Carden Aircraft

Cap 232 Gallery 1

Tomahishi Konishi Cap 232 40%


Tomahisa Konishi's immaculate 40% Cap232.

Carden Aircraft is flying high in Japan.

Anthony Greco 40% Cap 232


Anthony Greco abuses the rudder of his 40% Cap232 during a demonstration of his torque roll mastery.

Bill Higgins 40% Cap 232

Bill Higgin's gorgeous 40% Cap232 in very patriotic colors.

Bill Higgin's, Texas, Team Rebel

John Mitchell 40% Cap 232

John Mitchell, Florida

John Mitchell, 40% Cap232

Tim Dokken 35% Cap 232


Tim Dokken's impressive 35% Cap232 in Mike Goulian's Reebok color scheme.

Tee Sloan 35% Cap 232  

Tee Sloan's 35% Cap232 in Matt Chapman colors. 

Fantastic job on a very tough scheme.

Bill Shaw 40% Cap 232

14 year old Billy Shaw prepares to fire up his 40% Cap232. Kids these days!! :-)

Billy has now moved up to a 40% Edge 540

Billy Shaw gallery

Carlos Santa Maria  

Carlos E. Santa Maria's fine example of the Matt Chapman Cap232. 

Lloyd Sullivan 40% Cap 232

Lloyd Sullivan

40% Cap 232:
Monocote and Automotive paint
Kirby's Custom Graphics
Airmodels 29-12 3 blade
JR 10X all 8411's
Dual 950s Rxs
5 power systems. L servos, R servos, L Rx, R Rx, and Ign system.
I4C Isolators on each side
All Duralites
40 Lbs
Lloyd Sullivan 40% Cap 232 Lloyd Sullivan 40% Cap 232
Kieth Hunt 30% Extra, 30% Cap232


Keith Hunt is flanked by his 2 Carden Aircraft 30% Aircraft.

His Patty Wagstaff Extra 300s, and his 3W-70 powered Cap232 with which he won the 2000 Florida State IMAC Championship

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