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Mobile, AL 2001


Blaine torque rolling low.JPG (37936 bytes)
Airplane Blaine Austin, 40% Edge 540

joey_hamilton_mobile-2001-1.jpg (23844 bytes)
Joey Hamilton, 4-5 Edge 540

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 mike_sauls_mobile-2001-1.jpg (18877 bytes)

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Mike Sauls, Wes Batson, Blaine Austin, Joey Hamilton

wes_batson-cap40.jpg (46779 bytes) 
Wes Batson, 40% Cap 232
wes_batson-cap35.jpg (47409 bytes)        wes_batson-edge1.jpg (39755 bytes) 
Wes's 35% Cap  and 40% Edge 540

Wes says "By far, the Edge is my favorite aircraft to fly. It's extremely stable in 3-D and makes torque rolls almost easy.   You can go from an IMAC sequence to the most extreme freestyle in an instance"

We went to Mobile, AL Saturday for their 1st IMAA fly in. They had 33 pilots  and about 50 or more spectators.

At the noon time show they had Mike Sauls, Joey Hamilton, Wes Batson and myself each do a 4 min freestyle to music.

After the freestyles all four of us flew together and did the usual torque roll contest. After all of us touching the rudder several times it was
hard to declare a winner. 

Tony Stillman from TEAM FUTABA was there with his scratch built Giles 300 powered by a 3W.  Tony found himself surrounded by Carden's, DA's and JR radio's   


Ray Sprouse one of my builders drove over from MS.  I let him  wiggle the sticks on my Edge.  He couldn't believe how good the Edge flew and how much power the DA had.

I probably answered 100 questions about my equipment to the pilots and crowd on hand. 

The CD also arranged for three  full scale planes to fly over and do some aerobatics. A Stearman, Pitts and a Christen Eagle. They flew in formation for their first pass then they each did their own little air show consisting of about 4 maneuvers. It was a great  show. I attached a PIC of my Edge right before one of the rudder touches and also a PIC of from left to right Wes Batson, Mike Sauls, Blaine Austin and Joey Hamilton.  All with Carden Edges, DA 150s, JR radios and TruTurn  spinners.





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