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40% Extra 300 MidWing

August 17, 2015

Hi Dennis,

I purchased this Extra as a used airframe a few years ago from Craig Bavery in the UK. I then proceeded to strip the airframe and recover & paint. Unfortunately at the weekend the (abnormally) hot UK sun warped my black canopy! My hope is to change it for a new one and leave it clear!



The model is fitted with a 3W 150QS on PEFA canisters. Controlled by a Futaba 18MZ and MKS HV777 servos. The performance is fantastic, it's such a wonderful plane to fly both in traditional 3D and IMAC schedules. 

Maybe one day I'll build the 124" Pro! Many thanks,


February 4, 2015
Hey Dennis, 
Just dropping  you an email with my picture.  In 2014  I flew my Carden Extra 300 118" in the Southwest Region of IMAC.  I came away with five 1st place and one 2nd place finishes.   With that I end the season with 5000  regional points and the 2014 IMAC SW Region Sportsman Champion.  This air frame truly  stepped up my flying!  Thank you for a great air plane.  Jason Neves

September 4, 2013

Dennis and Caroline,

I just flew my new Carden 118 this past weekend. I got the kit from Mark McClellan a few years back. This was my first giant scale build and I did a thread on the IMAC website from start to finish.


I love the way it flies, I had no aileron trim on it at all when I took off. I want to build a pro next. About the only modification I did was to have the servos inside the wings and the stabs. It turned out great.


Here are a few pictures.

Thanks for putting put such a great product.


August, 5 2013

Hi Dennis,
118" Carden 300 built and sold by Mike Bacosa to Jason Neves.  I got the job of finishing the plane out for Jason.  He gave me a little bit but not too much latitude on design.  

Finished in True Red, White, Silver, and Deep Blue Ultracote.  Paints matched by Finish Masters.  Nason basecoat/clearcoat.  Nason clearcoat.

Rich Sornborger

July 15, 2013


Took my 40% Carden Extra out flying on July Fourth and remembered I promised to send you some photos of myself and the plane. Well here they are, please use them as you see fit. This is the 3rd year of flying for this model and I enjoy it more every season!

Not as much time these days to fly as I would like, but when I do find the time, my 40% Carden Extra 300 Mid-Wing is my favorite plane to fly.


Best Regards!


Ed Rogala

May 15, 2013

Hey Dennis, here is my 118" Extra 300 I bought second hand and completely stripped the covering and paint. I am totally impressed with how this thing flies! I have my sights set on building a 124" one day.

Russ W.

September 12, 2012

I am in love with my 118 300!  Maiden was back in March I think and I have over a hundred flights and have attended six IMAC events this year in the SE region. This is my first year flying IMAC, currently in sportsman and I'll most likely be in the regional event as well. We will be moving to intermediate next year.  Looking foward to speaking with you again,


April 18, 2012

Hi Dennis & Caroline,
I have recently completed a couple projects for Albert Hibpshman (full 118" Extra 300 midwing build/finish ) & his wife Jeanette (a 5-6 yr. old  118"  Extra 330 airframe modified to a midwing with a  can tunnel added) & have included a few photo's.


Both these models feature handmade wood cowl & wheelpants & are completely covered in Monokote. Hope all is well, talk again soon.

February 3, 2012

Hi Dennis and Caroline,

I recently acquired one of your 118 inch Mid wing 300’s. It was originally built by Brian Huffmeier and I bought it from Jim Spurlock.  I have attached a few pictures of my Carden.


It has the DA 170 that I won at the Shootout in it, and RE3 Pipes.  Please feel free to use the pictures in the Gallery if you like, I am definitely a Carden Believer now! 


It’s funny because a friend of mine, Mike Bacosa just ordered the 118 300 from you. He ordered it because I let him fly mine.


I don’t know that I could ever build one of your planes, but I am going to watch the progress of Mikes, because I will want another one.  Thanks for the great aircraft you guys make. I am a believer.  It’s funny, I just thought, there are about 3 other guys in my club that are considering buying a kit after they flew mine. Maybe one of them will feel like doing a double build….     J

Talk to you soon,

Bill Adams

January 3, 2012


Hey Dennis and Caroline,



Hope you guys had a great New Years. I finally got a chance to take pictures of the plane Mark built. The wood cowl and wooden pants he does is just a work of art. Hope you like it and hope you guys have an awesome year!!




August 7, 2011

Hey there Dennis
Attended the Grand Prix in Molalla OR and took home a 1st place in Sportsman with a total of 5000 points.

The Extra 300 is flying great. I was able to fix the wing bolts on one side and reset the incidence on both sides.

Registered for the Tucson Shootout in October.  The win at Molalla put me at 84 points so I am praying for a spot on the roster. Keith and Bill took some awesome pictures of all the Cardens flying IMAC in the NW. I am sure they will find there way to you.

We figured a total of $80,000.00 in Cardens spanned from side to side on the runway. We had to stack them like domino's wing over wing to get them all in one picture. It was an awesome site to see, I wish you were there.
Hope you are doing well and have a great week.

July 13, 2011

JC Alavarez's new 118" Extra 300.

July 6, 2011

Hey there Dennis
Wanted to send ya some pics of the plane in action. Took it to Wenatchee this last weekend and won first place. As of this weekend 1 second place finish and 2 first place wins with the new plane. I am still ironing out some trim issues moved the CG back a little.

My sponsor ordered new stickers for the plane last week so will send ya some pics when I get them on the plane.
Hope you are having a great 4th July weekend.
Portland Oregon.

June 7, 2011

Thank you so much for all your help and support along the way. This weekend I finished the plane and was able to maiden. Put 4 gallons of gas through it in 2 days. All I can say is WOW. The plane is far more superior then all my expectations. The dry weight is 39.8. I think Neil Westdorp said it weighed in at 37 or 38 when he had it.

I am going to go with Carbon landing gear and cardon spinner to bring it back down a bit. It was a long road to this point but well worth the effort. The best part about the purchase and restore of the Extra is the awesome folks I met along the way. I've never met you in person and some day hope to but you have been a significant help.

Have a great week

April 27, 2011

Hello Caroline,

It has been a long time since I emailed you.  In the last 2 weeks I had a fly in and the first competition of this year.  A few people made some photos and I wanted to share them with you.  With friendly regards,

Jurriën Vissers

March 10, 2011


I have attached some pictures of my new airplane for the 2011 IMAC Season.  The plane was built by Cam, and was covered and painted by my good friend Mike Hilderbrandt.  It should be a very light and solid performer, and I am looking forward to the maiden in a couple of weeks.   


The airplane has the engine (DA-170) and KS Cans in it right now.  Without the radio equipment it weighs 32 Lbs.  I think with the radio equipment it should be under 36 Lbs.


This is my second Carden and couldn’t be happier. 

Mike did a lot of different things on this Carden.  Ghost checkers on the cowl and wheel paints.  The plane looks excellent.  What is so great about Cardens is they look and fly great. 


Chris Woycke

Januarry 4, 2011




 FABULOUS airplane!





September 29, 2010

Hola Carolina and Dennis!!

How are you?

Here is everything ok!!


I´m sending photos of Carden Extra 30040% owned by Rolando Serna Sr. of Monterrey Nvo León for the Web Carden

It was very nice and soon will be the premiere.


The name of this aircraft is "Regio" meaning the adjective of men born in Monterrey, Nuevo León.


Carolina and Dennis, I hope to see you soon and I send many greetings and all my love

June 2, 2010

Dear Dennis & Caroline,

I got my 118" Extra 300 Mid-Wing into the air yesterday. This is my first 40% airframe and my

fourth Carden Extra ( I owned/flew three 35% Extra 330s). I had no concerns about how the plane would

fly (after all it's a Carden), but still had the normal pre-flight jitters.

Powered by a DA-170 on K&S Cans, and swinging a Mejzlik 30-13 prop, powered was not a concern.


I will send some more photos, including some of myself with the model in the coming weeks.

Thanks for continuing to make the best flying, best-building, giant scale aerobatic planes!

Warmest Regards,

The "Hobby "Guy"

Ed Rogala

April 6, 2010


Hello Caroline,

Today we did the first flight on the Carden.
It flies super, we have attached some pictures from the airplane in this email.



With friendly regards,
Jurriën Vissers

December 14, 2009


Hi Caroline.


There is MANTO's New EXTRA300.




He got best score UNKNOWN R2.(more higher score than TETSUO ONDA)

He loves extar300. "Very Light & Super precision paformance."



He use DSX12 JR 6311HV(36.5kg/cm) all around &

DA150 MTW110 .


Tomohisa Konishi

September 9, 2009

Dennis and Caroline here is my new Extra 300 that Mike Vasellaro built for me!



May 27, 2009


Hi Dennis & Caroline,

IMAC NI was last weekend, it was an absolutely superb event, we had 21 pilots in total, which was the largest ever for any IMAC UK competition. We also had a lot of spectators probably in the region of 100 each day, again this is a rare thing at UK IMAC Comps.

The prizes you kindly sponsored went down a storm and it really made the event very special, I can't thank you enough. It looks like its going to become a regular event and next year I aim for bigger and better, hopefully attracting some big International names to compete!!

On a personal front I was competing as well as organizing so it was busy. It worked out well though I took first in Unlimited Class using my Carden Extra with DA170 and first in Freestyle using the H9 Sukhoi for that, it was nice to win on home soil!!

I have attached a few pictures, I will sort through the many 100s of images and put an article together this week. I was asked by RCMW in the UK to write an article on the event so it will double up for the website and fingers crossed the magazines. I'll send it through once it's done, just thought I'd drop you a quick note.


Once again my Dad & I can't thank you enough for your kindness,


May 13, 2009

Things this side have been great!  I've probably got over 100 flights on the 300 now and absolutely LOVE it!  I went over to Belgium this last weekend for their annual large aero fly-in! 

The Carden got tonnes of interest and i suspect it was the only one in Europe?  I had the opportunity yesterday to have a go on the little 50cc yak and was amazed!  It flies light and stable like my 300!  I might have to get one.

Keep well,


May 5, 2009

Hey Dennis and Caroline,
Here are some pics of my Extra 300 after dad and I got done refinishing it!! I can't say enough how well it flies!!!

Thanks again,
Justin Hilderbrandt

April 29, 2009

Hi Mrs. Caroline and Mr. Dennis,


I finally got out to fly my new 118" Extra 300 and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the way it flew. The overall finish and flying characteristics make it my favorite airplane in the fleet. 




I was a little worried about building this one, being only 15, but the way you guys thought out this design is top notch making the build process a breeze.


For anyone considering getting a Carden kit of any kind but are worried about the build process, point them to this response showing that if a 15 year old can build it, anyone can.

Thanks for designing such a nice flying airplane.

 Neil Westdorp

April 22, 2009

Well after 8 months and about 200 hours here is the finished product.  Myself and my dad, Rick Commander, with some guidance from Melvin Holtman, managed to get it done.  My friend Mr. John Chlozek covered and painted the plane for me.  The plane is covered in Ultracote and the paint is PPG .  The plane is powered a by DA150 and has Hitec 5955 servos.  The plane weighs 36.8lb . . . very nice!




Keith Commander


March 4, 2009


Hola Carolina and Dennis!

How are you?, here is everything fine!!!


Now I present to you
This is the Alebrije´s ... which means ?...(The Alebrije´s is a  fantastic figure born of the magical mind of a Mexican artist. Iguana Half and half tiger, an eagle devouring which in turn eats Quetzalcoatl.)


The owner is Jorge Barroso of Oaxaca, a beautiful and magical city of Mexico, my homeland!.
Soon it will be the premiere here in Guadalajara! In my club
And as always, Carden Aircraft are the best airplanes on the market!!!



The design of the Scheme was made by Manuel Santos, decorations and applications of Monokote by Arturo Galarza and was built for my Sierraplane®


February 17, 2009

Here you go my new 300 40%.  The 126" is almost completed.  At Aerographix getting graphix finished,   This is one awesome flying machine.  I cant wait to fly the 126"


Jason Cohen

January 14, 2009

Craig Baverey shows off the 3d capabilities of his Extra 300, check out the youtube video for  some action footage!


Thanks for the kind words about my flying earlier!;-)
Was good to catch up!  Attached are the pics and the new video link!  I'll get a pic sorted with the install!  Keep well.


December 6, 2008

Hi Dennis and Caroline
Just thought I would share this with you!!!
I flew my 40% 300 today in sub 2degs for the first time after 6 weeks building  and all i can say is WOW! after flying many composites I am now converted!!

A big thanks to both of you for all the help and awesome service! I've posted some pics but will send you some better ones for your site once I've decided on a scheme for the wings!  I still need to weigh her but she feels super light and 3d is amazing!
my setup is as follows
DA150- greves pipes,  Engel 29x12 3 blade, Powerbox Royal,  JR 8711"s all round!

It's one sweet plane!  Cant wait for it to warm up!
Now to get on with the 260!  A link to my build thread:
kindest regards
Craig Baverey

September 7, 2008



I just wanted to post a few comments here about my new Carden 300 that I am flying in IMAC Competitions. I purchased this airframe from my friend, John Huntington towards the end of July.


It had about 20-30 flights on it before John sold it to me, so it was basically a new airplane. I now have about 30 flights on it myself, and am really beginning to get to know it well.

Cam McCausey built this kit, and I must say after flying this plane that whatever he charges to build one is worth it. If you are interested in competing at the absolute highest level in precision aerobatics, having a straight, powerful, and light airframe is a necessity. This airplane surpassed my expectations in all three of these areas.

Kit: Carden Aircraft Extra 300 mid-wing,  Engine: Desert Aircraft DA-150
Exhaust: Greves Pipes, Prop: Mejzlik 30x12
Radio: JR 12x with 8711 servos
Weight: 35 lb., 8 oz.

Thanks to Carden, Cam McCausey, and John Huntington for getting this great airplane into my hands. Also thanks to my 2-year old son Colin for all of his help maintaining this baby!


Read Ken's report on FlyingGiants

August 25, 2008


Hi Dennis & Caroline,

 I just completed my new Carden 40% Extra 300. This was a fairly fast build that went together straight, light and with good parts fit. The kit had the new CNC lightened motor box which I would definitely opt for again.


All control surfaces utilize the Durant Direct Drive servo system which saves overall weight and yields very positive slop free control. The plane has a typical setup using a DA150, Mejzlik 28.5x12  3B, KS canisters, A123 batteries (no regs), power expander, Hitec 7955's throughout, etc. It's all up weight came to 36 pounds 10 ounces.


Although I'm still in the trim process it already flies easier and with less required inputs than what I'm used to. It has a very smooth and locked-in presentation and holds lines very well. Stall turns are a thing of beauty with straight down waggle free rotation.

I could say all the typical things like everyone else says about your planes (it flies straight, has axial rolls, snaps & spins great, etc.) and I would not be lying. Bottom line IMO, is an awesome airframe!

Thanks for developing such quality products for our hobby.

 Dean Nistetter

More info on Deans Durant Direct Drive setup here.

August 25, 2008

Hola Carolina and Dennis!
Hi, hi!!!

How are you!!

I send the following pictures of the premier of MEXI BOY® EXTRA 300 CARDEN, property of Carlos "Niño" Vargas.


The design of the Scheme was made by Manuel Santos, decorations and applications of Monokote by Arturo Galarza and was built for my Sierraplane®


The premiere was on Saturday august 23 in Guadalajara in our club CAJ, and everything went perfect!!



Carlos will take part in the 2008 Shootout with this airplane, his name is Mexi Boy®

I Hope to see you in Tucson AZ



August 13, 2008

Caroline and Dennis,

Well the 2008 Canadian Nats are now the books!  Attached is a picture of my 40% Extra 300 – finished 1st in Unlimited!! I built this airplane new for the 07' season and currently have well over 300 flights on it.


Guillaume Saucier  Full text letter from Guillaume.

August 5, 2008


I now know why so many fly the Carden Aircraft. Hands down the best plane I have flown to date. Really looking forward to the next one.


Kris  Van Nostran


July 17, 2008,

Thanks for such a wonderful flying plane!!!!   i love it!

talk to you guys soon....hope you're planning on making Tucson again.



June 22, 2008,


I finally got my 300 in the air! So far I'm a real happy camper.

I have not weighed it yet, but estimate 39lbs. My 3W 170ss hauls  it out of a hover with no problem at all.  The other person in two of the photos is the builder, Stan LaPointe.

June 22, 2008,

Dennis and Caroline,
Here is some pics of my new 300, it looks and flies phenomenal.

Mike Hilderbrandt 


June 22, 2008,

Hi Dennis . . . Enclosed are pictured of my converted 40% Extra 300.  It is powered with a DA 150 on MTW canisters.  Hitech 5955s al the way around.  A123 batteries with a Smart Fly power box. 

10 flights so far.  Flies very solid; should be a great performer.

Regards . . .

Jerrry Gleicher

June 17, 2008,

Dennis and Caroline,

Attached are a few pictures of my new 300.  It's flying great.


Thanks for your help.

Bobby Hawthorne.

June 2, 2008,

Hi Dennis/Caroline,

Just a quick email to say that the new 300 has flown and very successfully!!

We test flew on Saturday afternoon and all went well , it flies very well and with it being less than 36lbs, it has great power and feels very light on the sticks.

Many thanks on a great airplane and for all your help, let's hope I can fly it at Tucson this year!!  I've attached a link of a small write up I did on the test flight and some photos also.

Carden Extra 300


Matthew & Trevor




March 31, 2008,

Hola Carolina a Dennis how are you!!!

Here in Guadalajar is very hot!!!!!!!

Carolina will once again send my Extra 300, which is called "The Friend" beautiful!,

And flies excellent, thank you ...



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