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40% Extra 330S Gallery 11

May 23, 2016


Hi Caroline and Denis,

Here are some pics of the completed Carden Extra 330S midwing 40%.  I have been flying it since last July and it flies fantastic! 


This is definitely an excellent plane for IMAC!  Just starting my first year at the advanced level and practice is going very well.

Thanks for the great aircraft!

Dwight Macdonald

August 6, 2015


Andrey Kucherenko's youngest son with 118" Extra 330s in Russia.


January 3, 2014

Dennis and Caroline,


Just wanted to send you a few pictures that show the beautiful lines

and proportions of the your 330S.


Randy Kaspar

March 26, 2013
Dennis & Caroline,
Finally finished the new wing for the 2006 40% Extra that was high speed taxied through a barb-wire fence. Minor repairs and patches elsewhere and new color scheme.
4 flights so far-perfect from the first. Thank you for your support and a great design.


Bob Mabli

July 27, 2012

Hello Caroline & Dennis,


40% Extra 330 midwing- GREAT FLYING AIRPLANE!


April 18, 2012

Hi Dennis & Caroline,
I have recently completed a couple projects for Albert Hibpshman (full 118" Extra 300 midwing build/finish ) & his wife Jeanette (a 5-6 yr. old  118"  Extra 330 airframe modified to a midwing with a  can tunnel added) & have included a few photo's.



Both these models feature handmade wood cowl & wheelpants & are completely covered in Monokote. Hope all is well, talk again soon.

January 11, 2012



Thank you for your help today.  Thought I would send a few photos along for your files.

My daughter Annika is 9 and is my holder and caller and my 5 year old Elsa is in the photo from our meet in New Hampshire.  Thank you so much for all the help today and I hope all goes well with your knees.


Best Regards,

Erik Haakonsen

September 24, 2011


This plane is going on 10 years, still flies great.  It was Keith Bodeau's First build. ( I think ) I've had it for 4 years so far. Great Job.
Thank  You, 
Joe Vaughan

August 23, 2011



Greg Poppel shows off his new Mark Boguszewski built 118" Extra 330.  Amazing work Mark!

May 18, 2010

Dennis and Caroline: Here's my last project built for Steve Miller. I called Carden Aircraft, asked Dennis for a 330 kit and mentioned we wanted to raise the wing to a mid wing platform. Dennis put together a kit of a 40% 330 with a 260 motor box and all the necessary parts to make this plane modified as asked.


It's my favorite build so far and the flight performance is awesome. Rolls are perfect axial.

Plane came off the bench needing no trims, maiden went with no issues and the owner Steve Miller is a very happy pilot. This kit as typical Carden, was a joy to build, I actually think the kits right now are better than they ever have.


Thanks Dennis for your input and suggestions for this modification and providing the kit as requested. DA170, all 8711's, stock cowl muff's, JR guidance. Plane is ballistic and light.


BBW Aircraft

ps: I have another one of these on the bench with the same configuration

April 5, 2010

Well kids, it’s always nice to see a buddy have a very successful “maiden day” with a new monster airplane.  We saw that happen today with John Tegel and his new Carden 40% Extra 330S “Fighter Combat”, built and finished to perfection by Mark Boguszewski.   

John was rewarded with 5 great flights today that included torque roll, hover, reverse torque roll, rolling snaps, point rolls, slow rolls, etc.   Best compilation of maiden flights I’ve ever seen.  John … U Da Man!!!

December 2, 2009

Hi Dennis and Caroline,

Thanks for all the help and answering my many questions while I was repairing the extra 330s. I purchased this plane from a fellow flier after it was involved in a midair collision head on with a 14 lb warbird. I have remaidened the plane and it flies fantastic. You would never know that it was involved in a midair collision.


I decided to cover the cowl with ultracote instead of paint so as to match the plane better. Here are some pics of the finished product. Thanks again for all your help. 


Brad Jones

November 21, 2008


I never sent you a picture of my Extra 330.


Here are three pictures, I am very happy with the plane, great performance.




November 18, 2008,


Hello Dennis and Caroline,

Here is my latest project.  I just finished my 330 mid-wing.  Plane came out at 28lbs 11 ozs. without battery packs.  My cg is at the leading edge of the wing tube.  I think it will fly just fine right there.  I am really looking forward to wringing it out.


It has the new style DA 100 which is supposed to be a little stronger than the old style.  Hope to see my pictures in your gallery.

Best to both of you, you friend,


October 27, 2008

Dennis and Caroline,

I finally got my 40% Extra 330S flying.


Due to family issues it took 4 years. Ray Sprouse (Gautier MS) built and covered the plane.  Got the plane back from Ray and Chris Lee (Houston TX) installed the electronics. My thanks to Ray and Chris for a great flying plane.

We flew it yesterday it took no changes in trim. Really a great flying plane. As you can see Ray did a great job on the covering. 12X JR and DA150.
Thanks to Carden for a great flying machine.

Bobby Clark

September 13, 2008

Bill Cole proudly displays his new 118" Extra 330.

August 5, 2008


Dennis and Caroline, I finally got the plane in the air and what a spectacular weekend I had with my new 330 Mid-wing.  It just simply flies awesome. 


I got to fly it 3 times this weekend and each flight gets a little better.  It is totally different from my Cap, a real good thing though.  I had to put in two clicks of up and 2 clicks of right. 


I've got the CG a little bit in front of 4 inches and I can tell it is a little nose heavy.  I didn't mess with the CG anymore yet, just dialed in my rates and tried to learn its characteristics. 

The plane has a DA 150 in it on cans and was completely built by John Monaghan in Auburn, AL.  He did an awesome job on the plane.  I had a ton of people come up to me this weekend at Mac's to tell me how well my plane looked. 


This is my best Carden yet.  Here are several photos for you.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Chris Campos

August 5, 2008

Hi Dennis/Caroline,

 Here are few photos of my new Extra 40% mid-wing.


I just had 12 flights on this plan and it is great.


Thanks for your excellence design and great support.

Kent Wang

July 12, 2008

I bought this 40% extra from you I believe in the fall of 2004.  Our second child was born which slowed down the building process.  Covered it this last winter and painted it this spring. 



July 4th was the first two flights at my house on a 100 yd grass runway. 



I forgot how easy and precise a Carden plane flies.  My 35% Carden extra had 600 plus flights before I made a mistake too low.


I have been flying ARFs since waiting to complete this plane.  In two flights I realized that my precision flying would be even better and that the durability of this plane will keep my flying more with fewer maintenance issues.


Thanks for a great product, sorry for the long delay in building it.

 Jim Thurman

Nebraska City NE

November 10, 2007
Caroline and Dennis

This is the pictures from the EXTRA 330S 40% - Carden
Carlos Alberto Corradi - BH - Brazil

By Paulo Trento Construction
Grato, Paulo Trento, Brazil

July 3rd, 2007
Caroline and Dennis

This is my new 40% Carden Extra 330S build by me. I have over 35 years of professional experience of building RC Aircrafts from the time I lived in Russia.

The Cardens are not new for me but let me say something - this is real joy to build this kit. The plane has DA-150 on MTW-110 cans, stainless flex headers, Tru-turn spinner and Air Models 29x12 3 blade prop.

I really liked building this plane and very satisfied with final results. Plane flies great without any bad tendencies, very predictable and it's fun to fly!


I have JR 10X radio with all HS-5955 servos around, 2 for each aileron, 1 for stab half and 2 for rudder. All graphics design done by Alan Mostek-very talented person who also flies RC.



Caroline, thank you personally for sun-screen, it works very well!


Thanks for the great design and I'm looking forward for building another Carden!


Vadim Shumey (Russian), Ravena, NY

July 3rd, 2007

Dennis and Caroline

Gotta show off my new toy, 40% Extra 330.  These pictures don't do it justice in the air, it's sweet! 


Another one of those planes that will make competing look easy.  I think I had about 1 click each of elevator and aileron to get her straightened out.

Thanks! Terry Hahn

July 3rd, 2007

Marc Muldowan's 40% Extra 330 built by Doug Yaroch



Marc's wife's name is Lauren and the cat is Leo as in Leo Laudenschlager!

March 23, 2007

Hi Dennis & Caroline,
Several weeks ago I wrote you about my first flight on the 40% Extra 330. It was simply AWESOME....but I'm sure you've heard that expression many times before. .
I actually didn't expect anything less. Every flight feels and appears effortless


Best Regards,

Oscar Cespedes

December 31, 2006

Hola Carolina and Dennis!!!


My new one Carden Extra 330s 40% is Beautiful!!!!!


 Ready for the installation of the equipment

 I send to you some photos for the web site



 Saludos amigos!!!


 Javier Sierra


December 3, 2006
Dennis and Caroline

Hi, Here are the pics of my new 40% Extra.   Thanks for all your help.

    Randy Martin, Manvel, Texas

November 15, 2006
Dennis and Caroline

I hope your trip went well here are some pics of the bird I will send you more.


David Payne

Eflite Product Development


October 15, 2006
Dennis and Caroline

Mel Holtmans 40% Extra 330.  


The plane is now owned by Tony Cypert of Boling, Tx.

<<< This is Mel

September 15, 2006
Dennis and Caroline

Hi how are you. 

 I attach a few pictures of my new Red Extra 330 that I have been flying this season. 

The plane was built by Ron Kahl, covered by the incomparable Pastor Rick Arrowood, painted by Bill Cline and the graphics are from Dennis Kirby.  The wings and tail group are of course protected by Wing Bags by Caroline.  My thanks to all for a phenomenal flying airplane.  The plane has 125 flights on it and does everything from precision to 3D.

As with all my other Carden planes, it is powered by a DA-150, uses SR batteries for power with a 4 cell 2200mah pack on ignition and 2 RX packs each 5 cell 3000mah.  I am using 2 JR 8611's on each aileron and 1 JR 8611 on each elevator half.  I have an 8411 on throttle and 2 Futaba 5301's for rudder which uses the Sure Link system.  I am using 2 JR 945 Dual Conversion Receivers and a Don Harris smoke system.

The first flight for the airplane was on April 2, 2006 and I finally got around to sending you the pictures. 

Thank you again for providing me and the giant scale community with a great product.

Tony Bonanno

September 14, 2006
Dennis and Caroline

Just wanted to share our joy on this magnificent airplane. It has fulfilled every aspect on our expectations wish list: construction, flying, looks, etc.


We'll be sharing the Extra with my son Nicolas during the competition season. And yes, the young guy is flying better than me now. I love to admit it

Here are some photos of our new Extra 330S 40% at our club the? "400 RC Club", here in Ontario Canada.


Congratulations to all the Carden team for making this excellent kit!


Thanks, Nicolas and Ivan Pinzon
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

August 17, 2006
Dennis and Caroline

Having flown giant scale aerobatic model for well over 10 years, I just recently became the owner of one of your 40% 330. I fly IMAC mainly, and after the first flight, I realized that I have been way behind! Your aircraft design is amazing! Due to the design, the 330 requires less throws than other airplanes to get the same roll rates. This allows me to set up the airplane with shorter servo arms, a 1.5:1 + servo arm to control horn ratio, all leading to a much stronger, more solid geometry resulting in much better resolution, and a very solid feel.

I went to my first IMAC event of the year this past weekend, and with only two trims flights, placed second in a well rounded field! Still have a lot of "tinkering" to get the airplane just right (I'll spend months trimming an airplane to perfection), but WOW, what an airplane.

3W-150, JR 10X, 9-Hitec 5955's, Wingbags by Caroline, Graphics by Scotts R/C Images, 38 1/2 lbs...


I should have been flying one for years now!!! This airplane is my first Carden, but rest assured, there will be many more Cardens in my trailer in the upcoming years!!


Thanks for a great design!!!!

Jim Fowler


July 13, 2006
Dennis and Caroline

Here are a couple of pictures of my completed extra


Thanks, Roy Rymer
St. Catharines, Ontario Canada

May 21st, 2006
Dennis and Caroline

Dave and Lonnie ( at DSP) delivered Larry's new 330 to him this weekend.  They have out done themselves again. Here are some shots and a video.

April 16th, 2006
Hi Caroline

George Faulkner


March 29th, 2006
Hi Caroline

Here are some pictures of my new 40% Extra 330
What a great flying plane


DA fuel dot

Hitec 5955 servos
Fromeco batteries
Futaba RX & TX
37 3/4 lbs



Thanks James Shelley
Harriman, TN

February 9th, 2006
Hi Caroline

Here is my Extra I bought from you in 2003.  I only got time to build it . Now I think it looks GEAT!!!

Dewald Baker, South Africa

February 8th, 2006



 Dennis Inbody

January 12, 2006
Hello Dennis and Caroline

I recently completed my first season of IMAC contests here in the south-central region using one of your 35% 330's


I placed second twice, fourth and first in the four contests that I attended. the airplane flies great, no mixes and does what I ask to do. looking forward to flying my Carden YAK next year in sportsman.

 thanks    Joe Buie

January 12, 2006
Hello Dennis and Caroline

Here's a few pics of my 40% Extra 330. It has a DA 150 with a Mejzlic 32X10 Prop.


It has JR 8611's on elevator and ailerons, and 2 Futaba 5050's on the Surelink rudder setup. This is one of the best planes I have ever flown.


Thanks for a superb kit.

Mark Cole
Wichita, KS

December 13, 2005

Hello Dennis & Caroline

I cant begin to thank you enough for your attention to my ordeal lately. I thought at first the Extra 330 was gone watching it fall uncontrollably from the sky, but thanks to your design It to my amazement will fly again.


Your customer service is second to none in this industry and I wish there were a lot more companies in and out of RC with your enthusiasm and commitment to their product. 

I got home from a three day trip on Friday to find my boxes of parts waiting for me. Dennis your genuine concerns and support have been very comforting. I have never seen that kind of service from any company I have ever dealt with. I have always said and will always continue to say, you have the best product in the marketplace.


Your continued support and product development will make me a Carden customer for life. Once again Thank You!!!

Happy holidays, Pete Faller

October 23, 2005
Hello Dennis & Caroline

I finally had a chance to get a few pics of the back up 330 I built last winter.  It has not flown, and I will probably have to wait till next year at this point. DA 150, MTW cans, JR radio equipment.  I just wanted to share some pics of it before the snow falls! 


 I am well into the 260 kit already, and I cant wait to have it ready for next season!  Thanks again for a great product.

Brian Johnson

October 12, 2005
Hello Dennis & Caroline,

Tucson Aerobatic Shootout 2005 Intermediate 1st place

Dean Bird, Phoenix, AZ

October 12, 2005
Hello Dennis & Caroline,

Here is the check for the 40% 260, and the money for the wing bags.  The color of the bags can be Teal, Purple, or Burgundy.  If you have any questions please call. 


Please make sure you send the plane to Cam McCausey in Michigan. 


Thanks for building such a GREAT PRODUCT. 

 It's always Great to have the BEST.  Thanks, Jimmy Sonnentag

September 29, 2005
Hello Dennis & Caroline,
We had to let you know what a GREAT time we had at the Chicago Extreme Aerobatic Club Saturday August 27th Fly-In.  This is Dave Gustafson's home field in St. Charles, IL.  Bryce had a lot of fun flying with Blaine and the EAC members in the torque roll gaggle !!!!  What a Great bunch of guys !!!   We WILL be back next year !!!  A few of us also had the honor of flying Blaine's New 40% Extra 330 ! 

What an Awesome flying plane...... Attached is a picture  L to R :
Jerry Ream, Jason Cohen, Blaine Austin, Bryce Mertes and Dan Mertes
 Take Care, Dan and Bryce Mertes

don_apostolico-40extra-checkers-em07.JPG (81994 bytes)

September 10, 2005
Hello Dennis & Caroline,

I have now added one more Carden aircraft to my hanger. Flying Carden aircraft is like eating peanuts. Once you try one you can't have just one.

don_apostolico-40extra-checkers-em01.JPG (105818 bytes)


Our first 40%  Extra 330  that made the cover of RCM is still flying great. This is my 2nd 40% Carden 330.  

( see Don's other 40% Extra here )


don_apostolico-40extra-checkers-em03.JPG (66490 bytes)

It has plenty of power with a DA 150 on the large KS  cans and a 33/12 prop and JR 8611A's equipment all the way around and dual Fromeco 4800 packs and adjustable regulators.  Tru-Turn spinner of course.

don_apostolico-40extra-checkers-em13.JPG (115393 bytes)  

To get the color combinations I used Ultracote, Monokote on the structure and auto paint on the cowl.

don_apostolico-40extra-checkers-em17.JPG (91828 bytes)

don_apostolico-40extra-checkers-em18.JPG (133928 bytes)

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you both for your terrific product.  Keep up the good work.

Best Regards,

Don Apostolico

jeff_blaylock-40extra-05-07.jpg (95521 bytes)

September 10, 2005
Hello Dennis & Caroline,

Dennis and Caroline,

Here are some pictures of my new 40% 330.

jeff_blaylock-40extra-05-01.jpg (101488 bytes)


This is the second 330 I have built and once again the quality is second to none. This thing fly's on a wire.

jeff_blaylock-40extra-05-06.jpg (64327 bytes)  

Thanks again for your continued support,  Jeff Blaylock

jeff_blaylock-40extra-05-03.jpg (107285 bytes) Here are the specs
DA 150, KS 1080 exhaust
Futaba 14MZ, Futaba 9152's on elevator - 1 eachFutaba 9351's on ail 2 each, 
Futaba 9351's on Rudder 3
Fromeco 4800 lion rx 2 2400 ignition,
Mejlik 32x10 prop 
Graphics by Aerographix

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