• All bags feature a urethane backed, waterproof and stain resistant polyester exterior fabric.

  • An interior layer of 3/16" high density  light foam eliminates dings and scrapes. (Thicker foam is not the answer - it only makes the bag heavier.)

  • The super soft lining of double brushed cotton twill will not snag on servo's or linkages, but pampers your covering.

  • All bags are made of the finest materials available.

  • The new flap design makes loading the wings much easier and eliminates scraping the wing on the velcro.

More expensive materials and better design make a better product. 

  • GREAT DENT PROTECTION.  It is not the thickness of the foam but the density that is the key to great dent protection.

  • Other guys use softer, heavier foam ( when they use it ) that is cheaper than ours.

  • The LINING is very important for the protection of your film finish.  Nylon is non snag but can scratch the film. We don't use nylon !

  • OUR LINING is a tight woven, non snag, double brushed cotton that is  just like the soft cloth you use to polish your film.  It's a bit more expensive, but very loving to your precious covering.


  • Our bags are sewn right here in America by the giants of the luggage industry.

  • They look and wear like a VERY fine piece of luggage.

  • Our bags are sewn on  sophisticated machines that use top quality thread.


  • Thread?   Bet you never even thought about that little detail!

  • We use the finest top quality thread.

  • Top quality thread can be the difference between your bags looking great when you buy them or having them fall apart in a few weeks.

  • Cheap thread is one of the small places where the cheaper guys cut costs that most effects the consumer.


  • We feel we have improved the design of our bags by eliminating the Velcro closure at the end of the bag, and now using a flap.

  • The bag still closes with Velcro, but it is on the flap and the OUTSIDE of the bag.

  • This eliminates wrestling with the bag to keep it open and scratching the film getting the wing into the bag.


  • Wingbags should last through many airplanes and are worth the investment.  They can substantially lengthen the life of your airplane by providing superior transport damage protection to your valuable plane.

  • We have taken the time, with great attention to detail, to design and manufacture what we feel are the finest products in the industry to protect your airplanes and props.

  • We offer same day shipping on stock colors and  products.

  • Custom work is still available for a short additional wait.

  • Our products may cost a little more money but we have a LOT more quality.

  • Our bags still come as two separate bags with handles and a slot for the wing tube.

  • If you want the best, call Caroline.  If you want the cheapest call someone else.   is a division of