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Don Held

don_held-35edge-071.JPG (75577 bytes) October 17, 2004

Hi Dennis and Caroline.

Here is my 35% Edge that took 3rd place at Toledo this year. 
It is powered by a DA 100 with a Menz 27x10.2-8411's on the elev. 2-5301's on the rudder. 4- JR 2721's on the ailerons. and a 9411 on the throttle .JR 649 rec. .

don_held-35edge-072.JPG (80758 bytes) Batteries are Powerflite, 3600 on rec. 2200 on ignition  The total weight is 27 pounds.  It only needed 2 clicks of up for trim. I have flown it all summer with no problems. She flies like a pattern ship on low rate, and when you put it on high rate she will do anything you can throw at it. 
don_held-35edge-073.JPG (89045 bytes) I am one of the Carden professional builders, you can contact me at the following.

Don Held
1550 Patterson
Elmiea, MI 49730

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don_held-35edge-dayton-006.JPG (32052 bytes) These pictures were taken at the 2004 Dayton DOGS Fun Fly held at the Wright Paterson Air force Museum Airport in Dayton Ohio. 
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