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April 17, 2008

Dennis/ Caroline,

Here are a few photo's of my new 40% 260 (this thing is on rails).

I can't say enough about the quality of your kits and the joy of building them.  Here are the specs. (I can't wait to build the 43%)

DA 150
Grieves pipes
Servo's Futaba 9156's on the ailerons and elevators 9152's on the rudder
Futaba 14mz radio
Fromeco batts regulators and switches
33.8 LBS rtf....(certified scale)

Thanks again for all your support.
Jeff Blaylock

November 10th, 2007
Dennis and Caroline

Well, here are some new photos of my 40% Extra 260. Did the first flight on Sunday, October 21st.

All I can say is WOW. One click of up trim and that was it. Did some trim passes and about 12 Verticals up and down. Spinner doesn't move on a roll rate of 1 1/2 per second. Needless to say will be dialing that down a bet. The cool thing is the tracking. No mix. How'd that happen.

Will be looking forward to 2008 IMAC season. I lost count of how many of these kits I have done but all I can say is they are getting easier to fab. Didn't have to open the book on this one. Had to check the CD once to take a look at your Canapé install. Other than that everything went great. Dennis you need to check the gear on this. The CUFFS are on this one. So no need to beat a dead horse. :o)

Thanks for all your effort through out the years. It has been a pleasure watching your business successes and by far you can add this one to the book.

Best Regards,

The Carden guy out west.

Ken Gregory, IMAC SW Unlimited Pilot

September 12th, 2007
Dennis and Caroline

Here's some pics of my new 260. It's got 20 flights on it and it is the most amazing flying airplane I have ever flown. I will have more pics coming soon.


Chase Wolk

September 12th, 2007
Dennis and Caroline

I have just finished my 35% Carden Extra. Maiden flight next weekend.



The model weighs just under 32 pounds with the Wren Turboprop.

Ron Ballard's was about the same weight, so mine should fly just as good.

The graphics are from Kirby Kustom Graphics. It was a real pleasure to build and everything worked as per the instructions.

Thanks for a great kit.

Tom Watson

Sydney Australia

September 12th, 2007
Dennis and Caroline

The 2007 MAAC Canadian Scale Aerobatic Nationals are now in the record books and by all accounts it was a big success. The event went very well with no major problems and we hope that this will only help to grow Scale Aerobatics in Canada. We had a total of 65 pilots registering for the event and with a few late drop outs we ended up with about 58 competitors. Each class was well represented with pilots from near and far. Although the contest was a large workload for me and my fellow CD's we found it a lot of fun meeting new people and felt very proud of what we had accomplished. With the contest now over I would like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of myself and my fellow CD's for the support you gave and hope that it will help to promote your products in Canada. It was this type of support that helped turn a good event into a great event.

 This past week was a great week for me first getting news of my acceptance into the Tucson Shootout and then my winning the Canadian Nationals in the Advanced class winning every round with an even 7000 points. I will make sure to return your banner and look forward to seeing you again at the Shootout.


 I have included a couple pictures of me and my DA-150 powered Carden 260 after winning the Advanced class at the 2007 MAAC Canadian Scale Aerobatic Nationals, Toronto.


Dave Dietrich

CD: 2007 MAAC Canadian Scale Aerobatic Nationals, Toronto


Here is some links to some photosites of the event.

September 12th, 2007
Dennis and Caroline

Lou Matustik and I recently made a long trek to the 2007 Canadian IMAC National Championships in Cookstown, Ontario.  The Canadian IMAC Nats was an outstanding contest with nearly 60 competitors, awesome prizes from many sponsors, and great organization by the CDs.  Attached is a picture of Lou's 40% Carden Extra 260 (3rd in Advanced) and my 40% Carden Extra 300 (1st in Unlimited)!  Both of our planes were framed and covered by Cam McCausey Competition Aircraft.  We are having a great time this season flying our Carden's in IMAC competitions.  I thought you would also be interested to learn that the top 5 places in the Unlimited class at the Canadian Nats were dominated by four different Carden Aircraft designs!  (see the list below)
1  Kurt Koelling      40% Carden Aircraft Extra 300
2  Ivan Kristensen   40% Carden Aircraft Extra 260
3  Frank Noll Jr.      37% Carden Aircraft Yak 54
4  Nicolas Pinzon   40% Carden Aircraft Extra 330
5  Cam McCausey  40% Carden Aircraft Extra 300
Thanks for designing such outstanding competition aircraft!

Sincerely, Kurt Koelling

September 12th , 2007
Hi Dennis and Caroline

My 2007 Carden 260 has taken flight and I have to say it is the best one yet!  I did not think anything could be better than my DA150/KS1090 260 from last year but I was wrong.



My new plane is sporting another  DA150 but I am using the lighter Greeve pipes this year.  I worked a bit harder to keep the weight down this year and it paid off big time.  I am using Futaba 5114 rx’s Fromeco 5200 LION batteries for flight pack, 2400 ignition pack, all Fromeco regulators, and all Futaba high torque servos.  Constructed with Gorilla glue, CA and Epoxy.


My  all up ready to fly weight is 35 lbs 6.5 ounces!!   I did not core the foam, fuselage sides or bottom.  Just was careful of how much glue I used and such.  Vertical up lines are insane easily accelerating out of a double snap on verticals.


Vertical down lines are noticeably slower and snaps seem to stop easier or more locked in somehow. Just coming off of break in oil, I have found the plane to appear to have the best power to weight ratio of anything I have ever flown “locking in” under any flight attitude.  This plane is another winner.


AWESOME, thanks so much for producing the best airplanes in the world!

Will Berninger

Attached is a photo of 14 Cardens that participated in a contest in June in Hamilton, Ohio.  There are 6 missing from this photo making a total of 20 Carden's at a contest of 35 pilots.  We thought you would enjoy the view....


August 7th , 2007
Hi Dennis and Caroline

Just wanted to say thanks for all the support that you guys have given me since we became part of the "Team Carden Family." Guys like you and Mike Vascellaro are what RC flying is all about. This is the picture of my Carden Extra 260 professionally built by Mike Vascellaro. With a lot of support from my Mom and Dad, and being able to spend the summer with John and Tina Schroeder, along with having a plane that "locks-on" I was able to go to the IMAC Nats where I placed 1st in the Intermediate Class!
Thanks again, Brian Luckett

June 13 , 2007
Hi Dennis and Caroline

Great talking to you today.  What a great airplane you have designed.

I only have a few flights on it, but I can tell it will be a winner.


I haven’t had a chance to get it trimmed, but even as it sits today, it is a competitive plane.


I’ve attached some photos for you to see.  I’m looking forward to a great season flying this airplane. 

Thanks for all the advice and help along the way!

I also attached a photo of my 260 sitting next to Will’s.  Pretty cool looking together.

 Ken McGuire

May 7th , 2007
Hi Dennis and Caroline

Here is my new Carden built by Mike Vascellero and covered by Gary Hildebrandt.  It flies very smooth and should be an excellent IMAC plane.

Thanks! Mike Remsberg

May 7th , 2007
Hi Dennis and Caroline

Here's a few pictures for your gallery.

This is the fourth Carden I've built and they just keep getting better. Both of you are always there for us and always willing to listen to our suggestions.


Thank You, Dan Knippen

May 5th , 2007
Hi Dennis and Caroline

Here is a pic of my new 260  


Bryan Zang did all the artwork.  Looks great fly's better..


Jason Cohen

May 5th , 2007
Hi Dennis and Caroline

Well I am done.  I am very pleased with how it has turned out. 
  As I have said before I am very appreciative of all your help and answers to my questions.  It has been a pleasure to build the kit.  The attached pictures are of the plane's first time in the sun and I did get it out of the basement without tearing a wall down :) .
Now the work begins, practice, practice, and more practice.  I will let you know how she flies.
Thanks again
Ted Barrette - Toronto Canada

June13th, 2007

Update - Shawn Best and family with his 40% Extra 260

April 12th, 2007

Hey Dennis and Caroline.....finally got some graphics for the new 2007 plane. 

 Flies AWESOME and looks great too!  Thanks you both for your help this year and I hope to do well with the new 260


DA 150, MTW cans, Futit!!!  Thanks for such a great airframe!!  aba 9156s--Ail, Rudder and 9152s on elevator.  Duralite packs, A.J. Lee built, Dan Rathbun Graphics, and I love



Team Futaba, Team Hacker, Team Fliton, Duralite Team, Jersey Modeller, Amsoil Team Racing


and most importantly, Team "BEST FAMILY" !!!---Sally, Casey, Me

Shawn Best


April 12th, 2007
Hello Dennis and Caroline

1 flew my new 260 on March 27th. You have done it once again.  I know the 260 has been out for awhile but I finally got mine in the air.  The plane has been sitting in my house since December waiting for a day nice enough to fly.  Finally got one today and while it wasn't perfect and despite 25-30 mph winds I did the maiden flight today and it was excellent.  Pictures are attached.

The plane was built, covered and painted by Brian Hueffmeier.  He did a phenomenal job with the artwork and paint work.  Also, believe it or not, I did not have to add one single click of up,down, left or right trim to get the plane to fly straight and level.  Awesome.

As with all my 40% Cardens, the plane is powered by a DA 150 using MTW cannisters.I have JR 8611's with SWB arms all around, 2 on each aileron, 1 on each elevator and 3 on the rudder in a direct push pull set up.  I am using 2 JR synthesizer receivers and 3 Duralite batteries with regulators, one 2900 mah on ignition and two 4000 mah, 1 for each Rx.  Graphics are by Dennis Kirby, thanks Dennis.  I am looking forward to flying it again later in the week

Thanks Dennis and Caroline again for a great product and excellent support and a big thank you to Brian Hueffmeier for his craftsmanship and for building a great plane.

Tony Bonanno

April 12th, 2007
Hello Dennis and Caroline

Just thought I would drop a few pics of my new 40% 260  The plane came it at 35 lbs.

I got out today to put the maiden flight on and get some outside pics. It has been a long cold winter. All I can say is WOW. This plane rolls and snaps great. And the knife edge passes.....SWEET !



As with all your other planes that I have built, everything went as planned with an easy build from start to finish.

Now looking forward to the next build which will be the 300. You got to stop coming up with all these great planes.

Thanks to you both for all the help, and see you at ToledoJoe Stek

April 12th, 2007
Hello Dennis and Caroline

I finally finished the 35% Extra 260. Everything went together great. You have a great product and I am very proud of it. Cant wait to get it in the air and see how it performs. I will give a flight report as soon as I can.

Special thanks to Keith Bodeau for all his help and everything you guys have helped with!

Thanks, Kevin Coleman ( N. Idaho)

April 12th, 2007

Dennis, you have done it again !it was cold and breezy, but I got 4 flights in. Very smooth and light on the controls.  Snaps and spin entry's were crisp. I always loved my 35% 330 but I think this will take it's place as my favorite. Power is a DA-100 with K&S rear exhaust cans,  JR 10x radio with Hitec servos and common sense lipo's with sw regulators. The weight is about 27 1/2 lbs


thanks again for a great flying machine...   Bob Teseo

September 14th, 2006
Hello Dennis and Caroline

Attached are two pictures:  The first is of my second 260 which came in at 35.5#.  There is no doubt that lighter flies better as it is more nimble than the earlier one I have.

The second picture is of the cowl air duct installed in this aircraft, nothing new here but a shot of the finished product.

Keep inventing!  Just when we think its all been done something new will pop up.

Gerry Dale

September 14th, 2006
Hello Dennis and Caroline
Hi Guys,
My new 260 is finished.  Walt Beike did the build.
Dave Jones did the covering and paint. They both did an unbelievable job.  The plane looks amazing and is straight as an arrow  .HUGE THANKS to both of them.


37.2 Lbs RTF (minus gas) , DA-150,  MTW Canisters,  Mejzlik 28.5 x 12 ,  JR Radio equipment ,  Fromeco batteries, regulators and switches,  Pete's CF tailwheel and spinner.

 Wayne Geffon

July 12th, 2006
Hello Dennis and Caroline
This is my new 260 built and covered by Ron Kahl in Ohio.  I installed a DA-150 on K&S cans with JR electronics. The plane balanced perfect with 3 rudder servos in the tail and 2 servos on each elevator half ( Ron did an excellent job keeping extra weight out of the tail!).  I am extremely pleased with the performance and don't see any need for mixing!  The 260 without any doubt does IMAC better than any aircraft I have owned and is very stable in 3D.  I plan on building another for a back-up! 

Thanks for a great product,  Chris Fabbro

July 12th, 2006
Hello Dennis and Caroline

Joe McBride's 40% Extra 260


Joe McBride's 40% Extra 260



Joe McBride's 40% Extra 260

May 31st, 2006
Hello Dennis and Caroline

Hi guys- I finally had a chance to fly my 260 this past weekend.  I only have 2 flights on it, but so far it seems really sweet! DA-150, MTW cans, JR radio. I cant wait to get some more time on it!  As usual, I really enjoyed the building process, and it was a great kit. 

I did some of the weight saving mods that others are doing, but I have yet to weigh it. Special thanks to Doug Hanebrink and Brian Hueffmeier for their help with the project.  Again, another great Carden airplane, keep up the good work!

Brian Johnson
Round Lake, Illinois


May 31st, 2006
Hello Dennis and Caroline

Mr.Yamane, Japan


Mr.Yamane, Japan

April 18th, 2006
Hello Dennis and Caroline

We Test flew the 260 on Friday 21st April, all I can say is “Awesome”. From the moment it left the ground it felt right. Tracks perfectly, snaps are effortless and rudder authority is brilliant. I had a huge smile after the first few flights!

Moving from my 30% model to this makes me wonder why I even bothered with small planes!

My dad and I would like to thank you for your help and friendliness throughout the build, customer service and satisfaction at its best! Also a big thanks to Ivan Kristensen for letting us use his scheme and for his help.

I've attached some photos, I’ll hopefully get a few more soon.


Matthew flew his 260 to 1st place in the British IMAC Nats freestyle!


Many Thanks,
Matthew & Trevor Poots (Northern Ireland)

April 18th, 2006
Hello Dennis and Caroline

Well you have done it again with another great plane.  I have about 20 flights on my 40% Carden 260 now and have it dialed in.  I am flying the plane at just about 3.6 inches C.G. setting and find it more neutral while inverted than the 330's are. 

Combined with the awesome power of the DA150 on Tuned KS1090 exhaust, my 38 lb 1.5 ounce 260 does not care which way the nose is pointed, it just goes.  I noticed the snaps stop much faster than the my 40% 330 which I assume is due to the lighter construction. 

The biggest problem with moving into this plane from the 330 is only that I tend to use too much rudder.  Simply breath on the rudder stick and the job is done.  The rudder is way more powerful than even the 330 is which is confusing given it is actually a smaller surface.  Another area the 260 shines is ease of the rollers.  I noticed right away it takes less "effort".

Thanks again and hope to see you out of the shop some this summer.

Will Berninger


April 16th, 2006

Hi Dennis and Caroline, It was a pleasure meeting you at Toledo.

I got 20 flights on my 260 and I must say it's one awesome airplane, mine came in at 37 3/4 pounds with canisters. I balanced it as per plans and at this point i don't think I'll be moving the CG from where it's at.

The airplane snaps better than anything I've flown including my 330.

At this point I have zero rudder to aileron mix and it needs so little rudder to elevator that It can be flown this way. I don't know why, but the rudder is very strong and linear. I can't wait to finish my dad's yak and compare.


Here's some pictures taken the day of the test flight.

Edwin A. Santiago

April 11th, 2006
Hi Caroline

This morning I was accompanied by my good friend Gerard to a small airport near my home in Rimouski Quebec. The airport is in a small town named Matane.  The local flying club is lucky enough to use this small airport for their model flying as well, as there is not too much full scale activity there.

I made four flights all together on my new Extra 260.   I started off by copying the setup from my 330s into the 260. It seems to be much more sensitive on ailerons, elevator and rudder than my three previous  Extra 330's. I had to decrease all those rate setups and increase my expo.

The plane fly's very well and I am sure that these first few flights are just experimental and I will need some more time to get the feel of the new 260. Although it is very similar the difference between the 330 and the 260 is not as much as I expected, just that the rates and sensitivity is different.


As you know it is difficult to have a opinion with only 4 flights, especially when the temperature is only 4 or 5 degrees Celsius

Thanks for the great flying planes from Carden,

Your good friend,

 Steve Dionne
 Rimouski, Quebec Canada

February 8, 2006
Dennis & Caroline,

Greetings from California.  I have enclosed a zip file of photos of the new Carden 40% Extra 260....


Brian Hueffmeier once again has outdone himself!  It flies as good as it looks. 

The plane tips the scales at 38.5 lbs with a DA 150 on MTW pipes, all JR equipment with SWB arms and Duralite packs. 


Keep up the good work! ..... Jon Vance

February 8, 2006
Dennis & Caroline,
The airplane is now finished and it has been test flown. I flew it twice last Thursday and it went really well. Little early to tell just how good it is going to be but early indications are that it is a winner. Let me get it to Florida in a couple of weeks and then I will really find out.

Today I put on the Graphics and I was very surprised at the weight of these things. I measured before and after as you had suggested and I came up with a weight difference of just under 1oz. I know I couldn’t believe either! 

The total weight of the plane as pictured is now at 35lbs 8.8oz and that is with a tiny bit of gas in the tank I couldn't get out. Based on the flight test and on checking the CG here in the shop I will likely have to add some weight in the tail. Perhaps as much as 3-4oz, wait and see although I felt that it was very close even though it shows as being ¾” Fwd of your recommended location.
I have attached a couple of pictures.

Ivan Kristensen

September 12, 2005
Dennis & Caroline,

Just got back from the Pacific Coast Freestyle Championships in Molalla Oregon this past weekend. It was a fantastic contest (it always is)! Grant Sharp and  his crew make it better and better every year. This year we had a large group of Cardens there so we thought we'd get them all together and take a photo to send you guys. There were several cameras around, so hopefully we can get a little better quality than this one, but for now, this will have to do.   Contest results can be found here:

On a more personal note, my Carden just keeps getting better. I absolutely love it! I've got a ton of flights on it now, it still looks brand new and just keeps flying better and better! I could not be happier with it!

Thanks for all you guys do,  Kevin Miller

September 12, 2005
Dennis & Caroline,

Here's the 260 that Milt built. Cool!!
Mike McConville

bill_robinson_extra260-004.jpg (92159 bytes)

September 12, 2005
Dennis & Caroline, 

Here's a pic of my Extra 260.  I need a plane cover and will order it next week,

Thanks, Bill Robinson

gerry_dale_40extra-260-1.jpg (68628 bytes)

September 10, 2005
Dennis & Caroline, 

At last it is in the air. Just an outstanding aircraft, with virtually zero roll or pitch coupling.  

gerry_dale_40extra-260-2.jpg (97088 bytes)

But then you already knew that.

Balanced per the plans I find it a little sensitive in the longitudinal access so tonight I added about 8 ounces to the nose to retest and then will move some batteries etc. 

gerry_dale_40extra-260-4.jpg (115957 bytes)


I'm sure the balance would have been just right with the aluminum gear in stead of the CF I used.  Current weight is 38.5# so I may just use the aluminum gear.

gerry_dale_40extra-260-3.jpg (112679 bytes)


The photos are a little shiny so I'll translate the inscription on the wings:

Right  2005 - Model of Choice
Left:  260 - Something Extra

gerry_dale_40extra-260-6.jpg (59600 bytes)


Dennis, just awesome and now my favorite ever

Gerry Dale, Florida

brian_huff_extra_260-0065-800.jpg (190691 bytes)

June 22, 2005

Dennis & Caroline, 

Here's a pic of my new Extra 260

Brian Hueffmeier 

ivan_gutierrez-40-260-442.jpg (63758 bytes)

June 22, 2005
Dennis & Caroline,

Here is one of the two Carden Extra 260.  

ivan_gutierrez-40-260-439.jpg (64950 bytes)


Flew it this weekend and I must say, very impressed.  Snaps beautiful and rolls axle not much mixing on anything.   

ivan_gutierrez-40-260-440.jpg (60976 bytes)


I have to thank Dennis and Caroline, the design is a great flying machine.  

ivan_gutierrez-40-260-438.jpg (38075 bytes)


3D's awesome, IMAC is precise, best out of all. 

ivan_gutierrez-40-260-435.jpg (38976 bytes) Thanks to Jim Julian for all his inputs and radio settings and Mike Vascellaro for his building and Walt Swentzall for the beautiful covering job. 

Thanks again and great flying to all.....Ivan Gutierrez.

ivan_gutierrez-40-260-436.jpg (37797 bytes) ivan_gutierrez-40-260-437.jpg (38351 bytes)

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