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July 2nd,  2004

Our main shop building is looking pretty with all the nice flowers out front.

July 2nd,  2004

The new storage barn

July 2nd,  2004

The fields out back.  That's Caroline standing in front of the hay roll

July 2nd,  2004

Our runway

May 24th, 2004

This our new building.  It's new equipment and surplus storage barn , 30' x 36'.

"Earth breaking" was a few weeks ago and it's almost finished now.

May 24th, 2004
May 24th, 2004
May 24th, 2004
May 24th, 2004

October 2nd

We have things pretty well organized and production is moving along well.  


This is the Carden "artificial skyline" - a wall of foam!.

Plenty of room for the Carden mascott - to have  a good Frisbee game! 



Shipping and receiving and some foam blocking 



Part of the wood shop. Wood storage through the door on the left



 Replacement parts 



Wing bag and tail cover storage and sewing shop



 Our "on site" apartment. It's a real quick commute to work !

newshop-movingday.jpg (24537 bytes)

July 11th, 2003

Moving Day

newshop-tom-pattyMae-dogs.jpg (42462 bytes) The people with me and the dogs are Tom and Patty-Mae Haycock from Las Vegas NV.  they are customers and friends and drove all the way here to move us!  The three small poodles are their traveling companions.  It took the 53ft van of Toms and a 25ft rented truck to get us here, and a LOT of work.  Our thanks to everyone who helped!
newshop-landscaping-01.JPG (28038 bytes)  

the landscaping

newshop-side-view.jpg (23142 bytes)  

side view

newshop-side-yard.jpg (20860 bytes)  


newshop-sunset-over-the-sleeping-dragon.jpg (29319 bytes)  

sun setting over the "Sleeping Dragon"

newshop-runway.jpg (50920 bytes)  

Our own private runway !!

newshop-jimmoore-1742-15.JPG (90663 bytes)

June 3rd, 2003

From: J. Moore
To: Carden Aircraft
Sent: Sunday, June 01, 2003 10:14 AM
Subject: New Shop

Hi Dennis and Caroline

newshop-jimmoore-1745-16.JPG (91700 bytes)

 I just spent a few days with my son up in North Georgia.  we decided to take a ride to see your new shop 

I took some photos and attached them to this email

newshop-jimmoore-1746-17.JPG (93805 bytes) The shop really looks great, it is even more impressive than the photos had shown.
newshop-jimmoore-1748-18.JPG (93705 bytes)

That sure is beautiful country up there, I think I will start looking to see about a possible move.

 Regards, Jim Moore

Punta Gorda, Fl

newshop-jimmoore-1752-19.JPG (117619 bytes)

 newshop-jimmoore-1753-20.JPG (124629 bytes) newshop-jimmoore-1754-21.JPG (112209 bytes)

newshop-15.jpg (67358 bytes)

March 27, 2003


newshop-14.jpg (42698 bytes)

March 27, 2003

Pouring the concrete floor

newshop-13.jpg (30053 bytes) February 25, 2003

The porch looks great, don't you think??

newshop-12.jpg (48961 bytes) February 15, 2003

Looks like a real shop now !!

newshop-10.jpg (75734 bytes)
February 12, 2003 7:38 PM
What a beautiful day. , Wish it would stay like this for a month ! When I got to the job site Eddie had the trench dug almost all the way up to where the transformer will be placed.  The guys were about finished with the framing on the porch. The water meter is in and when I left tonite Eddie had the trench from the building out to the meter !  The water people came right out this morning and put the meter in. 
newshop-11.jpg (91305 bytes)

Tomorrow he will lay the water line.  I'm going out in the morning and help pick up around the south side of the building and try to get some rock in before the rain.  The plan is to bring eddie out Saturday when you come over and we can have a short meeting. Next week I'm meeting with Dwayne Hawk, a local contractor from over by Loudon to line up getting the septic system put in. Here are a couple of pics from today.       


newshop-06.jpg (60295 bytes)

newshop-07.jpg (55642 bytes)

newshop-08.jpg (60625 bytes)
Feb 9th, 2003

Feb 9th, 2003

Feb 9th, 2003

newshop-09.jpg (46839 bytes)
Feb 9th, 2003

When the parts are cut right, the project goes together fast.  This is the 5th day of construction

newshop-02.JPG (72517 bytes)

Feb 6th, 2003

Just got these from Ron our General Contractor on our Morton building.  

newshop-05.JPG (72172 bytes)

The footers were poured Tuesday Feb 4th.These pics were taken  5 o'clock PM on Wednesday.

Just like our kits, Morton buildings are the highest quality and go together fast!! Caroline


excavation-6-800.JPG (96600 bytes)

December 28th, 2002

Hi!  This was sent to us by our General Contractor  We went over Sat and saw this.  The mountain range behind I call "the dragon"  because when you see the whole thing that's what it looks like!  We're getting excited! Caroline

Ground breaking
Dec 21, 2002
carden-property-01.jpg (119453 bytes) carden-property-02.jpg (115237 bytes) carden-building-pad.jpg (111642 bytes)

Pictures 1 & 2 when put together show the entire property from the road entrance.  The green is where ours starts.`

The building is going to be up on that back knoll overlooking the rest of the property.  The people in the two houses are very nice and thrilled we are relocating there.  They are very excited about the airplanes and have kept an eye on the progress.  They visit us whenever we are over there.

  • Yes, Carden Aircraft will be moving, We hope to move in the Spring of 2003 

  • There will be NO down time

  • There will be NO  interruption in service to you  

Currently, here in Hendersonville,  we have just under 2000 square feet which we rent.  We are proud to say that we have outgrown this facility.

Having secured a new lot in Tennessee we are now in the process if building our own new plant there.

This new facility is 60' by 120' feet providing us with 7200 square feet of manufacturing and storage of kits, wingbags and accessories ready for shipping.

After the building is complete we will be setting up some new and/or duplicate manufacturing processes there before the move. The new office will also be set up before the move. 

Preparing the new facility this way will ease our move and help to provide you, our cherished customers with seamless and uninterrupted service.

We are really looking forward to the move and we hope to share some of the process with you.  We plan to add a few pictures from time to time to this page to help document and let you see exactly what's going on. 

Here's hoping you have as much fun with this move as we do!

Caroline and Dennis


the-shop.jpg (32668 bytes)

shop2.jpg (47426 bytes)

all-the-wood.jpg (26195 bytes)

the old place

here's the balsa

stack-of-wings.jpg (24210 bytes)

work-area.jpg (47300 bytes)

the-sewing-machine.jpg (40171 bytes)

Dennis sorting the foam work bench wing bags