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Now taking orders on our new 35% Edge

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March 2001

Here's 15 year old Matt Stek with his brand new 40% Carden Edge 540

Thanks Jerry & Matt Stek

See Matt with his 35% Extra

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Frank Pellegrini is from Everett, WA 

He told Dennis he was flying an
Aeroworks Edge last season so when he brought the Carden Edge to the field everyone said "What's THAT?"  "It's a Carden Edge and THEN they saw me fly.

frank_pellegrini_edge-2.jpg (39132 bytes)

Here are several photos that we took last week,  I plan to take more, but  I didn't want to stop flying the plane!  This is the best flying airplane  have ever flown.  I am just beginning to "play" with it and with the DA-150  and the new Mejjlik three blade 28 x 12 it will hover anywhere between  I/4
and 1/2 throttle.

frank_pellegrini_edge-3.jpg (33177 bytes)

Well it's in the air!  WOW!  What  a machine. After some trimming ( CG adjustments and 1 degree of down thrust the plan settled into a well mannered and excellent tracking aircraft.Thanks again for designing a winner.
See some of Franks construction pics here

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Andy Pound, Indiana

Andy is the new Team JR Manager

This was one of the first edges to fly in 2000 and Andy flew it in the North Central Region of IMAC.

jason_danhakl_540-16.jpg (32177 bytes)

Jason is 6ft 7inches tall

Guys, here the pictures of my new Carden Edge. Flew a brand "A" edge last year. I did more with this one in the first 3 flights than all year with the brand "A". 

Jason Danhakl

Go to the Jason Danhakl Gallery

craig_harris_540-2.jpg (29722 bytes)

Dennis, Caroline,
Here's my Edge. 
We flew it on Saturday.  Awesome!
Thanks for the help! It's gonna be a good one. 

craig_harris_540-1.jpg (13491 bytes)

Everything went great, one click  up,  one click right, done.

 See ya Wed. at the Nall,  Craig Harris

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