pro that has been changed into a single seat option which replicates a full scale single seat Extra 300.



One of the goals of this build was to create a plane that was simple in setup, light weight, IMAC competitive, and cost efficient. To facilitate this there were several unique build techniques used, control surface changes, and equipment choices made. Even though this air frame is larger than most 40% planes it�s RTF weight came to 33.6 pounds. The plane�s basic setup uses a DA150 on stock mufflers and just 6 servos total with no ganging or matching required (1 each for control surfaces and 1 for throttle).



We all know Cardens fly good and so does this one. However, there is something really special about the way this plane locks in, grooves, and instantly responds to input. It really holds heading & flies straight through every maneuver asked of it. On maiden day I started with just a few of the typical but very slight mixes and tweaked them after each flight. Amazingly, there really isn�t any evidence of pitch/yaw/roll deviations regardless whether the plane is in an up-line, down-line, knife edge, flat turn, snapping, going slow, going fast, etc. From a performance perspective my expectations were far exceeded for the initial flights.


Dennis, you know that for the last 2 years I�ve been flying a Carden 126� Extra with a DA200 and have really liked it. Well that plane has just now become a backup to this new one which should speak volumes on how well I feel the �Special� flies. Thank you for producing such great quality kits.


Dean Nistetter


July 8, 2011

Hi Dennis,
I wanted to send you a few more pictures of the new airplane.
We are so happy with it. My only concern was how it would behave on the downlines with the thin airfoil. Well, NO problem.


Nicolas is loving the airplane. He only had like 20 flights on it before going to the US Nats. This was not an issue/handicap for him. That's how good the airplane is.

We still need to play/explore with some settings.


Thanks for making such a great design. Please say hello to Caroline.
Take care.

Nicolas and Ivan Pinzon.

July 3, 2011


NATS was the first full contest that I was able to fly my PRO in.  All I can say is WOW.  The PRO's fly incredibility well, and the best part is that the work load for the pilot is a lot lighter.   


I had a lot of people come up to me as say "whatever you changed in your flying, It's working for you, you're flying awesome."  These comments made my week. 



Attached are some pics of both my PRO and 330. 

Take care and THANK YOU for these amazing airplanes!

Brian Sanik

June 7, 2011

Hi Dennis and Caroline


I am slow getting started this year it has just been a super wet spring.  The plane flew right off the building board. 


The DA 170 on the RE3 pipes gives me unlimited uplines. 

I got six flights in today and the trimming work begins.  Very happy with the plane and it can only get better.



May 2, 2011

Dennis & Caroline,


Just wanted to send some pics to you on my 124" Carden Pro Extra 300.  It's been a long time since I have built an airplane.



First build for me of this size also. I have to say the build was great.



Powered by a DA-150 with RE-3 pipes, weight is 38lbs. JR radio with 8911HV servos.  Fromeco Batteries and switches.




Thanks again,

Glen Rollinger


March 30, 2011

Caroline / Dennis,


I finally have about 12 flights on my 124 Pro.  The plane flies fantastic, definitely the best flying plane I have ever had.



Cam McCausey did an unbelievable job building and covering the plane, it looks painted rather than covered.


It handles the wind great and even with the thinned wings it slows down fine on down-lines.

The snaps are clean and stop on a dime, the wing weights are very low they ended up at 50 oz each ready to fly with 2 servos.


Here are some pictures.


John Snider 
J&J Tailwheels

December 8, 2010


Dennis, here is my 124 Pro just before the maiden, we needed pics in case the initial flight did not go well. The plane flew just fine, it was a windy day but you couldn't tell by watching the plane. The wind had little effect, it is very easy to fly!

Rob Grant

Morriston, FL

April 25, 2010


Dennis & Caroline,



To date I have six 15 minute flights on the new airframe.  I have been spending most of the flight time trying different CG locations, trimming, adjusting control throw deflections, and trying to fly as many different types of aerobatic figures as possible. 



The first thing that was clear after the initial flight was that this plane draws very clean lines, and sits well in the wind (first few flights were in 15-20mph winds). 


The reduced drag allows the DA-200 to pull the plane around with ease (even with a 3 bladed prop).  Snap rolls are very crisp and stop immediately when I let off the sticks.  The reduction in pitch coupling reduces pilot workload significantly while doing rolling circles and rolls at the top and bottom of loops.  I will report more as I get additional flights on the plane, but so far I have not found any bad tendencies!

I am really looking forward to competing with this plane at the NATS and Clover Creek Invitational!  Thanks so much to Dennis for agreeing to take on this new project � it was a pleasure working with you and learning from your years of experience designing top notch aerobatic planes. 




Thanks to Cam who started building the prototype kit (cut motorbox parts himself) on Feb. 13 and had it framed up, covered, and painted by March 9 (3.5 weeks) � truly amazing dedication as a professional builder!  


The maiden flight took place on April 5, just in time for me to put the plane in the Toledo Show and take 2nd place in the aerobatic division!  Overall this was one of the most rewarding projects I have been involved with.  In six months we went from a design concept on a piece of paper to a finished plane that flies really well!



Thanks again Dennis and Cam!

Kurt Koelling

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