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Call Carden Aircraft at (828) 697-7177 

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Carden Aircraft had to call in
State Trooper Mike Sauls
 to keep Law and Order
on the flight line

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Dennis Gergits (L)
 Bob Sadler (R)

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Brenda Foster and Darlene Cline in the Carden Booth Carden Group Photo Carden Group Photo

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Jason Danhakl., Frank Noll Mike Sauls,  Matt Stek  Matt,  Frank & Jason Elton Fairless
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 Crowd at the lake  Mike Sauls and Frank Noll  Frank Noll and Jeffrey P.
JN-02 Blaine Walking.jpg (18125 bytes) JN-02 Baron & Ex.jpg (17798 bytes) JN-02 Baron & Fred Johnson.jpg (18328 bytes)
Blaine Austin Baron Johnson Baron and Fred Johnson
JN-02 Jeffrey.jpg (24564 bytes) JN-02 Carden Heaven.jpg (12554 bytes) JN-02 Mike walking.jpg (16239 bytes)
Jeffrey Aivaz Carden Heaven Mike Sauls
JN-02 Mike.jpg (51701 bytes) JN-02 Blaine.jpg (35964 bytes) JN-Teamwork.jpg (19699 bytes)
Carden Teamwork cleaning Frank's plane.  Bill Cline, Frank, Terry Boston
Mike Sauls Blaine Austin
JN-02 Frank.jpg (39826 bytes)  JN- Frank Wet.jpg (13273 bytes)
 JN-Frank & Blaine.jpg (14076 bytes)
Frank Noll Frank dipping the fin Frank and Blaine Austin

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JN- Frank Noll Jr & Matt Stek.jpg (8669 bytes) JN-Blaine & Bob Satler.jpg (16841 bytes)
Edge 540 Frank and Matt Stek Bob Sadler and Blaine Austin
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Elton Fairless Elton Fairless
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Matt Stek Dennis and Matt Stek
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Blaine Austin Blaine Austin Blaine Austin

The photos below submitted from William Lane
lane-jn2002-043.jpg (14712 bytes) lane-jn2002-057.jpg (32242 bytes) lane-jn2002-056.jpg (26621 bytes)
Over the lake Frank Noll " rudder dip" Frank Noll
lane-jn2002-052.jpg (21491 bytes) lane-jn2002-086.jpg (43372 bytes) lane-jn2002-070.jpg (52981 bytes)
Mike Sauls The Flight Line Hey man, what's this ???
lane-jn2002-089.jpg (41700 bytes) lane-jn2002-090.jpg (33789 bytes) lane-jn2002-091.jpg (39745 bytes)
" look Ma, no power "  QQ QQ
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