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August 16, 2004
Caroline and Dennis
Well I finally finished my Extra and test flew it last Monday. I have had 25 flights on it since then and I must say that this is a great flying airplane. At first it weighed 37lbs 7.5oz but since then I have finished it with graphics and had to move the batteries back and add two oz. in the tail to get the CG right, also a pilot and instrument panel was added so now it tipped the scales at 38lbs 4oz. 

ivan_kristensen_40extra-2004-02.jpg (111693 bytes)

Which is a excellent weight I believe especially when you consider that I have canister type muffler system installed.  
I really enjoy flying this airplane, the vertical up and down lines are straight as an arrow and the roll is the best of any airplane I have owned, but especially the rudder control is fantastic it makes the rolling circle so much easier to do. It tracks well, it snaps well, it just seems to do everything very well. 

ivan_kristensen_40extra-2004-03.jpg (101309 bytes)

All in all you have an outstanding product in the 40% Carden Extra 330.

This will be the airplane I will use for the Masters in South Carolina later this year and also for the Tucson Shootout in Arizona.

  Ivan Kristensen.

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August 11, 2004

Hi Caroline.

The red and blue is mine and the blue and white is Jim Julians

chris_costantino-40extra-05-800.JPG (116638 bytes)

chris_costantino-40edge-04-800.jpg (120780 bytes)  Thanks,  Chris Costantino

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August 10, 2004

Hi Caroline and Dennis

Here are a few pics of me and Serge Bisaillon.  As you know I live in Rimouski Quebec, and my good friend Serge lives near Montreal Canada.  

steve_dionne_40extra-1325-2-800.jpg (143198 bytes)


We fly IMAC contests together with the group in Quebec. Two winters ago  I built my 40% Extra.   Last winter I built a new one, which is seen here in these photos.  This one is exactly the same colours as the first one.  

steve_dionne_40extra-1329-2-800.jpg (133475 bytes)

Serge liked mine so much he built your 35% Extra and finished it in exactly the same colours too ! ! I guess we are "Team Quebec". Serge is on the left with his 35% and I am on the right with my 40%. The 35% is in the front in the pic above.

Bonne chance, ton bonne amis, Steve Dionne  et Serge Bisaillon 

elton_fairless_40extra-04-02-800.jpg (141541 bytes)

July 12, 2004

Hi Dennis and Caroline,

 Just wanted to drop you a line to see how things were going and tell you about this past weekend.  I was performing an aerobatic demo with my 40% Carden Extra 330 this weekend at the Crystal Coast Summer Sizzler Fly-inn when Bernie Ottinger of Right-On Signs in Kinston NC pulled out his new 35% Carden Extra 330.  As you may know Bernie is the one who covered and painted my Extra and what does he pull out?  My Extra's baby brother in just about the same paint scheme.  Bernie fired up the 35 Extra and I could tell he really liked this airplane by the way he was flying it.  After about 10 minutes of my pathetic whimpering he finally handed me the transmitter.  

elton_fairless_40extra-04-01-800.jpg (180099 bytes)

This was the first chance I have had to fly the 35 Extra and all I can say is awesome.  It flew exactly like my 40%.  The aircraft was balanced for better sequence flying and the lines were strait and the 3/4 snaps I was doing on up and down lines had a good break and the stops were dead on.  I then flipped to 3D rates and even with a forward cg the aircraft would do all of my routine.  I really couldn't tell a difference in the two planes other than the 35% rolled a little faster in the rolling harriers.  Now if I can just get Bernie distracted long enough to get both Extras into my trailer--hmmm.  The 35 Extra is defiantly another winner. 

 Hope all is well and have a great day,  Elton Fairless

tsai_chen-40extra-108.jpg (158894 bytes)

June 3, 2004

Hi Caroline and Dennis
This is my new Extra 330S.  I flew it for the first time over the weekend. I would have to say it has the best blend of precision tracking, neutral lines, tumbling and 3D abilities I have flown. 

tsai_chen-40extra-114.jpg (159957 bytes)

It has a very fast roll rate, lightening quick snaps, and rolling circles and no longer a fight with the sticks. 

Thanks for all the advice over the last few years.

Tsai Chen, Toronto, Canada  P.S. My basement now is filled with 4 Cardens

marc_moldowan-40extra-2004-009.JPG (101065 bytes)

May 25, 2004

Hi Dennis and Caroline,

As promised here are a few pic's of my new 40% Extra 330s.

I have 16 flights on it and it looks like this is a real "winner". 

marc_moldowan-40extra-2004-010.JPG (122311 bytes)


I am really impressed with the planes neutral rolling circle traits!!!!! point rolls are really fabulous too! 

marc_moldowan-40extra-2004-011.JPG (108309 bytes)


The plane has full size NTW pipes on it and balance is spot on with out modifications ( one 8611 per elevator half).

marc_moldowan-40extra-2004-015.JPG (134200 bytes)
Plane was built by "rude dog" Hueffmeier, thanks Brian :-)

Best wishes,

 Marc Moldowan
San Antonio, Tx

bill_higgins_40extra-2004-01-800.jpg (149407 bytes)

May 9, 2004

Dennis, Caroline, Bob

Had some time on my hands, and it was too windy to fly, so I finally broke down and took a couple of photos

bill_higgins_40extra-2004-02-800.jpg (143914 bytes)

Bill Higgins, Texas

bill_higgins_40extra-2004-03-800.jpg (126750 bytes)

jeff_blaylock-40extra-037.jpg (62222 bytes)

April 11,2004

Dennis and Caroline,

Here are some pictures of my recently completed 40% 330. I put a half a dozen flights on it this past weekend and I can hardly wait to get back out. 

jeff_blaylock-40extra-005.jpg (73328 bytes)

This kit was very enjoyable to build and the quality is second to none. Thanks again for providing such a great product.

jeff_blaylock-40extra-026.jpg (40246 bytes)

DA 150, KS 1080 full length pipes, 4 JR 8411 SAís on ailerons, 2 JR 8611ís on elevators, 1 JR 811 on throttle, 2 Hitec 5735ís on rudder, 1 JR 955 receiver, 1 Emcotec power distribution unit

Jeff Blaylock

craig_harris_40-330-2004-01.jpg (99283 bytes) March 28, 2004
Caroline, and Dennis, 

Here is my new 330 for 2004.  Same scheme as last  year's only we changed the black to dark red for this year. 
craig_harris_40-330-2004-02.jpg (60949 bytes) Jeff Dean of  Vital Signs and Graphics  cut the MonoKote again on a vinyl cutter which adds to the originality.  (thanks Jeff)

We should test fly this week.    As usual, the kit went together flawlessly. This is my 8th Carden Kit now! 
craig_harris_40-330-2004-03.jpg (75629 bytes) Equipped with DA150, Prince Prop, 8611's on the stab, Hitec 5945's on the rudder and ailerons, Duralite plus 4000mah packs and one 1900 pack on the ignition.

thanks again,
Craig Harris , Kennesaw, GA.

archie_stafford_40extra-06.JPG (80791 bytes)
February 22, 2004

Dennis and Caroline,

Here are some pics of my new 40% Extra 330S built by Frank Built Models.  What an airplane.  Flew straight right off the board.  Frank did an excellent job building and finishing this plane.  This is my first really giant scale plane and Iím glad itís a Carden.  Iíve been flying pattern for years and this is definite a fun airplane to just ďplayĒ with.  3Dís great with the recommended CG and handles on the precision side much like my pattern airplanes.  I think the only thing more impressive than the plane are the wing bags and covers from Caroline.  

archie_stafford_40extra-03.JPG (77268 bytes)

Here are the specs:

37lbs, DA 150,  Mejzlik 30X12, Duralite Batteries, Futaba 9Z WC2, 9 9206 - 4 on ailerons, 4 on elevator, 2x 5050 on rudder

 Thanks for the great airplane,   Arch Stafford

archie_stafford_40extra-04.jpg (101865 bytes)

  archie_stafford_40extra-05.JPG (56240 bytes)

archie_stafford_40extra-01.JPG (97774 bytes)

 archie_stafford_40extra-02.JPG (96196 bytes) archie_stafford_40extra-00.JPG (101154 bytes)

don_apostolico-40extra-EM0=800.JPG (153198 bytes)
 January 24, 2004

Hello Dennis and Caroline,

 WOW!  That's the only way to describe your 40% Extra 330.  It went together really fast! 

don_apostolico-40extra-EM3.JPG (106407 bytes)

Because of all the prototype product testing I do for manufactures I have limited time to build so I budget time to build 1 large plane a  year.  The 330 went together in 5 weeks ready for finish.   :-)

Additionally the plane will be part of a feature article in the 2004 RCM Toledo Issue  - the subject matter is Noise reduction for giant scale aircraft.

don_apostolico-40extra-EM4.JPG (154495 bytes)

 I am forwarding some photos of the finished plane that I thought you would like to see.

 I used the same "Stars & Stripes" paint (Ultracote) scheme I used on my US Nationals pattern aircraft that I competed with a number of years ago.  It has always been a favorite of mine.

don_apostolico-40extra-EM1.JPG (136111 bytes)

  don_apostolico-40extra-EM2.JPG (99671 bytes)   don_apostolico-40extra-EM5.JPG (132894 bytes)

don_apostolico-40extra-EM6.JPG (143934 bytes)

Also, our  8 year old 35% Carden Extra 300S in still going strong.  I've lost track of the number of flights on it but I've worn out 2 sets of tires.  It is a 1995 pre 3D vintage setup but still WOW's the crowd at air shows and fly in's with smoke on and performing precision manoeuvres. Just like a Timex it keeps on ticking.

don_apostolico-40extra-EM7.JPG (102920 bytes)

 I also like my new Carden Jacket a lot.  The airplane on the back with smoke on is outstanding! 

 Keep up the good work.

 Don Apostolico
 Don's Hobby Shop
 Salina, KS

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