Carden Aircraft
Japan Gallery #2

November 16th, 2005

Frank Noll whoops it up at the JAMAC Aerobatic Contest in Japan Flying Tomohisa Konishi's  Carden Yak
See more pics on the Japan website here

toeda_cuda-03.jpg (131750 bytes)

September 10th, 2005

Hi Caroline & Dennis

This is my customer's CUDA3D. His name is Shinnosuke Toeda

DA50 with Pitts Muffler            

toeda_cuda-02.jpg (154601 bytes)


Shinnosuke Toeda

toeda_cuda-01.jpg (153731 bytes)


Shinnosuke Toeda



tomohisa_konishi_40extra-0001.jpg (133175 bytes)

 December 20th, 2004 

 Hi Caroline!

My new EXTRA40%. DA-150 with MTW CANS

tomohisa_konishi_40extra-0004.jpg (145941 bytes)


 I love it!! Great flying....


tomohisa_konishi_40extra-0005.jpg (148475 bytes)


Frank Noll visits Japan, 2004

japan-noll-04-airkiller-cup1.jpg (158211 bytes) Group photo 
japan-noll-04-frank-naruke-formation.jpg (103413 bytes) Frank and Mr Naruke formation Flying
japan-noll-04-frank-40cap-GiichiNarukeGiles.jpg (96649 bytes) Frank Noll flying the red and white Carden CAP 232

Mr Giichi Naruke Flying the Giles 202


japan-noll-04-formation2.jpg (96509 bytes) Close up view of Team Futaba formation flying

WOW, lot's of smoke,

japan-noll-04-Frank-40cap.jpg (173518 bytes) Frank checking the radio setup.
japan-noll-04-TEAM-FUTABA-Formation.jpg (77179 bytes) Team FUTABA flying formation
japan-noll-04-ono-frank-tomohisa.jpg (105340 bytes) Mr Ono, Frank Noll, Tomohisa
japan-noll-04-TEAM-ZERO.jpg (179775 bytes) Team Zero
japan-noll-04-judgment.jpg (226292 bytes) The Judges
japan-noll-04-big-cap-200cc.jpg (108837 bytes) A big CAP 232 with 200cc motor

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