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40% Extra 330S Gallery 8

mitch_buckley_40extra-140-800.JPG (106505 bytes)

Dec 8th, 2003

My name is Mitch Buckley I'm 20 and I'm send you photos of my 40% Extra 330S.  First I would like to say GOOD JOB! I loved this project right from the start to where it is now. 
mitch_buckley_40extra-136-800.JPG (108875 bytes)

I only have about 5 flights on it (snow started this weekend) this was a joint partnership project with a friend of ours that actually owns it and myself, my farther, and the owner building it on my DINING ROOM TABLE!!!! (I have an under standing mother!) The airplane flies like it's on rails, the spins are just amazing, and rolling circles are just too easy! .

mitch_buckley_40extra-001.jpg (36932 bytes)

This was my first 40% project and I'm glad we choose a Carden! It has a DA-150 with MTW cans, 8 -  8411's,   2) Hitec 805bb's on rudder,  soon to be replaced with 8611's and a Hitec 5945 for throttle and an Airtronics Stylus radio, with 4000 MAH Powerflite NiMH with a 28.5x12 Mejzlik 3 bladed prop.  

mitch_buckley_40extra-017.jpg (48260 bytes)
We built this plane while I was going to East Coast Aero Tech to become an aircraft mechanic and I finished it in time for my graduation picture.  My class number was 802 (hint:N802BS). Here's a few pics of the plane and a few of my graduation. I'm kneeling next to the plane in the graduation pic.
 Thank you  Mitch B. Jim S.  Jack B

david_fepelstein_wind-shirt-extra-800.jpg (80777 bytes) November 25th, 2003

David Fepelstein with his Extra 330. 
 Also displaying his great Carden Aircraft wind shirt

ken_mcquire-40extra-front-right.jpg (48373 bytes)
November 12, 2003
Dennis and Caroline,
It was great to meet you at the Don Lowe Masters.  Having talked to both of you on the phone so often, it was nice to actually meet you in person.  
ken_mcquire-40extra-left-rear.jpg (47881 bytes)
Kurt and I had a great time at the Masters, and I think as a team, we did pretty darn well for the first appearance.  Of course, it is all in the caller (wink, wink)!  He is sure a great pilot.
ken_mcquire-40extra-cockpit.jpg (30810 bytes) I am attaching a couple of pictures of my 40% Extra.  It has a DA-150, KS cans, and Futaba servos

Thanks, Ken McGuire


terry_gramling_40extra-smoke.jpg (34866 bytes)
October 21, 2003

Dennis and Carolyn 


   Wanted to send you some pics of my new 40%  Carden 330, I have 14 flights on it know and wow does it fly great.  I thought my 35% Carden edge flew nice but my new 330 is top notch; it flew great no trim adjustments at all. Iíve heard people say that before and always thought "ya, right". 

terry_gramling_extraandEdgeinhover-800.jpg (74163 bytes)

Just goes to show what great plane youíll produce and what a wonderful job Jim Short did building it. Thanks again for such a great product and I want to say thanks to Jim Short for such a fine job in building it for me.


Thanks Terry Gramling


This is Terry's 35% Edge 540

andrew_jesky_40extra-4.jpg (25693 bytes)
 September 18, 2003
 Here is the pictures of my new plane from Dave and Lonnie Jones.
 Man you guys know how to design a plane, this is great. 
andrew_jesky_40extra-316-800.jpg (63132 bytes)
No mixing at all. Great 3d capability with your recommended CG and its a pattern machine. 
Thanks again,
Andrew Jesky

elie_houayes_40extra-052-800.jpg (71628 bytes)
July 28, 2003
Hi Dennis and Caroline
I am attaching some pictures of my new 40% extra, built by Jim Short a fine gentleman, the plane is a perfect 10 in performance and appearance, it is the best flying plane I have put my hands on to date ( you probably heard this before) . 
elie_houayes_40extra-069-800.jpg (96222 bytes)


One click of down trim was all I needed only because it is setup tail heavy for better 3D performance, thanks for a great product and thanks for recommending Jim, I am now looking forward to the 40% Edge that Jim is also building

elie_houayes_40extra-163-800.jpg (51743 bytes)
Combination 8411 and 9206 servos, Carbon spinner, TME smoke,
Built by Jim Short, Kirby's graphics, Wingbags by Caroline

Thanks, Elie Houayes

jon_vance_2003-40extra-205.jpg (54525 bytes)

July 9, 2003
Caroline and Dennis:

Best wishes with your upcoming move and new surroundings...The new facility looks great!  .

jon_vance_2003-40extra-213.jpg (62510 bytes)

I have enclosed several photos of the new 40% Extra that Brian Hueffmeier just completed......As you can see, Brian has done his unusual great job.....Put a few flights on the Extra last flies great....

jon_vance_2003-40extra-215.jpg (52642 bytes)

powered by a DA 150 with KS exhaust system, all JR 8411 servos, 2 on each elevator and aileron, and 4 on the rudder.......rudder has separate Duralite plus pack running through a  JR Matchbox, i4c Products Cvolts on all packs, and Kirby's Custom graphics.

 I think the Extra will be my 8th Carden plane...I have enjoyed them all!...regards...Jon Vance

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