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40% Extra 330S Gallery 7

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July 7, 2003

Hello Carolina and Dennis

Hope that you both are great, receive my greetings

After I received the 4 boxes for the Kit that I bought, I studied the plans and instructions to start to build this fabulous plane.  I want to tell you that it is the first time I have a kit with the selected Word for every part.  It is incredible the exactitude every part fits with the others, the plane plans exactitude, and indication. This make you plane Kit the best that I have ever build.

javier_sierra_40extra-001.JPG (191528 bytes)

Finally alter 4 months of building it, itís ready to FLY!!!!! And I want to tell you that there were no inconvenient, one, two, CLICK, to trim and ready to fly °!!!!   Next Iím sending you pictures of the flight and my self, check out who the pilot is °!!! Did you recognize him???? Yes itís me °!!!!! (We can talk about this later; this can be interesting for you guys.

javier_sierra_40extra-013.JPG (157560 bytes)

The place is ours and itís called CLUB AEROMODELISTA DE JALISCO R/C, it is very closet o Guadalajara and Chapala,   Itís a really beautiful place, our runway measures 20 meters wide and 160 meters long.   we have a Club House, restrooms, kitchen, etc. etcÖ. really nice.   Finally I want to congratulate you of the stupendous design of the EXTRA 330S 40% and hope you include me in your Carden web site.

Sincerely,  Javier Sierra

joe_stek_40extra.jpg (101903 bytes) July 7, 2003
here are a  couple of pics of my new Carden 40% Edge and Extra. The Extra won the "Best Monokote" category at this years Toledo Show. Still waiting to fly the Extra, but the Edge flies great.
Thanks,      Joe Steklachick
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jim_goad_40extra-1.jpg (94909 bytes) July 7, 2003
Dennis and Caroline,
Here are some photos of a new 40% Carden Extra

Built and owned by 'Jim Goad" from Punta Gorda Florida 

Powered by a DA-150 with tuned canisters. Controlled by JR radio gear.  As in the true Carden tradition, it flies like a dream.
jim_goad_40extra-2.jpg (97836 bytes)  Jim did a beautiful building and finishing job.

You may remember Jim,  He was the co-CD for the first JR Challenge in Punta Gorda, Florida

Jim is the former owner of "Indy R/C" the importer of Zenoah
jim_goad_40extra-3.jpg (86714 bytes)  jim_goad_40extra-4.jpg (117675 bytes)

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May 9, 2003
Dennis, Caroline,

Here are some pics of my 330.

The plane was easy to build and the fit of all of the parts were perfect.

craig_harris_40-330-338.jpg (75163 bytes)

The covering job is unique due to the fact the stabs and wings were all computer generated and the Monocoat was cut on a vinyl cutter by Jeff Dean of Vital Signs and Graphics in Kennesaw, Georgia. Sure made for an easier covering job!, thanks Jeff. Can't wait to get it in the air. 

craig_harris_40-330-333.jpg (74441 bytes)

Powered by a DA 150, Hitec digitals, Duralite Plus batteries. See you next week at the Nall.

Thanks for a great product,

Craig Harris

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craig_harris_40-330-331.jpg (81462 bytes)  craig_harris_40-330-340.jpg (55765 bytes)

chris_costantino-40extra-095.JPG (107462 bytes)
 April 14, 2003
Dear Dennis and Caroline,

Another one done....  You guys did a great job designing this one and Jim Julian (PSL, FL.) did an outstanding job building and finishing it,  with a little help from me.  
chris_costantino-40extra-097.JPG (106581 bytes)

Put 3 flights on her this weekend and I can't wait till next weekend.  Again, my hat is off to you both.

chris_costantino-40extra-099.JPG (129875 bytes)

A Very happy Carden customer,

Chris Costantino

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Marian, Will & Mitch

April 16th, 2003

Dennis and Caroline,
Got to test fly my new 40% Carden Extra 330 this past weekend and I have to say that it is everything I hoped it would be.  Presentation of this aircraft is outstanding and it flies very easily.   I am looking forward to many flights with this plane in the Unlimited Class of IMAC and truly appreciate your products.

Will Berninger,

dennis_gergits_40e-01.jpg (55799 bytes) March 30, 2003

Dennis Gergits  (the Boss ! ) new for 2003 Extra 330S

Built by Doug Yaroch
A & D Custom Aero

dennis_gergits_40e-02.jpg (51258 bytes)

dennis_gergits_40e-03.jpg (49678 bytes)

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 March 09, 2003

Subject: Alex Pesch, Extra 330 is done

Dennis and Caroline,

Well, it is finally done.  This is the kit that you donated to the Tucson Shootout, I seem to be the slowest builder in the world but it turned out really nice.  I have enclosed a couple of pictures, if the weather holds up we will fly today.

alex_pesch_40extra-02.jpg (17927 bytes)

First flight testimonials

The plane is set up as follows:
DA 150 on tuned pipes, yep the long ones, and it does balance with no additional weight in the nose.
Weight 38.75 pounds
Radio: Futaba
Servos      4-9206's in the wings, 4-9206's in the elevators,  2-S5050 digital for the rudder

Thanks for the great kit, it was a pleasure to build, should be even more fun to fly.

Brian Pesch

steve_dionne_40extra-979.jpg (129509 bytes)

June 3, 2002

Here is a pic of my new 40% Extra 330 I built for the 2003 season

Bonne Semaine,

Steve Dionne, Quebec

steve_dionne_40extra-02.jpg (41215 bytes)

January 21st, 2003

Hi Dennis and Caroline,

Here a few pictures of my Extra 330S  I flew in 2002.

steve_dionne_40extra-03.jpg (40302 bytes)

Power  by DA-150 with K&S Canisters and control by JR Radio and Duralite batteries.

This is the best flying airplane  have ever flown. 

steve_dionne_40extra-et-serge.jpg (79344 bytes)

This is me (left) and my friend asd caller Serge

Thanks for your help ,business and the service...

Steve Dionne

stephen_faust_40extra-001.jpg (351656 bytes)

January 8th

Hi Dennis and Carline,

Here are some photos of my latest project. After flying the 40% Giles 300 for a while, I decided to try the Extra 330s kit based on the glowing recommendations from Steve Swahn. 

stephen_faust_40extra-582.JPG (105939 bytes)

He let me fly his 330S, and it flew wonderfully. So, I ordered one. Between ordering the kit, and having it built, I lost the Giles 300. As it turns out, Steve Swahn was selling his 330s, and offered it to me. After flying it now for while, what can I say.

stephen_faust_40extra-583.JPG (75091 bytes)

The 330s flies excellent, and is the best handling airplane I have
flown to date.  Because of winter here in New England, I haven't put any flights on the new one yet, but I expect it to fly every bit as good as the one I currently have.

stephen_faust_40extra-584.JPG (87003 bytes)

I took the backlit photo for the cover of the spring issue of High Flight magazine. The others I took here at my house. The photo of the Patty Wagstaff Extra is the one that I purchased from Steve, and have been flying for a while now. I though you might like the photo of it, as it present so well.

stephen_faust_40extra-swahn.jpg (38152 bytes)

Steve Swahn Extra

Thanks for designing and offering a great flying kit, and all the support that you have given in the past.

Keep up the great work, Stephen Faust

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