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February 16, 2012



Had a great season last year, made it to about a dozen events. Campaigned the 43% Edge and Cuda at all events.  They are in the same color scheme.  


Really love the performance of the Edge, it will do a gravity defying inverted harrier you wouldn't believe and some tight knife edge loops. Crazy stable platform for any 3D maneuver.  Thanks again for a great plane!

Pete Rosas



carroll_plunk_cuda-1.jpg (77988 bytes)

March 28, 2005

Caroline and Dennis,

My newest edition to the hangar made It's first flight today in a bit windy conditions.  This has to be one of the best flying 50cc planes I've owned. It performs much like an Extra and an Edge combined. This one is a keeper for sure.

Thanks, Carroll Plunk                  see my 35% Edge here

bob_benson_cuda-01.jpg (55247 bytes)

February 20, 2005

Here's Bob Bensons new CUDA

bob_benson_cuda-02.jpg (51372 bytes)

josh_bunn_cuda-675-800.jpg (150220 bytes)

January 31, 2005

Hello, Dennis and Caroline

WOW is the only thing I can say about the CUDA. 

I got my first flight on it today and WOW does it fly great. You were right when you said it would roll fast, but didn't know you meant that fast. 

josh_bunn_cuda-678-800.jpg (139057 bytes)

Its hard to keep up with when it rolls  

The thing flies like it is on a string. I think I am going to like it better than my 40% planes that I have from you. 

I am sending some pic of it for you. 

Thanks, Josh Bunn

nick_foster-cuda-003.jpg (60903 bytes)

January 25, 2005

Hi Dennis and Caroline,
Here are some pictures of my Cuda.  


nick_foster-cuda-001.jpg (62718 bytes)
I have been wanting a small fun fly plane for a long time that I can just "throw" in the back of my truck and go to the field for maybe an hour or 2 that was capable of doing 3D and precision aerobatics.


I've only gotten 2 flights on it, but I can tell this is it.
Thanks, Nick Foster
nick_foster-cuda-002.jpg (62672 bytes)

nick_foster-cuda-004.jpg (62250 bytes)

cuda_dogs_032.jpg (129190 bytes) September 14, 2004

The Carden Cuda at the D.O.G.S. Funfly Dayton Ohio

Dennis rolls her out to the flight line 

cuda_dogs_040.jpg (102566 bytes)  

See some pilots comments here

cuda_dogs_044.jpg (32626 bytes) cuda_dogs_061.jpg (27023 bytes) cuda_dogs_062.jpg (120362 bytes)
cuda_dogs_068.jpg (78710 bytes) cuda_dogs_070.jpg (65546 bytes)

dick_held_cuda-01.jpg (44635 bytes) 
dick_held_cuda-04.jpg (32635 bytes)

July 28th, 2004

Dick Held's Cuda

Easy external installation & inspection of MTW-75 Canister Muffler with DA-50 engine  makes for a very quiet combination.



Pre-cut cowl opening with 1/4" roll flange to stabilize cowl.  Cowl also accepts Pitts style/Stock Mufflers

 dick_held_cuda-02.jpg (44017 bytes)

 dick_held_cuda-03.jpg (28567 bytes)

doug_yaroch_cuda-08.JPG (77399 bytes)

July 25th, 2004

Hi Dennis and Caroline, 

I finally took some pictures of my Cuda.  I have 22 flights on it now and it flies smooth and true. I like the looks of it's lines, sleek and fast.  This little baby really flies good. It looks like a bullet in the air and flies straight and true.   It has a DA-50 for power with MTD canister muffler. The DA-50 has great power to weight ratio.

doug_yaroch_cuda-02.JPG (88923 bytes)

The engine has gobs of power and the muffler system is so quiet that 4 stroke engines flying at the same time make more noise.

I have about thirty flights on it now and have let a bunch of guys fly it at events.  They all have had the same response, " this thing is smooooth"!   It draws allot of attention in the pit area also. 

Doug Yaroch
A&D Custom Aero

dennis_gergits_cuda-05-800.jpg (96014 bytes)  April 25th, 2004

Test flight day for Dennis's new Cuda

She sure looks sweet

dennis_gergits_cuda-09-dennis.jpg (203322 bytes)  
  Dennis putting her together

dennis_gergits_cuda-10-dennis,frank.jpg (125278 bytes) 
Frank and Dennis pre-flight

dennis_gergits_cuda-04.jpg (175494 bytes)

 dennis_gergits_cuda-03.jpg (185327 bytes) 
Well, it's show time !!

dennis_gergits_cuda-06.jpg (133123 bytes)

dennis_gergits_cuda-02.jpg (46687 bytes)

dennis_gergits_cuda-07.jpg (106216 bytes)

dennis_gergits_cuda-08-dennis,bill,frank.jpg (57168 bytes)  
Bill Cline, Frank and Dennis
Photos courtesy Darlene and Bill Cline

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