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February 04, 2003
Dennis and Caroline
You know how many years  I've waited for the right plane? The last two years was the CAP 232 40% then my 40% Edge 540. The flying just keeps getting better. The next warm days I'll be flying the 330 Extra for this year. Well I thought I would send you a picture of my fun flights this weekend with the Edge.
ryan_mowery-09.jpg (28395 bytes) The Extra is ready and I gave my dad the CAP 232  He loves It. Thanks for all the help and, again the planes are the best I've ever flown, But I'm only 18 years old. Thanks again and also My dad for all the support. Thanks also to Brian Hueffmeier for the support for painting these models for me. I'm friends with Brian and my Dad goes out to Brian's and speaks with him daily on the phone
Regards Ryan Mowery

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January 26, 2003

Hi Dennis and Caroline,
Here's a few pics of my 40% Edge. I flew it the first time on Thanksgiving day, which I must say dinner was a eat and run deal that day. 

randy_winter_40edge_04.jpg (49557 bytes)

All it took was a two clicks of elevator and it was on a rail. With the DA 150 on KS cans and a 3W 31.5x14-8 carbon prop, it has tons of pulling power. 

randy_winter_40edge_05.jpg (60714 bytes)

It has JR 8411's on elevator and ailerons, and 2 Futaba 5050's on the Surelink rudder setup.

I'm also glad I bought the Caroline wing and tail bags. They are the best in the business.

randy_winter_40edge_03.jpg (52076 bytes)

This was my first Carden, and it won't be the last.


Randy Winter, Wichita KS

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January 30th, 2003
Dear Dennis and Caroline
Here is a few pictures of my new 40% Edge 540.  I have 20 flights on so far. 3-D is nothing less than awesome.
steve_winter_40-edge-00.jpg (45558 bytes)

Thanks for making such a great product, and all the help.  Now I know why they say nothing fly's like a CARDEN!

My son's name is Stephen, age 7 and my daughter Andrea is age 5. Stephen has been flying a trainer last year and the sim over these winter months. I come down stairs now and he say's, hey dad watch me hover the Edge. I have a 40% on the sim.  He may get a chance at my Edge this year, on the cord

steve_winter_40edge-02.jpg (44953 bytes)
Plane stats:  DA-150, Tru-Turn, JR 8411's, Multiplex on Rudder, JR 10X, Monokote finish, Kirby's Graphics, Harris Smoke

Thanks, Steve Winter

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January 14th, 2003
Hi Dennis and Caroline

Here's a couple of pics of me and Joe Jesky flying his Edge at my house. Doing some snowblowing!  

joe_jesky_40edge-02.jpg (19870 bytes)

It was 19 degrees and 15mph winds.  Fun, but really cold

Talk with you later, 

Dave Jones 

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January 5th, 2003
Hi Dennis and Caroline
Just flew my Edge today for the first time. It was Awesome. 2 clicks of right aileron and flew straight as an arrow. One thing I'd like to add, all you need is some kite string on a windy day this baby just hangs in the air! 
carl_ziegler_40edge_02.jpg (76103 bytes) I cut power and tried to put her in a stall and she just smiled and stayed pointed toward the wind like a wind sock.  It is a very nice airplane.  Can't wait to get more time on the engine so that I can really ring her out.  Thanks for all of your help:)

Sincerely, Carl P Ziegler

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December 18, 2002

 Here's a photo taken last summer of my 40% Carden Edge taken at our field.  The young fella under the wing cooling off is Gilen, he is Francis Garcia's son.  Talk soon, Tom Graham 

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December 17, 2002

Here's the newest one...Carden 40% Edge 540, DA150, Pefa with crossover, JR, ZN spinner, 3W 30 x 8-14 CF prop, Ultracote painted with PPG Concept, 93 DB @ 25 feet, scale hinging. Flew like an Edge should.   It'll be my freestyle plane .

Ron Storer

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December 10
Subject: proud new papa 40%

Hi Caroline,
Well Andys done with the plane and loves the heck out of it. 

andy_peden_40edge-009.jpg (57141 bytes)

It flys great. He is the envy of all. I need to order tail covers from you too. Please tell Dennis that Andy loved the kit. and would build another one in a heart beat,

Here are some pics of the plane, and also one with Alex's 40%  Carden 

andy_peden_40edge-012.jpg (41553 bytes)

He's just got to thank you again for all your help, Not many people go the extra mile like you guys. 

Cindy Peden

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October 22, 2002

Ed Alt's 40% Edge 540

ed_alt_40edge-driveway2.jpg (58506 bytes)



ed_alt_40edge-hover.jpg (117910 bytes)


See Ed's new 40% Extra 330s in Gallery 6

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September 28, 2002
Dennis and Caroline,
The attachments on this email are  2 pictures of Louis Cribbs newest plane.
Custom built Edge 540 by Louis Cribb,
Powered by a "DA150 " and has "Futaba" radio gear throughout.. 
louis_cribb_40edge-02.jpg (40562 bytes)

 The test flight was on September 28, 2002 and it flew flawlessly, Built as backup for Kirk Gray for the 2002 TOC

Have a great one,
Dan Jiles

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Sept 15th, 2002


This is my first truly giant scale plane.  The kit built well and I now have 28 flights on it.  This is the best flying machine I have ever flown. 

bernie_liskov_40edge-76.jpg (27261 bytes)



Thanks for your friendly help and advice. I fly at Winding Brook in Rocky Hill CT. and in Salem with the R/C Propbusters.  

bernie_liskov_40edge-64.jpg (27041 bytes)

Many thanks to Jack Holmgren, Steve Swahn, and Mike La Pierre for all their help.   

Bernie Liskov

Waterford, Connecticut

bernie_liskov_40edge-67.jpg (33633 bytes)

DA-150 w/stock mufflers, Mej 32x10 2-blade
Ailerons - 2 JR 8411 each, Elevator - 1 JR 8411 each
Rudder 2 multiplex Jumbo digital
Throttle - JR 8231
Receiver - 2 JRPR955 S PCM 10ch
Batteries - 2 2700mah Ni-MH for radio, 1 1800mah Ni-MH on ignition, Harris smoke system
Ultracoat and Ultracoat Plus

bernie_liskov_40edge-61.jpg (27940 bytes) bernie_liskov_40edge-62.jpg (28028 bytes)

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Pilot: Alex Wolski, Florida
Plane: Carden Aircraft 40% Edge 540
Engine: DA-150
Radio: Futaba 8UAP
Servos: JR DS8411's
Receiver: Futaba PCM
Weight: 37 lbs
alex_wolski_40edge_01.jpg (57803 bytes)

alex_wolski_40edge_02.jpg (45599 bytes) alex_wolski_40edge_03.jpg (62601 bytes)

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