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Extra 300S
(26%, 30% and 35%)

August 28, 2010


Hi guys, here is a pic of my newly restored 35% pocked extra 300s that I picked up used. It used to be pink up until I had a dead stick landing, ripped out the landing gear, and did other damage to the underneath of the fuse.


It flew so good after all these years and was so impressed in the plane that I decided to rebuild and restore the plane. I will be adding some black pin striping to all areas where the blue meets the white. I'm just wondering if you would post some pics on your site.


Thanks so much for producing such a great kit and look fwd to building my own. 

Regards,  Steve Hildebrand

July 24, 2009



Thank you for such a wonderful kit.  I rescued this 30% 300 from someone's basement last year and made a few mods as I built it.  I added the TOC improvements to the rudder and elevators as well as tapered the ailerons. 

I moved the main wing from low to mid fuse and lightened the airframe where it was safe.  It weighs 17lbs 6oz with a DA 50 and flies wonderful IMAC figures.  I look foreword to building a 40% 300 in the near future, I hope you have room for one more airplane in your gallery.



Doug McKinney


August 18, 2008

Dennis & Caroline

Attached are photos of my 30% Extra 300s which I have just completed.
The kit had been sitting around for about 10 years before I purchased



Surprisingly, all the wood and foam parts were still in excellent
condition.  The wheel cuffs were not in the original kit but were added.
The following components were used:

3W 80xi engine with TruTurn spinner & Xoar prop.
Hitec digital servos, 5625MG on ailerons, 5645MG on rudder & elevators.
Monokote covering with Lustrekote paint on canopy, cowl & wheel
Graphics by Cajun R/C
Futaba 9C radio with PCM receiver
Thanks Dennis & Caroline for all your help.

Bill Renfro

May 5th, 2007
Dennis and Caroline,


 I just finished a 26% kit that I bought from you when you were based in Boca - I worked at Pratt & Whitney and stopped-by to visit while on business
I built mine as a Lillberg and based it on pictures I took at his place on that trip. I know you donít make them anymore but I thought Iíd send you a couple of photos (graphics courtesy Kirby).


Looks like a Yak is in my future!

Al Torres

January 25, 2006
Dennis and Caroline,

Hello, my name is Jeff walker and I contacted you about a year ago on a rebuild job I took up on a
Carden 30% 300s. I purchased the plans from you and you asked me to send some images of it at completion but I don't believe I sent you any.

Attached are a couple. Just wanted you too know that this is with out a doubt, the best plane I have flown and the flight characteristics are outstanding.
I also would like to know if there is by chance any accessories left from the 30% 300s kits, wheel pants, cowl, foam cores for canopy, wings rudder etc,

Heck - even a kit gathering dust that is in your way. I understand this plane is no longer made. I would like to try and build another one for my brother. Hope you like the pictures !

Thanks a bunch,
Jeff Walker

walter_senour-35extra300-02.jpg (20535 bytes) October 27, 2004
Dennis and Caroline,

Iíve got a 35% Extra (the old style)  I thought the modified Patty Wagstaff color scheme was kinda neat.

Walt Senour,  Kalamazoo , MI

jim_thurman_35-extra-103-0368.JPG (143783 bytes) October 27, 2004
Dennis and Caroline,
Here are a couple of shots of your original 35% extra.  I found the kit in a hobby store that must have been on the shelf for quite a few years.  
jim_thurman_35-extra-103-0369.JPG (122209 bytes)
Built it up about 18 months ago with the TOC mods and I'll be coming up on 200 flights later this fall if the weather holds.

DA 100 and JR digital servos all the way around.  Great flying airplane and I get a lot of comments on how smooth this plane flies.
jim_thurman_35-extra-103-0370.JPG (134730 bytes)
I just ordered your 40% extra and I hope to have it finished up early spring and flying next spring along side my 35%.

Thanks for a great design and great service.
Jim Thurman
Nebraska City

dennis_gibbs-26extra-0002.JPG (235571 bytes)
January 13, 2003

Hello Caroline & Dennis

This is my Carden 26% Extra 300S.  The superb construction and painted finish is the craftsmanship of Jim Short.  
dennis_gibbs-26extra-0003.JPG (117874 bytes)

Jim builds other's aircraft as if he were building it for himself.  The graphics are from Kirby's Kustom Graphics.

dennis_gibbs-26extra-0004.JPG (119802 bytes)

If I'm not mistaken, Carden's very first kit sold was the 26% Extra 300S, and their prototype 26% Extra was finished in the original John Lillberg color scheme. My plane is the last 26% Extra 300S kit that Carden produced. 

dennis_gibbs-26extra-0007.JPG (184150 bytes)

Therefore, I thought it most appropriate to commemorate Carden's last 26% Extra with the same John Lillberg color scheme that was displayed on their prototype.

Dennis Gibbs

george_kudzma-35etra300-01.jpg (55049 bytes)

Hello Dennis;
 I just wanted to drop a line, and tell you what a great kit you offer.

 I just test flew my Extra 300s this past Sunday.
It is smooth and predictable, but when asked, can be wild and exciting.

April 21, 2003
Subject: 35% Extra 300S

 It took me five weeks to go from ripping tape of the boxes to a very pleasant first flight. and five more that same day. I did modify it slightly, by building a foam sheeted belly pan. it extended from the tail to the landing gear. probably added too much extra weight, but you can't tell by the way it flies. Working with the "edged" sheeting was a pure joy. ( sounds silly ). but on another kit (AW) I spent many hours truing up these sheets.

If there is a need for another kit ( Hope not, but most likely) i will definitely be looking at CARDEN for my answer.  Once again, thank you for a great airplane.

Sincerely,  George Kudzma
 Paso Robles,  CA

greg_mccarthy_35extra300-01.jpg (72962 bytes)
Hi Dennis and Caroline
I am from Australia and ordered a 300s about 2 years ago with wing bags and so on.
The model is great so I am ordering another. This will be in the new colours attached is a photo of the model.
 Regards Greg McCarthy, Australia

barry_janzen_35extra300-03.JPG (81735 bytes)
October, 2002


Just wanted to send you some pictures like I promised of my 35% Extra300. I hope you can see it in person sometime. Thanks for all the help along the way

Barry Janzen

barry_janzen_35extra300-01.JPG (102254 bytes)

barry_janzen_35extra300-02.JPG (100551 bytes)

jim_moore-30extra-2.jpg (53669 bytes)

jim_moore-30extra-1.jpg (65690 bytes)
Sept 4th, 2002

Hi Dennis & Caroline,

I have finally gotten to fly my new 30%  True to Carden tradition, It fly's like a dream, what more can I say.  I have a Extra. 3W-75 for power.  Thanks for all your help. You were correct, it is not a hard kit to build. It was quite easy to get a nice straight and true Aircraft using your instructions. Caroline, The wing bags and tail covers have got to be the best in the business, It was money well spent.
Thanks Again.   Jim Moore, Florida
PS: My Cat still loves the bags, but He's not allowed in them anymore...... :-)

glen_burston_30extra-2.jpg (42889 bytes)

July 10, 2002

Hi Caroline and Dennis

When the weather is clearer i will get a shot of the Kangaroos and the  aircraft with the Caption  "Carden A jump ahead of the Rest"  sounds good eh? Notice the cool Hat a buddy sent it to me -- a Lady Buddy, he he.  Keeps the Ozzie sun off me ugly face. Glen Burston, Australia 

glen_burston_30extra-1.jpg (34862 bytes)

glen_burston_30extra-3.jpg (29369 bytes) glen_burston_30extra-4.jpg (36629 bytes) 30% Extra 300

marius_cronje_30extra-01.jpg (38350 bytes)

July 2nd, 2002   Hi there Caroline,

I'm sending you some pictures of my newly re-built Extra 330s 30%.

The plane flies great and with the elevators and rudder now slightly bigger than before the plane's 3D capabilities are looking promising as well.

marius_cronje_30extra-02.jpg (38773 bytes)

I am now thinking of maybe getting a Cap 232 for my next project......
Just have to convince my wife first....

Marius Cronje

jerry_platt_35extra-03.jpg (34094 bytes)

Nov 24, 2002

Hi Dennis and Caroline

Here is a really nice 35% Ex 300S by Jerry Platt of Tulsa OK.  Built by Bruce Hook, painted by a local painter, Paul McDonnell, power 3W-100, Futaba 9450 digitals. TME smoke system

Jerry Platt, Tulsa OK

jerry_platt_35extra-04.jpg (44551 bytes)

jerry_platt_35extra-02.jpg (40982 bytes) jerry_platt_35extra-01.jpg (35163 bytes)

jerry_platt_30extra-01.jpg (35614 bytes)

Jerry Platts 30% Extra 300
Powered by a 3-W 75ius Engine,  Futaba Digital  9450,  TME Smoke system 


jerry_platt_30extra-02.jpg (23604 bytes)

Jerry is from Tulsa, OK

gary_trapp_02546.jpg (52863 bytes)

May 30, 2002

Here's the 300s with the BME 102 I was telling you about.  Plane flies like a champ!

Gary Trapp

gary_trapp_02550.jpg (45974 bytes)

gary_trapp_02293.jpg (50818 bytes)

scott_wilson_30-extra-012.jpg (15488 bytes)

May 25, 2002:
Hello, I finally finished the recover and paint job on my 30% 300s.
Thanks for the help with the new fiberglass and canopy.  Could have come out better on the paint, but doesn't look too bad from this distance :-)).  Not a "3D" type plane like many have today, but a very good flying model.  3W70 for power.

Scott Wilson, Sunnyvale, CA.

tomas_landaeta_26_extra3005.jpg (37632 bytes)

Hi, people from Carden

This is my 26% Extra 300. The guy who made it Is Mr. Rafael Di Geronimo. Heīs the one in charge of the magic. 

tomas_landaeta_26_extra3006.jpg (41317 bytes)

Actualy we are building three 35% 232 Caps. As soon as we finish them we will send the pictures also.Best regards always, and keep on flying.


Thomas Landaeta From Maracay, Venezuela

bill_autry_extra300.jpg (41233 bytes) Beautiful Lillberg Extra 300s from Bill Autry

dan_ross_35extra-1.jpg (46819 bytes)

This is my  35% Extra 300S 24 1/2 pounds DA-100  
Dan Ross, Michigan

dee_isabelle-extra35-01.JPG (43873 bytes) Hi Dennis, 

Here's a few pictures of my 35% Extra 300S. I hope you like them. 

The plane flies great. It was a 3W 75F under the hood.

dee_isabelle-extra35-02.JPG (173936 bytes)  

dee_isabelle-extra35-03.JPG (50834 bytes) dee_isabelle-extra35-05.JPG (47743 bytes)

dee_isabelle-extra35-04.JPG (46566 bytes)   The pretty girl is my daughter and the guy is you know who!

Thank you,  

Dee Isabelle

Bob Mabli Carden 26% Extra 300  



Bob Mabli Carden 26% Extra 300

Dennis and Caroline,

Per Caroline's encouragement hert weighs in at 15.25 lbs-with eight ounces of lead in the nose (surprised me-but the BME is really light-although I don't know how it compares to the Moki on the drawings).e are a couple on photos of my recently completed 26% Extra.  

After five flights all I can say is wow!  This airplane is just plain awesome fun to fly.  And it was a pleasure to build.
It's a liitle nose heavy now-which I can trim back as I get use to the airplane.  The engine is a good match for my desire for a good precision aerobatic airplane. Lots of authority, goes vertical no sweat, and hasn't missed a beat since the first run. And it's getting stronger

It's powered with a BME 2.7 and Menz 20/10 S prop-Tru-turn Spinner. Monokote covered and Lusterkote paint.  Futaba 8UAPS PCM and Futaba servos throughout with dual  6V Rx batteries and switches using an Electrodynamics Pow'R  Back'R  unit.  
  Thanks again for a great airplane.   I'll be back for another Carden, probably a 35% Edge or  Extra.

Best regards, Bob Mabli

Jamie Wolfer with Extra 300 35% owned by Dean Di Giorgio



Dear Caroline and Dennis

Here is my Extra which has been flying since 1996Powered by a 3W 70 B2 and JR 10X radio for superior guidance.
Friend is Jaime Wolfer
Thank you, Dean Di Giorgi

Bob Bush, Dayton Ohio, 35% Extra 300S

Thanks for the prompt shipment of my second (35%) Extra.  I just finished it this week and it's ready to fly. 

Bob Bush, Dayton Ohio


D Whit, Extra 300S

D Whit, Extra 300S

Lloyd Sullivan 35% Extra 330S
Lloyd Sullivan 35% Extra 330S Lloyd Sullivan 35% Extra 330S
Lloyd Sullivan, 35% 300S, Monocote and Automotive paint, Model Graphics, Brison 5.8, Menz 26-10, Jr 10SXII, Dual batteries, Single RX, all ni-cads, 29.5 lbs

Joe Direnz 35% Extra 300S
Joe Direnzi,
35% Extra 300S

Matt Stek 35% Extra 300S  
Matt Stek, 35% Extra 300S

Bob Hudson, Ontario Canada, 35% Extra 300S

Bob Hudson, Mississauga, Ontario Canada
35% Extra 300S, "Big Red"

 Ken Gregory, 35% Extra 300S   
Ken Gregory,
35% Extra 300S

See Ken's Cap 232 in the Cap 232 Gallery 3

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