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January 21, 2009
Hi Caroline,
Claudius from Indonesia if you still remember me.
Finally I finished my 37% Yak 54, Engine 3W157 swinging Vess 32B.

Maiden flight was amazing, everything just as expected,

very easy to fly and predictable, 3D with this plane made my Cuda jealous.




Great job Carden Aircraft, this is my new favorite airplane.







Claudius CS

October 17, 2008

Hi Caroline and Dennis,

Here are some pictures of the new YAK.


I have an all new scheme on this bird.  Aero Graphicx did all the graphics on it.


Bryan did some very unique things with the graphics that really make them stand out.


Blaine Ausitn.

October 14, 2008

Caroline:  I've got about 20 flights on er' as of now.  She is flying very well in pattern.   


We are setting up 3-D rates and gonna' play and watch her get tossed around in 3-D this weekend.


You can pick some of these for the web-site if you'd like.  All the final graphics are on it. 

Take care,  Dan Baker.


August 25, 2008



Just a note to let you know how much I like the little yak .Its is a great little plane. Love the way it flies. Talk soon.





Darrell Smith 


p.s. here are a few pics.

September 13th, 2007
Caroline and Dennis

Hi Dennis & Caroline.    Thought I would send you a couple shots of my new 37% Yak for the website.  I test flew it on Labor day weekend. I had it a bit tail heavy so I moved the batteries forward and it now flies great! 



It is one impressive plane on the ground and in the air. I can't wait to get more flights on it. The weather here has not been cooperative to do so. Thanks for all you have done and keep the Great designs coming! Can't wait to build the next one.


Doug Yaroch
A & D Custom Aero

Caroline and Dennis
Hey Dennis and Caroline,

Here is a pic that was taken this past weekend practicing for Tuscon. See you guys at the Shootout in a few weeks.  Thanks for designing a great airplane!!! I couldn't have asked for a better plane. I finished 7th at this years US IMAC Nationals in Unlimited. Both of my Yaks came in at 35lbs, Futaba equipment, DA 150 on canisters up front. I'm using a new control system. It's called Direct Drive. Take a look at

Rick Byrd

September 13th, 2007
Caroline and Dennis

After balancing, very little mixing and a click or two of trim, I have what I believe to be the best flying plane I have ever had my hands on.  I just put the 200th flight on it about a week or so ago and the quality of a Carden kit and its engineering is evident as it is as structurally sound and flies as good as it did a year ago.


The plane came out at 40 lbs 2 oz with a more conservative engine box and LG lightening than what some people have been doing.  I was very pleased with the way the plane finished out and that I was able to build it in 2 months last summer in order to salvage part of the IMAC season.  I plan to get another one late this summer or early this fall to have 2 ready to go for next season.  I do plan to take it a little slower with the next build so I can get to enjoy that part of it a little more.


Thanks again for putting out such a great product and your support,

John Braziel

September 12th, 2007
Caroline and Dennis

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoyed the first flights of my Yak.

I am sure other pilots have told you the same but my story is a bit different. I think I am the only one so far to have flown the Yak with a radial engine.

I used the Airworld 5 cylinder 250 cc gas radial engine. Wow what power! I am using a 34/18 prop. Very realistic speed and a great sound.

The paint is a scale scheme. All the Carden planes I have built and flown have been great. This new one is no exception. Next stop for the plane is the Scale Nats, Expert Fun Scale.



Thanks, Mike Barbee

September 12th, 2007
Caroline and Dennis

I am just passing along some shots of Al Smith's Carden 37% Yak 54. Al is from Rockford, IL and flew down to the Hot Springs, AR EAC event to pick up his new plane.

John Light did the Covering and Paint. Powered by a DA 150 with JR gear and Graphics by Aero


I kept telling him while it was being finished that when he
started flying it he would love the way it flew.

Needless to say, Al is very pleased with it and says it fly's like a dream! His color scheme (foreground) is similar to mine with the colors reversed.


Al Smith's YAK 54

Thanks, Bryan Zang

September 12th, 2007
Caroline and Dennis

Hear is Manto's 37%yak.

He is very famous Musician.

His yak's cowl is on fire!

His hear is fire! Wow.


MTW110H,  Weight 37.3pounds


Tomohisa Konishi

September 12th, 2007
Caroline and Dennis

Nice job by Terry and Dave.    Unbelievable when you see it in person.
Frank Noll


Frank Noll


Frank Noll


Frank Noll

September 12th, 2007
Caroline and Dennis


Diego Ceballos

July 3rd, 2007
Caroline and Dennis

It was my hope that I could send a pix like every one else of there completed Carden. However this one has a story that is impressive. I was flying the advanced IMAC sequence in Medford Oregon first round of the contest. When out of nowhere this little composite ARF flew thru my wing and what was left is what you see. The ARF went straight down at high throttle and was completely obliterated. This YAK was flown with most of the wing panel missing back to the field. Yes it still would fly. where it landed and some secondary damage occurred. The airplane is completely repairable and will fly again.
Thank you  for making such an incredible aircraft  possible.
 Bill Burgad

July 3rd, 2007
Caroline and Dennis

George Faulkner's 32% YAK 54



George Faulkner

June 13th, 2007
Caroline and Dennis

Here are some pics of my new yak 54


 I also wanted to say thanks for designing a great airplane

Justin Hilderbrandt

May 12th, 2007
Dennis and Caroline,

I just wanted to let you know that I finally got a chance to fly the Yak this weekend. I must say that I am very happy with the way it flew.



The rolls are so axial, and the presentation is awesome.  It still needs a few tweaks here and there, and I’m sure after a few more trimming flights, it will be perfect.


Dave Dietrich, was out flying with me, and he had his Carden 260 with him.


We both took turns flying each others airplanes, and our conclusions are that they fly very similar.


We even set them both up with the exact same throws, and put them through various IMAC sequences.



Again they both flew very similar.


The net result is that we are both very happy about our choices.


Thanks again, on the help, and I’m enclosing a few pics I took at the field this weekend.


Sam Filippelli (Toronto)


May 12th, 2007
Caroline and Dennis

Here are a few pics of my YAK

This is my wife Jeanne and our 2 year old son Matthew



Thanks, Eric Watz

May 12th, 2007
Caroline and Dennis


Well I finally finished my Yak, now I have to wait for the weather to get better so I can do a maiden with it.



It has a DA 100 on MTW cans and JR equipment all around.


  I will give you a flight report after the maiden.
Dennis Boettge

May 5th, 2007
Caroline and Dennis

Masato Kusama is a very famous FAI F3A pilot in the world

This is his new Carden YAK 54

He LOVES it. 36.9 pounds

He said it is "amazing"

JR10X radio, JR8711servos



Thanks, Tomohisa Konishi

February 11th, 2007
Caroline and Dennis

I am just passing along some shots of Al Smith's Carden 37% Yak 54. Al is from Rockford, IL and flew down to the Hot Springs, AR EAC event to pick up his new plane.


John Light did the Covering and Paint. Powered by a DA 150 with JR gear and Graphics by Aero Graphix. I kept telling him while it was being finished that when he started flying it he would love the way it flew. Needless to say, Al is very pleased with it and says it fly's like a dream! His color scheme (foreground) is similar to mine with the colors reversed.


Bryan Zang

February 11th, 2007
Caroline and Dennis

Hope all is well with the good folks at Carden.

I have attached a photo of one of the first completed kits of the 32% Yak.  The pilot / owner is Jimmy Logue of Lakeland, FL.

It was built, covered and finished by Mike Vascellero of Winter Haven, FL.  Mike has built some wonderful Carden planes and this new Yak flies superb!

Thanks to the great folks at Carden for another winner and Mike for his building prowess!

Wood is Good!!!

Mike Remsberg

February 4th, 2007
Caroline and Dennis

I was able to maiden my 32% Carden Yak 54 this weekend.  This is the best scale aerobatic plane I have ever flown.  The plan flies very precisely with no mix needed on right rudder and less than 3% on left rudder.  Harriers are stable with no wing rock.


Torque rolls are easy.  Spin entries are precise with good nose drop.  Snaps are clean with good headings on exit.  The plane actually flies smoother and more precisely than my QQ 102” Yak.    



At engine idle there is absolutely no fuselage, aileron or canopy vibration.  This is evident from your airframe and sheeted wing design. This plane is well suited for IMAC or 3D.  You have a winner here.


Attached are some photos of my 32% Yak 54.  Please feel free to add them to your website.



I have a build thread on RCU for the plane.  Here is the link:


I am so impressed with the performance and airframe design of the Carden airplanes, I will be ordering the 35% Extra 260. 

Steve Kessler

October 27th, 2006
Carolina and Dennis

Dick Held with his new 32% Carden YAK 54



This is Dick's 32% YAK 5 in the forground.

In the back is Don's ( Dick's brother) 35% Carden Edge 540





September 27th, 2006
Carolina and Dennis

 Here are the pics of my new Yak. As you can see I went for an all scale look and scheme.


Big thanks to Tom Mikalauskas for his terrific work. He truly captured exactly what I was looking for.


Bill Cline performed another awesome paint job, and John McNees did the cover job.


Also thanks to Dennis Kirby who completed the whole project with a great graphics package.


It flys just terrific, as have all your others planes I have.


Thanks for another great one, and thanks Dennis for your help with the full scale drawings, that was a huge help.

John Bradley


September 13th, 2006
Hola Carolina and Dennis!

The opening of the third Yak that I have constructed was everything a success, and as it always did not need triming, the flights were spectacular, exciting!

The Owner is my friend Ricardo Gárate de Tepic Nayarit, near Puerto Vallarta Jalisco.



In the first photo: Ricardo Gárate (the happy Owner!!), Arturo Galarza (decorator and installer) and Javier Sierra (Builder)


I'm sending you the pictures of this Grand event ( 09/03/06).. hope you enjoy this beautiful place!!! (Tepic Nayarit) 



P.S He is another Happy new client and very satisfied indeed!!

Saludos,   Javier Sierra


September 13th, 2006
Dennis and Caroline

I finally got around to sending in some photos of my Yak. 

What a great  flying plane.  Had fun building it to. 


Thanks for all your help and quick responses to my questions during the build. 


Still might add some more graphics to the cowl and add a smoke system.


Thanks again and thanks for designing another great kit!


Take care,
Mark Vukmanovich
Drums, PA

September 13th, 2006
Dennis and Caroline


Built by Terry Boston, powered by DA-150 with canisters, controlled by JR components / SWB arms, graphics by Kirby's Kustom



Jeffrey Aivaz

Aug 14th, 2006

Dennis, Caroline--Thanks for another great plane! It has about 50
flights and I like it more every time I fly it.



I hope to keep this one forever.

Thanks, Jerry Ream  Roscoe, Illinois

July 12th, 2006

Thank you for a great flying plane. It does it all, better than anything else

Gene Sedgwick







Thank you for a great flying plane. It does it all, better than anything else

Gene Sedgwick

June 7th, 2006

Hola Carolina and Dennis!!

The premier Yak of Javier "Totis" Ulloa was a  success, and  as always did not need to make adjustments, everything was wonderful!!!.




My friend is very Happy because the airplane flies very well


I was the builder and I´m very happy too!!



My friend would like to be included on the web site, could you?



Saludos desde Guadalajara Jalisco!!!!

P.S He is a new client and very satisfied indeed!!

Javier Sierra

May 21st, 2006

Hola Carolina and Dennis!!

I am very Happy because the opening of my Yak was everything a success.


As always did not need to make adjustments, the airplane behaved very well, everything was wonderful,



Thanks to you, Dennis and my friend John Mitchell by all its advice and advising in the construction and design of my Yak



Congratulations to make the best airplanes of the world!


I send photos to you of my pretty super Yak!


Thanks Javier




May 9th, 2006

Hi Dennis and Caroline

Things have been pretty busy here at Aero Graphix but I have been able to get a total of 18 flights on my new Yak. I just can not say enough about this aircraft.


If you have ever had the feeling of flying a model and being totally comfortable with it the first flight, that is how I felt with the Carden Yak 54.


The Carden Yak is my new favorite plane, it does everything that the Edge will do with a side of precision. I am extremely happy with it and I know that anyone who has one in the box, on the bench or almost ready to fly will be very happy with their first flight

Blaine Austin flew my Yak down at the Merigold, MS EAC this year and said " This is absolutely the best flying Carden I have had my hands on". It defiantly got his blood pumping and he is very anxious to get his finished. I have had nothing but good complements from everyone and I would like to thank you for the support and producing such a great product.

Here are some new pictures with the decals installed and we have also created a video of the Carden Yak 54 in action, ENJOY!

Bryan Zang
Aero Graphix Custom Aircraft Graphics


April 16th, 2006

Hi Dennis and Caroline

Attached are a few photos of the Yak that I put into the Toledo Show. The plane is following the scheme of the Yak "Russian Thunder". All graphics are hand cut from Monokote.


All I have to do yet is install the radio and fuel tanks.




The plane looks great and ought to fly the same.

Joe Stek

April 16th, 2006

Hi Dennis and Caroline

Finally - the YAK took to the air this morning (Easter Morning) to clear skies and little wind for a change. I am running out of adjectives for each Carden that I have built and there have been several Extra 300, CAP 232, Extra 330, Edge 540, CUDA, with some having multiples of the plane and now the YAK. Saying they all fly great I do not need to repeat because you have heard that from everyone that has had the pleasure to fly a Carden Aircraft. They take some time and effort to build but the pride and joy that comes with it when it takes to the air ALWAYS makes the time worth it.


I truly do not have words for the YAK except the plane makes me look like a better pilot than I am. Tracking - can you say rails - vertical up line with a positive snap the snap was clean and sharp with recovery dead straight and on track. It was like it was glued to the line. Did I mention zero trim adjustments - none on any surface. No shortage of power with the DA150 turning a Mejzlik 28.5 x 12 3 Blade prop on MTW headers and canisters caring 40 pounds even - vertical with ease.

The Fromeco batteries are in the motor box with the RC Blimp titanium carbon fiber tailwheel in the back the plane balanced on the wing tube without adding and ounce of weight anywhere. I have to thank Kirby for working with me on the graphics - I get mixed comments when people first see the plane but after a few minutes and they take in the full effect the comments are all positive. As for me,  I love it because it presents very nicely in the air. On knife edge give the rudder full deflection driven by 4 - 8611a's through my direct connect rudder system and the plane just came up and around in a very tight circle - can you say rudder authority !!

The down lines seem like they hesitate with the front cowl opening just sucking in the air like a parachute, Unfortunately tomorrow is Monday and back to work - Saturday is around the corner and you do not have to guess where I will be - just look for the guy with a smile on his face that will be me and everyone else that has found the passion of flying and the magic of Carden. Thank you for another incredible quality design, kit, and you and Caroline always a pleasure. It is time to burn a lot of gas.

I will give you some updates as I get some time on the engine and get a lot more flights logged. I will be updating the construction article with pictures of the inside and balancing details shortly - thank you for the patience with the construction article - a major kitchen re-model ( 4 months of very little building on the plane ) and three hurricanes.

Talk to you soon,
John Mitchell

March 15th, 2006

Hey Caroline, here are some pictures of my Yak

I have had it flying since January and I am very happy with it.  I was really wanting a strictly IMAC plane that presents well and this one does.  The snaps are very crisp and stops rotation when I come off the sticks.  It came out 37.5 pounds with 3W 150 on cans. 

I can't wait to compete the rest of the season with it.

Great Job!  Thanks, Jeremy Holt

January 31st, 2006

 Ron Kahl's new YAK 54


January 24th, 2006
Hi Dennis and Caroline,

I must say that it has felt like a long time getting here, but it really hasn't. John of Models by Light did a superb job on my new Yak and I am very happy with it.

Time has just flown by since I ordered it, but John made it a priority and Got-R-Done. I am anxious to fly it but would like a nice warm day to test fly so I am being patient.

All of the checkers on the cowling are decals and I still have some design work to do on it for the rest of the scheme decals.

I know it will fly well and I am sure this will be your next flag ship for Carden.

DA 150 on Mufflers, Monokote Covered, Fromeco Avionics, Tru Turn Spinner, JR Equipment, Don Harris Smoke Pump, 39.8lbs


Bryan Zang
Aero Graphix

January 17th, 2006
Hi Dennis and Caroline,

We just flew the Yak today and all I can say is
"WOW".  Tthe plane would knife edge with only rudder, there was no mixing required, rolling circles were done with ease, snaps ended as soon as the sticks were released.  I can tell it's gonna be a hovering fool. It'll be flying in the IMAC circuit and freestyle. February 1st we'll be flying it at the Deland fly-in.

I can't wait until the motor is broken in.  I wasn't able to get it on the deck or in any high alpha maneuvers yet.

I lost a wheel collar on the second flight, and had none to replace it with. Ivan Gutierrez flew it and offered me an eleven-thousand dollar check after flying it. Here are today's pictures from the field, I'll be sending more soon as soon as the motor is broken in.  

 Thanks, Brian Luckett

January 12th, 2006

Gene Sedgwick's new Yak built by Jim Short




December 1st, 2005

three pics added


November 15th, 2005

David Payne's new YAK

See the David Payne YAK video

David and Kim

Kim with the new YAK and our 40% EDGE

  In the Harrier



David Payne


crusade-059.jpg (43844 bytes)

September 10th, 2005

crusade-114.jpg (100017 bytes)

crusade-124.jpg (39432 bytes)

crusade-140.jpg (32554 bytes)

Yak-Florida-12.jpg (124781 bytes)  March 9, 2005

 The YAK flies in Mulberry, Florida

 Dennis Gergits, Mike Vascellaro (from Lakeland Florida)
 and pilot Frank Noll

Frank says "Ok Dennis, this is your best one yet! 
This plane flies really....REALLY GOOD!" 

Yak-Florida-02.jpg (83689 bytes)  Yak-Florida-04.jpg (154805 bytes) Yak-Florida-05.jpg (125518 bytes)
Yak-Florida-06.jpg (125432 bytes)  Yak-Florida-07.jpg (65191 bytes) Yak-Florida-08.jpg (157969 bytes)
Yak-Florida-09.jpg (128356 bytes)  Yak-Florida-10.jpg (127650 bytes) Yak-Florida-01.jpg (114038 bytes)
Yak-Florida-11.jpg (142118 bytes)  

Frank, wife Terri and their puppy, Dugan


Yak-Florida-HobbyVisions-007.jpg (103941 bytes)  Yak-Florida-HobbyVisions-008.jpg (99104 bytes) Yak-Florida-HobbyVisions-009.jpg (107041 bytes)
Yak-Florida-HobbyVisions-012.jpg (87073 bytes)  Yak-Florida-HobbyVisions-013.jpg (106551 bytes) Yak-Florida-HobbyVisions-014.jpg (111319 bytes)
Yak-Florida-HobbyVisions-015.jpg (106316 bytes)  Yak-Florida-HobbyVisions-016.jpg (102615 bytes)

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