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September 10, 2013

Dennis and Caroline,

Attached are some pictures of my Carden Extra 260 35% on the day of her maiden flight (Sep 7, 2013).  My good friend Kris Van Nostran did the ďturn keyĒ build, to include designing the cover scheme.  

I know you have heard this many times, but your planes are awesome.Kris flew the maiden flight and I made the second.  She weighs about 30 pounds and is powered by a DA 100 with canisters.  Hitec 7955 servos all the way around.  Monokote covering and auto paint on the cowl, wheel paints, landing gear and hatch.

I also have one of your original Cap 232 35% airframes that Kris salvaged, including sawing off the nose and completely rebuilding the front end.  She weighs about 34 pounds with a DA 100, but flys just as solid as ever.


Steve Formanek

November 12, 2012

Hello Caroline,


Been a while since I spoke with you folks. Don't know if you remember me or not. This is Justin Gesquiere, one of Mark B's customers. Mark finished a 40% 260 for me this year.


I've attached some pictures for you to see how it turned out.





October 15, 2012

Dennis and Caroline,

Hope you guys are well and doing well. I heard someone at the field the other day say you couldnít expect a built up giant scale aircraft to last more than a few seasons. 

Well, here are a couple pictures of my 35% Extra 260, still going strong after 6 years!! The plane and the D&B 120cc Engine are still rock solid!!!

This plane was the best investment I ever made in the hobby.  Donít tell me built up airplanes donít last!  Have a great winter!


Kraig Krumm

Canton, Ohio

October 7, 2012


Hi,  John Eells here, from the northwest.  I bought the yellow 118" 260 carden from Bill Burgad.  Bill has built several cardens and does a real bang up job.  I started flying this model early this year and have had a really good time..  Here is a photo of Bill with 3 of his most recent builds that are currently still flying in the Northwest IMAC competitions.

The next photos is Bill with his current 43% 260, My wife Le Eells standing next to my 40% 260 and Dan Lurvey with his Carden Yak - all built by Bill Burgad.-
John Eells

September 24, 2012


Hola Carolina y Dennis!!

Yesterday premiered my Carden Extra 260 35%, just beautiful with amazing flight, as all I've made ​​Carden.
We installed a 120cc with a Mezlick DA 29 X 10 and was excellent.


The plane baptized as Gianni (Gian Luca) in memory of my great friend who was always with me, only 14 years and 2 months ago I slept ... was a giant schnauzer.


Carolina and Dennis thanks for making these kits the best on the planet!

Javier Sierra


August 8, 2012

Hi Caroline & Dennis,

Thought you might like to see a couple pic's of Justin Gesquire's completed Extra 260 project.



I modified the scheme from a full-scale Extra 330 SC to fit the 260 airframe,& changed up the colors also. I have a thread up on Flying Giants also if you get a chance to check it out:


Hope you are both doing well,& enjoying your Summer so far, it's been pretty hot & dry locally. Talk again soon.


November 21, 2011

Hello Dennis,


This is Jake Mergler, I talked to you awhile ago about setting up a used 40% 260.  Well I finally got it flying, and man-o-man, it's amazing! 

Maiden took place on a windy, cold Ohio fall evening with 30mph gusts, but I wanted to fly it before winter hit so I went for it.   And it went from there, best plane I have flown to date, I love it!  One click of left aileron and it was straight and true!  I am the third owner of the bird originally, it was built by woody and cam and I got it from sleepyc on flying giants.

Thanks for the awesome planes and the support!  Just awesome customer service!  I have attached a few photos for your galley if you want to add them.  A new covering job is scheduled for the bird this winter.  Thanks again

Your friend,

Jake Mergler

August 23, 2011


Greg Poppel shows off his new 118" Extra 260 built by Matk Boguszewski.  Marks builds feature hand crafted wood cowls and wheelpants!

August 1, 2011


Hi Dennis and Caroline,

I've had this plane finished for quite some time and just realized that I haven't mailed you guys any pics.



I bought the plane from a guy that built and flew it for a season but had a spinner blow apart on him, thus doing damage to the fuse.  Between him and I it was finished late spring.  She has a DA 100L with stock pipes and Mejzlik 27x10 prop.


I tried to keep her as light as possible(26 1/2 lbs) rtf.  She is setup for single servos per surface - hitec 7955 tg's

What an amazing bird!



This is the sweetest flying plane I have flown in my 27+ years of flying.  It will hover right at a 1/4 throttle and high alpha is insane!


I kept the wings and horizontal surfaces as he had them but came up with my own simple scheme for the fuse. Right now I have over 60 flights on her and up until a month ago, when I broke my arm, I was flying the 260 every day. Guys, keep up the great work!


Best regards and happy flying,

Steve Hildebrand

July 5, 2011

My name is Corey Ford and my dad and I have just returned from the AMA Scale Aerobatic NATS. I am pleased to say that thanks to my Carden 118" 260, I am the intermediate national champion. We purchased the airplane with 30 flights on it back in april, and have since put 17 gallons of gas through the motor.

I have simply never flown an airplane that flies so light on the wings, yet tracks a line perfectly straight no matter what the wind conditions may be. We are running a DA-150 on MTW cans, JR 8911HV's and a JR X9503 for guidance. Thanks so much for a truly amazing airplane!


Thanks, Corey

April 5, 2011

Hi Caroline & Dennis,
Oracle Extra I finished for Dennis Brown did well at Toledo, taking a 1st. place in Covering category (Monokote) & 2nd. in Aerobatic class. Dennis drove all the way from So. Carolina & attended the show Sunday & picked it up.

Talk again soon,


October 5, 2010

Hi Dennis and Caroline,


Killer paint scheme for my 2010 40% Extra 260.  Covering is Monokote and paint is PPG one stage from Radio South.  Two flights and it was ready to compete.  Love my Carden's.


May 18, 2010


Hey guys how are yall doing.  Thought you might want to see this picture from Joe Nall.  Rudder Dunking.  J


I think this is the best picture I have seen.  Although my plane is in it.  Lol It is a good picture with nice backgrounds.

May 13, 2010

Hi Dennis,

I have been been meaning to send you pictures of the 40% 260 that I flew last year.  I am now flying a 43% 260 that I will send you those pictures soon.  Please add the attached pictures to your website and my gallery.


The 40% 260 was built, covered and painted by Tom Mikalauskus (thank you very much Tom for a perfect plane) and all graphics are from Kirby's Graphics.  It is powered by a DA 150, uses all JR equipment - 2.4 12x, 8611's on all control surfaces - 2 on each aileron, 1 on each elevator half, 3 on the rudder and an 8411 on throttle.

The Rx is a 2.4 JR 1222 and the batteries are all 4900mah Duralites -  2 for the rx and 1 for the ignition with JR regulators. I flew the plane all last year in numerous IMAC contests and enjoyed it very much.  As with all my Cardens, they always exceed expectations.  Thank you as always for support when needed and for providing us with such a superior product.

Tony Bonanno

May 4, 2010


Attached is a picture of my plane. The best plane I ever had.



Ramon De Zubiria

February 23, 2010


Hey Dennis/Caroline!  Here are couple pictures from today.

The maiden went well.  We weighed the plane and it came out to 39.8lbs.  This number is with cans and a smoke system installed so I am pretty pleased with the weight. 

Other than a great first couple of flights everything went perfect.  We had great weather and a great flight.  Here are a few pictures I took while at the field.




December 14, 2009

Hi Dennis & Caroline, This Saturday we got a chance to test fly our 260 which had the slight mishap at the British Nationals last August. My dad has worked wonders as usual and it's looking as good as new totally recovered and re-servoed so it feel really crisp in the air. We had 2 good flights before it got too cold, it was flying great!

Just thought we would let you know, the 43% 300 is on the board, the sheets are being joined at the moment so my dad can vacuum bag everything together over the Christmas holidays.


Thanks, Matthew

December 11, 2009

Chris Campos with a few words on his new 260: 

It flies much different from my 330.  I think it might because it is a little lighter.  My 330 midwing had a smoke system in it and this 260 does not have a smoke system in it so I shed a little weight there.  Everything else is setup identical to my 330.  CG is set at 4 inches behind the tip.   

All in all I am happy with the plane.  It rolls out just a hair on knife edges and tracks pretty well on knife edge.  I will mix those out but I can tell it wonít take much.

Have not weighed it yet but it does seem to pull out of a hover a lot better.    Hereís a couple pictures for you.


October 29, 2009


Bob Scheppele and his 104"Extra 260.


Powered by a 3W 106 QS



Canister exhausts, JR guidance.

September 21, 2009

Hi Dennis

I finished this plane last summer, but did not take any pictures until now. I have only about 60 flights on it, probably because I am too busy flying my other Cardens. The 260 as usual, is a great flying ship.

My Extra 330 is on its sixth season. The airframe has gone through two sets of servos, one pair of tires, one tail gear, one set of canisters, three sets of lipos, and is still going strong.  I am sure the 260 will prove to be just as durable and blast to fly.



Tsai Chen

September 21, 2009

Mike Sebastien's 104" Extra 260.  Mike is preparing to do a 118" version in the same scheme.

August 22, 2009

Tor Einar Sotlien shows off his beautiful 104" extra 260.


Tor Einar sent us these pics from Asker, Norway.

June 2, 2009

Hi Dennis and Caroline

Well the little Carden has flown and WOW its great!  Super light at 24.1LBS and the single servo and stiffened Ailerons are working very well!  The DA100 pulls this plane around like a deranged mule!  Flies like its bigger brother and 3D is even better!

Setup is: DA100, Zimmerman 60mm cans,  Mejzlik 28x10, Hitec HS 7955 TG's, Powerbox  champion.
Thanks once again for a sweet plane!!!!



Here is a video link of Craig flying his 260 in freestyle:  Craig's freestyle

May 30, 2009

Dennis & Caroline,

Attached is a photo of my 40% Carden 260.  I started flying the aircraft this year and now have about 30 flights on it.  I absolutely love flying this airplane, and look forward to building a 43% 260 next year.  I am now a Carden fan!


Chris Woycke

May 16, 2009
Hi Caroline and Dennis
 I maidened my Extra 260 tonight.  I only got two flights in but initial impressions are great.  Plane took off with little trim adjustments to get straight and level.   I didn't get the 35 #s I was targeting.  I tried real hard, measured all the items, glue and wood and still couldn't hit the 35 #s.  I guess I will have to be satisfied with 34.5 #s :)).   I have measured it two different ways and the average is 34.5.  I did a couple of verticals and it pulls like crazy.   Needless to say I am very pleased.  Thanks again for all your help and advice, I really appreciate it. 
Take care

May 12, 2009

Dennis and Caroline,

Here is my 40_260 on maiden day...flew awsome.  Hope you like it!!! Kind of a modified Frank scheme...I really like his airplanes covering and painting...someone is doing a fantastic job on his airplanes....been snooping around Flying Giants and have found several folks who are amazing builders of the Carden Aircraft...I envy there talents.

Peter Watkins

May 11, 2009

Dear Caroline and Dennis,


Last fall at an IMAC contest a fellow competitor let me try out his 40% Carden. As soon as I flew it I knew it was something different! A couple of weeks later, we jumped at the opportunity to buy a 40% Carden Extra 260 built by Ted Barrette.

Over the winter we modified it slightly, making the rudder removable, so that it could fit in our hatchback. A few weeks ago we ďmaidenedĒ it and ever since weíve been avidly practicing (Iím flying the Intermediate this year, and Ray is flying the Advanced). Itís great! Itís rock solid in the air and makes everything easier.



As you know Iíve been wanting a Carden for a long time and finally it came true J. I canít wait to compete with it! We also got the wingbag set with the plane and they are the best wingbags ever. Thanks for making such nice products. I am attaching some pictures of the aircraft at the field and in our car.

Thank you and best wishes,

Isabel Deslauriers

April 2, 2009

Dennis, just wanted to let you know I flew my 118" 260 yesterday. It was a pleasure to build this kit and thanks for your time on the phone helping me.


Attached are some photos. Feels like I've had it for years!



-Vince Musser

February 11, 2009

This 40% Ex 260 plane was built by Harry Dunlap for Gary Barnard.  Ben Selock test flew it.  Ben used the plane up at Jacksonville for the IMAC meet and took second place in advanced.  Pic# 4 is Ben flying while Gary is sitting.


October 1, 2008

Caroline and Dennis here are a few pictures worth putting on the site. Its my son Josh Peters Carden 40% Extra 260 built by Eric Watz. Josh is 13 and is a up and coming hard core pilot.  We have had a great time this summer flying this fine machine. 

To date we have put 80 flights on it and every flight it just gets better. Its set up with a DA150 on K&S 1090 pipes. Mejzlik 28.5 X 12 3 blade prop. JR 12X radio and DS8711 servos all around. Dual FROMECO A123 4600 Mah battery packs and one FROMECO A123 2300 Mah on the ignition and three Kodiak switches with one JR Power safe 1222 receiver. Smart Fly ignition cutoff.
The all up weight is  38.5 pounds and the power is unreal. We both have been amazed at the flight performance these Carden aircraft offer. I cant believe it took me 26 years to finally arrive at this conclusion of perfection. THANKS!!! 
Josh and James Peters

September 6, 2008

Dennis and Caroline,

Just wanted to thank you again for all that you do for us/me.  Our modeling community is a  much better place with you and your products in it. 

I have to say that flying your 260 has been a real joy.  I feel that I have the best equipment available from  the Airplane, Engine, Radio, Exhaust, Propeller, Batteries on down the line. 

In the approximately 400 flights on this airframe I have had to re-glue, re-torque, repair nothing on the airframe.  No loose sticks, glue joints, seams, exhaust mounts, nothing at all.  A true testament to your design quality.

After I got home and unpacked the trailer, I unfolded the wing bags to lay flat and checked out the "wood" box.  Wow, the wood looks great.  I know you said you had some great balsa but this stuff really looks top notch. 

Another thanks for the great wood.  Maybe I can compete with Cam this year!  I got close with my current 260 but using 15 ounces of Probond to his 8 ounces of epoxy was the difference.  I am at 35 lbs 6 ounces.  Kurt's was just a bit lighter.

Anyway, great seeing you two and hope to see you again soon.


Will Berninger

July 12, 2008

Hello Dennis and Carolyn, 

I thought you would like  to see some  photos I took of of Mitch and Tracy Kral's new Carden 40%  Extra 260.  - DA 150 on cans, JR PCM 10X  radio with 8611A servos, Fromeco batteries 2 JR Receivers and Ultracote Covering.

Mitch's craftsmanship is second to none.  The stunning show stopping paint scheme is done in both Ultracote and automotive  paint.   

The plane is ready for its test  flight - We are just  waiting for a good day for the test  flight but have every expectation that it will fly like all other Carden aircraft - Great!  I have several 35 and 40% Carden aircraft and they  fly great! Hope you enjoy the photos.

Best Regards,

Don Apostolico

Don's Hobby Shop

Salina, Kansas

June 10, 2008


Hi Dennis, 

Hope you and Caroline are doing well!  Attached are a few pictures of the Extra with the decals on.  It flies VERY well and onlookers are very impressed!


It tracks very well, snaps are quite crisp and clean, and the ZDZ 210 hauls it around EXTREMLY well! I can tell I'm going to have to go up in pitch on the prop as it breaks in, [it's now a 34-12] as there is very little ground clearance left once the tail comes up.


Hope to see you guys again soon!


Mike Clemmens

MSC Props

May 6, 2008


Ralph Foll's Extra 260 - "Miss Arkansas"

Hello Caroline and Dennis


I have a couple of planes I'm pretty proud of, hope you like them too.


Thanks for putting out a quailty kit.

Your Friend,


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