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Ladies - Outerbanks 5 button  front placket with navy stripe on collar and sleeveless
Colors- white, light blue and red
All with EMBROIDERED Carden team logo- left chest (airplane and logo)
Sizes: Large (10-to 12) - runs small,  XL (12 to 14)
Price $30.00

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 100's of wing bags in stock in 9 colors
 including the 43% bags and the 46% Ultimate Bags

These bags also fit many other by-planes

Now available for the 3.3 meter Comp ARF Yak and the 39% Krill 39% Katana
2 separate bags with split flaps, no wing tube pouch
Available in red, royal blue, navy and grey
$175.00 per set

  Carden Online Store 

At Carden you can always feel free to call Caroline or Dennis for personalized service.

To help us serve you better you now have the convenience of  processing your needs using the Carden Online Store.
Same day shipping on stock items if ordered before noon.

To help us serve you better you now have the convenience of  processing your needs using the new Carden Online Store.

  27% / 28% 50cc size Wing Bags
Fits wings up to 42" long, 26" root and 14" tip  - $90.00
Fits our CUDA plus many other 50cc size  such as Wildhare, Extreme Flight etc
QQ-YAK - pics

They are back by popular demand!   They are for the 46% Ultimate
Set includes 4 separate wing bags,  two wing tube slots, and two strut pouches.  All bags have 2 loops for trailer hanging.   Price for 4 separate bags is $250.00

With your purchase of a set of wingbags we will throw in a free pair of Wing Bags by Caroline logo stickies

Be sure to select your choice with your Wing Bag order



New Wing Bags with optional Shoulder straps ($5.00 extra)

New Products
2 Blade Prop Guards - $20.00 ( plus shipping )
3 Blade Prop Guards - $25.00 ( plus shipping )

Mini Tail Bags all in stock for immediate delivery

Our Bags aren't just for Carden planes !!


Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2006 6:52 PM
Subject: Tail Bags
Hi Caroline 

  Thank you for the Christmas present :).  The wing bags and the tail bags are great.  As you asked I have attached pictures of the tail bags on my QQ Yak 54 - 85" plane.  The bag on the fin/rudder fits perfect.  The bags on the stab are good at the tip but about an 1" too wide at the root.  I don't see a problem though.  I am going to put another piece of velco strap across the top and use the one supplied underneath the fuselage.

  The wing bags are fine, and I like the hooks on this set of bags for hanging the wings on a wall. The yellow even matches the yellow on my plane.  Talk about being co-ordinated.

  It is a pleasure to deal with you.  This is my second set of bags, and I am as pleased this time with our transaction as I was the last time. I am very appreciative of how you handle the shipping and the border crossing.   I hope the next purchase from you will be your 37% Yak.  This past year I re-entered competition after being away from it for some 20 years.  My family responsibilities took priority.  Last year I placed 3rd overall in the North Central Region of IMAC in Basic, and took 2nd place in the Canadian Nationals.  This year I am moving up to Sportsman and we will see how I do.  I think when I move up to Intermediate is when I will need to move to the larger plane from a 50cc size.

  I hope you don't discontinue the Yak before I am ready for it.  I drool over the pictures every time I visit your site. 

  I am going to Toledo this year, and hope to stop by and say hi.
  All the best to you and Dennis for the New Year, and thanks again.
Ted Barrette
Oshawa, ON 

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