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Mike McConville

June 20, 2009

Mike and Caroline with Mike's 126" Extra 260.

mike_mcconville_2005-windycityjets-815.jpg (94465 bytes) August 24, 2005
Hi Guys-
I just wanted to share a few pics from the Windy City Jet meet held July 17th weekend in St. Charles, Illinois.  I asked Mike McConville to come up and do a lunch time demo with the new Extra 260.  


mike_mcconville_2005-windycityjets-832.jpg (121273 bytes)

As usual, Mike put on an awesome show!  The crowd really enjoyed the change of pace from the jet demos we also had.  The 260 looks great, and it looks like Mike really enjoys it.  


mike_mcconville_2005-windycityjets-839.jpg (97501 bytes)

This was the first time I had seen the 260 fly, and I might just have to build one this winter!  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Brian Johnson


mike_mcconville_2005-extra260-008-800.jpg (134730 bytes)
Mikes daughter Grace
 with his 2005 Extra 260
Hope all is well there. I got back from a long trip in Asia a few days ago and am catching up well. Hated to miss the Nall, hope it went well for you. Sorry I couldn't have the 260 there for you. 

A few days before I left for Asia I flew in Bloomington with Wayne Geffon, Larry Arseneau and a bunch of guys. Had a ball. I let Wayne fly the 260 and he seemed to love it. 

BTW, attached is my favorite picture of the 260. 
Can you believe that's my little Grace!! 


mike_mcconville_2004-imacnats-2nd.jpg (113567 bytes)


2nd place with 40% Extra 330S

TOC 2002 pics 

mike_mcconville_toc2002_takeoff.jpg (84976 bytes)            mike_mcconville_toc2002_torque.jpg (59373 bytes) 

Update September 16, 2002   

Mike proudly poses with BOTH of his new Carden 40% Extras which he will take to the 2002 TOC

mike_mcconville_2002tocextras-1.jpg (82593 bytes)

mike_mcconville_2002tocextras-3.jpg (63279 bytes) mike_mcconville_2002tocextras-4.jpg (84366 bytes) mike_mcconville_2002tocextras-6.jpg (77948 bytes)

mike_mcconville_2002tocextras-588300-19.jpg (103615 bytes)

mike_mcconville_2002tocextras-588300-22.jpg (104498 bytes) 

 August 28, 2002         A sneak peak at one of Mike McConville's TOC 2002 planes
mike_mcconville_40extra-2-toc2002.jpg (52524 bytes)

mike_mcconville_40extra-5-toc2002.jpg (52849 bytes) mike_mcconville_40extra-4-toc2002.jpg (41669 bytes) mike_mcconville_40extra-3-toc2002.jpg (48224 bytes)

This is Mike's new for 2001 Carden 40% Edge 540

mike_m_edge-2.jpg (30250 bytes)

3D/Freestyle- The Edge is SUPERIOR in every way to anything I've flown.

Its hovers so easy itís unbelievable. It does the flip up to the knife-edge slide (ala my '98 TOC Freestyle takeoff) better than my Cap ever dreamed of doing it.

The list just goes on and on.

Since I've only gotten 24 flights on it, I'm sure thereís lots more there for me to figure out. 

mike_m_edge-3.jpg (38467 bytes)

The stability it has in high Alpha "Harriers" is unreal.

I'm using coupled spoilerons (ailerons up w/ up elevator) and it will rotate from a harrier to a vertical hover w/o gaining any altitude, it just rotates!

I think anyone who wants to fly 3D should not even consider any model other than this Edge.

 It really is superior! I really canít say enough good about itís freestyle capabilities. It just does everything better and easier 

mike_m_edge-4.jpg (34253 bytes)

It looks really nice now I have all the graphics on it

mike_m_ama-homecoming-1600x1200.jpg (149770 bytes)

Mike went to the AMA Home coming with his Carden Edge 540

see pic at 1600 x 1200   see pic at 800 x 500

mike_m_edge-1-thornecreekimac.jpg (20193 bytes)

 McConville finishes 1st with his new Carden 40% Edge 540 at the Thorncreek IMAC contest, Lansing Illinois, June 2nd,3rd, 2001

Mike McConville, Caroline Gergits, 40% Cap 232 540 Mike McConville's TOC Carden CAP 232 mikemc_cap-99toc-7.jpg (75312 bytes)  
Here is Mike McConville with Caroline Gergits and his 1999 TOC 40% Cap 232

  Mike McConville's TOC Carden CAP 232 Mike McConville's TOC Carden CAP 232 Mike McConville's TOC Carden CAP 232