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Giles G-300 Gallery 1

Dennis Gergits, Gi;les G-300  

This of course is our very own Dennis Gergits. Very proud of his  Giles G-300

Steven Jonston, Giles G-300 Steven Johnston from Mississauga Ontario, Canada.

Giles G-300, DA-150

"Roger G-300, you are #1 for landing"


Doug Cronkhite, Carden 40% Giles-300  

Doug Cronkhite, San Diego

Doug Cunning, Giles-G300  

Doug Cunning, Lincoln NE

Kirk Jensen, Giles-G300


Here's a few pics of Kirk Jensen with his Giles-G300.

Keep an eye open for pics of Kirk's Edge 540 coming soon in the Edge Galleries.


Kirk Jensen, Giles-G300 Kirk Jensen, Giles-G300
Kirk Jensen, Giles-G300 Kirk Jensen, Giles-G300

Nick Fosters, Covington, Ga., Giles G-300 
Nick Fosters, Covington, Ga

Nick Fosters, Covington, Ga., Giles G-300
Giles G-300

Charles Thomas, Giles G-300
Here are my photos for my Giles300.
 It has a 3W-150 turning a 32-12 Menz prop and JR and Multiplex servos.
Photo 1: Inside G300
Photo 2: G300
Photo 3: G300 & my son Charles III
  Thanks, Charles Thomas
Amanda, OH 43102
Charles Thomas, Giles G-300 Charles Thomas, Giles G-300

Jon Vance  Giles G-300

walter_beike_giles-002.jpg (137975 bytes) Sent: Monday, August 16, 2004 11:38 PM

Hey Dennis and Caroline: 

I just completed my 5th Carden kit, an oldie but goodie. I found this kit from someone that didnt want it anymore and its truely been a great project. DA-150, Hitec digitals, Futaba 9Z, SWB's neat stuff, Ultracote, Dupont Chroma One

walter_beike_giles-004.jpg (123556 bytes)  

A true Hot Rod that flies like an arrow. 35.5lbs Its got 20 flights thus far and its getting better all the time. I thought you would like a blast from the past. Great kit and aircraft,

 Thanks Walt Beike

See my 40% Edge here

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