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Memphis Tennessee Classic 2002

At the October 2002 Memphis Tennessee River City Fun Fly
(L. to R.) Matt Stek assisted by Dennis Gergits and Frank Noll Jr Caroline Gergits, otherwise known as CARDEN Aircraft
Matt Stek assisted by Dennis Gergits
Frank Noll Jr Caroline Gergits
Brian Zang brought his 35% Edge and 35% Cap 232
Dave Gustafson with his 40% Cap 232
Frank Noll Jr and Matt Stek preparing for halftime show
Hall Jennings 40% Edge 540
Joe Stek with his 35% Cap 232
Mat Stek with his "Air Combat" 40% Extra 330S
Matt Stek, Frank Noll Jr and Blaine Austin
Mike Sauls, Larry Tomich, Jason Correro, Jeff Pfeifer, Blaine Austin
Pete Rosa gases up his 40% Edge 540 
Larry Tomich 40% Extra 330S
Dave Gustafson hovers his 35% Edge 540
Frank Noll Jr
John LLicht having fun with his 35% Edge 540
Mike Sauls up close and personal with his 40% Edge 540


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