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40% Extra 330S Gallery 6

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June 18th,2002

Hi Dennis and Caroline

Here a few pictures of my Extra 330S

Thanks, Buddy Hale

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Aug 22, 2002  Hi Guys,
Thought you might like to see my new Carden Extra.  This is a sneak peak because we have since added a couple more decals like the XFC and wing bags by Caroline.  I was able to get a 5 minute flight on the plane today before it got too dark to see.  First 5 minute impression--I love this plane.  It is very crisp and I nailed the first 3 Masters manoeuvres though I still have a lot of trimming to do.  The aircraft also does really good high alpha rollers.

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40% Carden Extra 330
JR 10X-8411 Servos
DA-150-Mezjlick 28x12 3 Blade
Powerflight Batteries
Later, Elton Fairless

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Oct 16th, 2002

Hi, I thought you might be interested in the canister muffler installation in my new 40% Extra 330S

Bill Higgins, Texas

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September 20, 2002
I just thought I would drop you a note of thanks for all your support and let  you know that we did it again this year. Northwest Regional Champion for Intermediate thanks to your Extra 330S. That's two years in a row for us!
Thanks again, see you in L.V.
Frank Pelligrini

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October 22, 2002
Hi Dennis:
It was good talking to you yesterday. Here's a few pictures of the Extra. I'll send an separate email with some of my Edge. I recently sold the Edge, but it was a blast while I had it. 
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Looking forward to that 35% version of the Extra!

Ed Alt

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Nov 3rd, 2002

Hi there Dennis and Caroline!

This is a picture of my new favorite plane.. The Carden 40% Extra 330S. The pictures are of my very first day flying it. I noticed that flying the Extra was very smooth, stable and enjoyable. 

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I used 3W150 for power,  Futaba radio and servos, True-Turn spinner and Fuchs 29X12 3 blade prop. Covering is Monocote and Lustrekote paint, Surelink hardware and Die-Hard graphics.  Thank you for such an easy-to-build kit in just under 8 weeks.

Rostislav and Jody Grinberg
New Castle, Delaware

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December 6th, 2002

This is Ken Gregory with his new 40% Extra 330S

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