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40% Extra 300 MidWing


March 26, 2008

Dennis and Caroline,

Here are a few pictures of my 300.  What a great airplane.

Josh Bunn


January 15, 2008

Hi Dennis and Caroline,

I finally finished my new 40% Extra 300 Mid-wing. I took it to the field this past weekend to run it up and get some pictures if the weather looks good this coming weekend I will take it up on its first flights. I am really looking forward to it and will send you an update. I am positive the results will be like all my other Cardens have been - a total joy to fly. The quality of the design, kit, and flying characteristics is always the best in the air - Thank You.


Some info about the plane:
Engine: DA150 on MTW canisters
Prop: Mejzlik 32 x 10
Equipment: JR - 10X with 8611a's on the ailerons, 8711's on rudder (push pull) and elevators, Dual     receivers tied to an Emcotec DPSI Twin for a true redundant system. Rocket City hardware using pro-links and AirWild servo arms

Power Setup: Fromeco 5200's on the Emcotec, one 2600 on ignition tied to a badger switch and regulator

Artwork: The eagle design drawn by my daughter (Kelly) with my interpretation on the wings and tail surfaces all expertly reproduced by Kirby Kustom Graphics.

The plane balanced perfectly right in front of the wing tube as built so the batteries were mounted as close to the CG as possible.
I will be talking to you soon I just wanted to get some pictures to you quickly.
Take care.

John Mitchell

December 19th, 2007

Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2007 12:08 PM
Subject: Extra 300

I know you have heard from many of your customers that the new Extra 300 is THE UNDISPUTED KING of IMAC, but I have not seen people giving the Extra 300 the credit it deserves as a 3D Beast.



With minimal work my 300 came in at 37 lbs exactly with stock wing tube and landing gear.  It is powered by a DA 150 with K&S canisters,  JR 8611's on all flying surfaces (two on the rudder push  pull) and 8231's on Throttle and Choke.



Here are the Carden's at our past IMAC contest in the NE . . .



These are the Extra 300's by David Michael, Albert Santiago, and myself Rob Teseo

Thanks, Rob

September 12th, 2007
Dennis and Caroline

Lou Matustik and I recently made a long trek to the 2007 Canadian IMAC National Championships in Cookstown, Ontario.  The Canadian IMAC Nats was an outstanding contest with nearly 60 competitors, awesome prizes from many sponsors, and great organization by the CDs.  Attached is a picture of Lou's 40% Carden Extra 260 (3rd in Advanced) and my 40% Carden Extra 300 (1st in Unlimited)!  Both of our planes were framed and covered by Cam McCausey Competition Aircraft.  We are having a great time this season flying our Carden's in IMAC competitions.  I thought you would also be interested to learn that the top 5 places in the Unlimited class at the Canadian Nats were dominated by four different Carden Aircraft designs!  (see the list below)
1  Kurt Koelling      40% Carden Aircraft Extra 300
2  Ivan Kristensen   40% Carden Aircraft Extra 260
3  Frank Noll Jr.      37% Carden Aircraft Yak 54
4  Nicolas Pinzon   40% Carden Aircraft Extra 330
5  Cam McCausey  40% Carden Aircraft Extra 300
Thanks for designing such outstanding competition aircraft!

Sincerely, Kurt Koelling

September 12th, 2007
Dennis and Caroline

Well, I finally got my new Extra 300 in the air this month.  Sweet!  It tracks super-straight and performs really crisp snap manuevers. 

 I would think that IMAC guys would be all over this one - very precise, plus it 3D's really well too. 

Mark Boguszewski did a fantastic job finishing this airplane and he deservedly won two awards at Toledo.  All graphics are meticulously hand-cut from Monokote (yikes!).  Now I just gotta learn how to fly the darn thing!

Thanks, Dave Kelly

September 12th, 2007
Hola Carolina y Dennis;

Finally I used my new Extra 300 40% for the first time. Beautiful!!! Extremely easy to fly!.




I would like to thank to Wayne Geffon for allowing me to use his scheme, that is very simple but beautiful.


Thanks to John Mitchell for his advice too. And to Arturo Galarza for his help and for being an excellent friend and decorator. 


And finally to you Carolina and Dennis for the beautiful planes you make.The best ones in the market.


I send you some pictures.

Javier Sierra

September 12th, 2007
Dennis and Caroline,


Hey guys how are you doing.  This has got to be the best picture in the world.  I just love it.  "Wood is Good" when flying a Carden!!!!!!

Chris Campos

July 13, 2007
Dennis and Caroline,

Just returned from the IMAC Nationals where I won the 2007 IMAC Unlimited National Championship and was also awarded the 2007 Bill Bennett Cup for highest overall raw scores.  I was competing with a 40% Carden Aircraft Extra 300 built and finished by Cam McCausey Competition Aircraft (see attached photo).  The plane has awesome power to weight ratio which I love for demanding snap and roll combinations on vertical uplines.  I have never felt so connected with an airplane as I have with your new 300.  Thanks so much for designing an awesome flying airplane!

Sincerely, Kurt Koelling

July 11, 2007

Dennis and Caroline,

I talked with Albert today and he mentioned that he was sending along some pics of my Extra.  I thought I'd send along some notes too-  I can't seem to find what I wrote on Flying Giants but here's some of my thoughts:

I've been flying the new Extra 300 for a few months now and I still feel the way I did the first day-  I love it!  It is absolutely my favorite plane yet- both in the looks, the finish and the way it flies.  You really hit the nail on the head with this one. I have enough flights on it now to get a good evaluation

My initial reactions are still true-  smooth flying, a great rolling airplane, very strong rudder and elevator.  Knife edge and rolling circles are a breeze.  Snaps great and I have no trouble hitting wings level on exit.  I felt very comfortable with this plane more quickly than any other.  I may have to get another!  I did only the "basic" lightening mods- cutting lightening holes in the engine box, canopy, bottom of the fuse and the rudder and and I'm at about 37lbs with canisters and a ZDZ Super 160. 


I have about 4% elevator mix on knife edge and none on ailerons- keep in mind that I have the plane set up mechanically to give me sequence throws only- like 15 degrees on the elevator - so 4% is really very little mix.  On downlines the plane pulls just ever so slightly to the nose- so little that I have not mixed it out, instead just breathing on the down elevator.

It is always an attention getter when I bring it out and even more after they see it fly.  Great job on this one.  Here's a few pics of mine and Alberts from the Spring.

Dave Michael,  Laurel, MD

July 10, 2007

Here's a picture Of Dave Michael and my self with our 300s.


    Dave Michael


Albert Santiago

June 13, 2007

Dennis and Caroline,

Sorry it has taken so long to get this to you.  I have right at 60 flights on my new Carden Extra 300 and really love this plane.

First off, I think its the best looking Carden to date.  The large canopy really makes the whole plane in my opinion. 

Walt and Dave did a beautiful job for me.  Its as straight as it can be and looks amazing.

I have never used any trim and the pitch and roll coupling is minimal at best. 

My CG is right on the front part of the wing tube and feels good for me there. 

I think its the best rolling plane I have flown.  45 lines, up and down, are effortless to make look good.  Very, very slight rudder at the 90's keeps the nose pointed where its supposed to.

Makes it easy! 

I also love the way it does Hammerheads.  You can literally stop it on an upline with a little power left in, kick the rudder and it rotates right around the CG and comes back down the same line you went up. 

I have had it at 3 contests this year so far and the plane attracts a lot of attention.  I think it has all the best qualities of the 330 and the 260 rolled up into this new airframe.

My plane is set up only for precision flight.  Short servo arms and maximum Travel Volumes gives it a great feel in the air.

Several of my friends have flown it and they all say its like cheating.  I am all for cheating!

Thanks a lot for the opportunity to get one of the Prototypes and to let us show it in the booth at Toledo.

Heres a list of whats in it and a picture taken last weekend at the Columbus IMAC Challenge.

Thanks again,  Wayne Geffon

April 12, 2007

Here are a couple pics of my new 300 after its first flight April 4th.


I just can't thank you enough.  

Thanks Tony Lemay

March 23, 2007

Caroline and Dennis

 I would like to thank you for your Extra 300 kit. It was my first carden build but will not be my last.


I enjoyed the build very much and you were very helpful with all of my questions. If we ever stop getting snow up here in Vermont, 40+ inches in the last three weeks, I might be able to maiden it.


Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  Sincerely Tony LeMay   

March 13, 2007

Hi Dennis- Just wanted to let you know I put five flights on the 300 today and I wish you could see the smile on my face!


I can't believe how easy the rollers are with this airplane!

Albert Santiago.

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