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I just completed my 35% Carden CAP 232, and performed the maiden flight on 2/9/02!

It performed flawlessly, and the vertical performance is spectacular!

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Weight: 32 pounds, Radio:   JR PCM 10X, Engine: DA 100

Batteries: Powerflite Lithium-Ion with Jaccio Regulators. Power system is dual redundant.

Ignition:  DA ignition with Electrodynamics fiber-optic ignition kill system

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Servos:  Flying surfaces - JR 8411 ; Throttle - JR 8101 ;  all 8411 servos are optically isolated from the receiver and have their own regulated power source of 5.7 volts.  Balance Point: 8.25 inches from leading edge at root

Thanks for a great product!

Gail Phillips

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March 19th, 2002 

Hi Dennis, 

Here are a few pics of my 35% CAP. I have about 50 flights on it so far. I must say it gives the best of everything- 

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The ability to perform predictable smooth aerobatics yet all the wild 3-D you could want. 

Up front is a BME 100, now with a Mejlik 24 x 10 prop.

Glenn Dunlap

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April 2nd , 2002 

Hi Dennis and Caroline
Please see attached a picture of myself with my 35% Cap 232 taken just yesterday by a friend.  Yup, I suppose you can say that it's open season.  I have to say that this plane flies like nothing I have ever owned and I'm sure the 40% Edge currently under construction will be even better.  If you like the picture maybe you can add it to your website.
Thanks again, Guy Alon
Toronto, Canada

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Caroline & Dennis,

Here are some pics of the new CAP. It feels great to be back to one of your planes. There is no comparison. It felt great the first minute of flight. Talk to you soon.
Anthony Greco

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May 5th, 2002 

 Hi Dennis,

Here's first pics of the finally finished and flying 232.
Very nice handling plane, some Branwell mods, BME 102 runs super.

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Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Chris Hogan
Miami, FL

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May 1st, 2002

Dennis and Caroline,

Just a quick note to tell who how much I love my "new to me" 40% Cap.  It flies great in both pattern and freestyle.  I'm using it to learn how to hover and torque roll and progress has been astounding.  The plane makes it seem so easy.
I jumped from Sportsman to Advanced for my seventh IMAC contest a couple of weeks ago in New Waverly, TX.  I was able to hang on to second behind "The Iceman" Bill Higgins.  It will take a lot more practice to beat him!  The plane is so much more capable than anything I had flown previously.


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I'm gonna go back to wringing out the Cap for now,  looking forward to the Extra kit in July!
Included are a few pics of me attempting to hover, as well as one with the plane and trophy in New Waverly.
Thanks, Daniel Rathbun

 (webmaster note: this plane was built by Steve Johnston, Toronto)


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June 11th, 2002

First tail touch in Vicksburg, MS.  Definitely gets the juices flowing!   Yes, the plane is unscathed!
Daniel Rathbun

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 May 20th, 2002

Kirk Gray at a full scale air show held in Florence, South Carolina called MayFly 2002. He had his own time slot to show off his skills as an R/C pilot. He was great as usual.


Here's Ken Gregory with his 40% Edge 540 and 40% Cap 232

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Attached are photos on my new 30% Cap - it was a joy to
build!  Now waiting for the perfect day to fly it.  It has a ZDZ 80 twin and came in at 18.5 pounds! By the way that's my son Christopher (12) with the plane, he's trying to get me to give it to him and go with a 35%, someday.

Best regards, Jim Little

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