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Ivan Kristensen


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August 16, 2004

Hello Dennis and Caroline,

Well I finally finished my Extra and test flew it last Monday. I have had 25 flights on it since then and I must say that this is a great flying airplane. At first it weighed 37lbs 7.5oz but since then I have finished it with graphics and had to move the batteries back and add two oz. in the tail to get the CG right, also a pilot and instrument panel was added so now it tipped the scales at 38lbs 4oz. Which is a excellent weight I believe especially when you consider that I have canister type muffler system installed.  

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I really enjoy flying this airplane, the vertical up and down lines are straight as an arrow and the roll is the best of any airplane I have owned, but especially the rudder control is fantastic it makes the rolling circle so much easier to do. It tracks well, it snaps well, it just seems to do everything very well. All in all you have an outstanding product in the 40% Carden Extra 330.

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This will be the airplane I will use for the Masters in South Carolina later this year and also for the Tucson Shootout in Arizona.

Ivan Kristensen.

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Hello Dennis and Caroline,

 I have attached a picture of my “new” Carden Edge 540. This is the airplane Terry built for me in 2000 and Billy Hemple flew in the 2000 TOC.

 March 14, 2004

 I have re-built it twice since then; this most recent re-build was the most serious as a result of a crash just before the XFC last year. It is now the best airplane it has been and the best looking if you ask me anyway, it is just like a brand new airplane. I am working hard on the Extra and plan to have it done this spring.

Just returned from the JR Challenge where I placed 7th out of 21 with 71 contestants total. You can see more pictures and results if you go to my web site and follow the links.

 Regards, Ivan.

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September 20th, 2003

Ivan placed 4th at the Don Lowe Masters with his 40% CAP 232 this past weekend and he is now on his way to Arizona to compete in the 2003 Tucson Shootout


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Summer 2002

In an effort to reduce noise emissions Ivan has re-worked his '99 TOC Cap to fit a set of Pefa pipes and Pefa canisters into the plane

ivan_kristensen_40cap-2002-02.jpg (78823 bytes)

The Cap after re-work now weighs just about the same or slightly less than it did as a stock kit, and now tips the scales at 37 pounds with the Pefa "silent exhaust system" and Air Models 3 bladed prop !!

YES, it can be done 

  Ivan_edge_new_look-2.jpg (101112 bytes) Ivan_edge_new_look-1.jpg (57257 bytes)

This is the new look on Ivan's Edge 540

Ivan stripped the mauve (purple) off of the fuse belly and replaced it with blue.  He also stripped the wing leading edges and put on the blue, as well as adding some more blue on the wing inboard panels  

  Ivan_edge540-1.jpg (28291 bytes)  

Oct 4th 2001

Well, this weekend it's off to the Tucson Shootout IMAC Contest. We'll be back at the end of the month with some new pics

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Ivan enjoying a Phoenix sunrise.  Ivan spent the week in Phoenix before the Tucson Shootout in 2001.

Up bright and early to catch those early morning flights before it gets too hot to fly !  



Ivan went to the 2001 Don Lowe Masters Aerobatic Championship Tournament in Greenville South Carolina.


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Here's Ivan saying hi to his good friend Pat Hartness, host of the Triple Tree flying site, the Joe Nall Fly In and The Don Lowe Masters Tournament  

  ivan_masters-07.jpg (19583 bytes)
Frank Noll (right) flies as Terry Boston calls the sequence for him during practice

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Before the contest we spent a couple of days in Hendersonville North Caroline visiting with Caroline and Dennis Gergits (left) and putting in a couple of days practice

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ivan_masters-01.jpg (31904 bytes)

ivan_masters-04.jpg (20572 bytes)  
Ivan demonstration his 1 roll rolling circle during practice in north Carolina

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And then he has some fun in the Torque Roll 

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Bob Hudson, Ivan's mechanic and caller for the Masters watches as Ivan "brings her home" during practice at Bill Cline's flying site in Dayton Ohio.

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They stopped off in Dayton for a day or two of flying practice on the way to NC and SC 

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Ivan and Bob pose for photographs at the Masters

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Ivan spends a moment with his good friend Peter Goldsmith. That's Peter's 46% (own design) Cap 232


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Ivan "smokes it" in front of the lake at Triple Tree the during Free Style event


ivan_masters-12.jpg (20793 bytes)

Bob pumps smoke fuel into Ivan's plane 

  ivan-99toc-cap-4.jpg (23827 bytes)  

Here is Ivan with his Carden 40% Cap 232 at the 1999 Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas

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 Ivan has missed only 2 of the 18 Tournament of Champions contests since they began in 1974