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40% Extra 330S Gallery 5

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I flew the Extra today and it flew great,

Excuse me, GREAT!!!! 

About 3 clicks of down trim and that was all. 


Flew it twice, the first time was just to shake it out a little bit, the second flight I was torque rolling and doing rolling circles like it was on a rail, and I haven't flown for three months.

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I would have flown it more but I ran out of daylight. I can't wait for another day with good weather so I go again, mean while I'll get started on the 40% Edge and help my friend with his 35% Edge.


Doug Cunning

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Matt Stek, age 16 with his new 40% Extra 330S

Our 40% Carden Extra 330S built by Mark Boguszewski won at the 2002 Toledo Show


We won two - 1st place awards.
1st Place in Aerobatic Airplanes
1st  Place in Monokote Covering
Jerry & Matt Stek
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            Joe Nall 2002         Matt with Dennis Gergits 
Mars Fun Fly

 tony_bonanno-40-330s-01.jpg (36634 bytes) Dennis,

I attach some pictures of my 40% Extra.  I have 39 flights on it and it
is  flying great.  I am also flying the 40% Edge and I am enjoying them both.

Tony Bonano 

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May 3rd, 2002

HI  Caroline,

Here are a few pics of my new 40% Extra 330S.  It was built by Mike Lapierre.  Isn't she pretty.

DA-150 for power and JR 8411's all around

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Flies like it's on rails!!! Thanks for the GREAT kit. Like it says on my trailer "Wouldn't you rather fly a Carden"

Please add my pics to the gallery if possible. Would it be possible to add with Tony Bonano's planes.  We fly together at the Black Dirt Squadron in Florida NY.

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The Club has 100 members We fly off 11 acres of grass which the club owns right in the middle of farm country.

About 75% of the club flies 35% and up aircraft (most of which are Cardens)

Thanks, Jay Sofia

louis_cribb_40extra -01.jpg (25648 bytes)  Louis Cribb 40% Extra 330S in Patty Wagstaff colors 
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Nov 6th, 2002

Here is Louis Cribb's new Extra 330S - Kirk Gray's back up plane at the 2002 TOC

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Powered by: DA150
Futaba servos and radio
4 9206'S on ailerons, 4 9206'S on elevators
2 5301'S for the pull/pull rudder, 1 9206 for the throttle
Duralite Plus Batteries, 2 3600ma and 1 1900ma on ignition
True Turn Spinner, 32/10 MENZ Prop

dennis_gergits-40extra-01.jpg (24460 bytes)  Dennis Gergits, Owner of Carden Aircraft

 40% Extra 330S

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May 26, 2002

In a recent visit to Brian Hueffmeier workshop, I was able to get some good pics of his new Extra that was on display at the Toledo show. That day Brian put it in the air for a quick run through of the sequence.  The aircraft presented very well and with that color scheme was very easy to see.  The DA-150 on canister mufflers made for a very quiet, easy on the ears flight.

Pictures courtesy of Adam Quennoz
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brian_huff_extra_330-084.jpg (36377 bytes) brian_huff_extra_330-cool-pic-800.jpg (48474 bytes) In flight pic added April 10, 2003

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