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Wingbags-by - Caroline  - Plane Covers

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You protect your skin from the Sun's harmful UV rays, now you can protect the covering of your airplane from the same damaging effects of the Sun.

Carden Aircraft's plane covers eliminate color fading and bubbling from the heat.  The concept isn't new, but the material is.  Made from a  hi-tech swimsuit fabric with a SPF rating of 50, these covers will custom fit any manufacturers airplane in the specific size category.  Carden's covers come in white, as that  color, regardless of finish, most effectively reflects the heat generating sunlight.

Each cover some with a durable carrying bag made from our high-quality wing-bag material.

We currently have 35-37% and 40-43% covers for your Extra, Edge, Yak or Cap, and many other mono-planes.  They fit any manufacturers plane.  Made with no seams across the wings or canopy to rub, the cover is smooth and light.  Deep pockets going under the wings and horizontal stabs make the cover impervious to wind while not pulling on control surfaces.  Order now, these covers are in stock!


Installation:  Stretch cover gently over the airplane starting at the wing tips.

Attach at the front with the Velcro strap going under and around

the spinner from one side to the other.


Care and Cleaning Launder cover by hand-washing by itself in cold or warm water, or machine wash using a “Delicate or Hand Wash” cycle.  DO NOT BLEACH!  Bleach will cause the cover to yellow in the sun and will break down the fabric's elastic qualities.  For oil spots or similar stains, use a spot removing product such as  Spray & Wash, Shout or Oxi clean; spray the spot only, then launder as above.  Always remove  the Velcro Strap and launder separately.

Questions or comments?  Feel free to contact Caroline at (423) 295-2295.


Many thanks to Lawrence Bolton who lives in Nevada very close to Death Valley for sending us pics of our plane cover on his 40% Extra 330S.  These pics show the cover in the worst possible conditions doing a great job.  
plane-cover-2004_071801-800.jpg (99005 bytes)
plane-cover-2004_071805-800.jpg (83179 bytes)

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