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Cap 232 Gallery 7

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Dear Caroline,

Thought I would send you some pictures of my 40% Cap 232.  Please send out 3 wing bars to me, 2 for me and one for Peter
Neville Wright

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Neville Wright,  Johannesburg, South Africa


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Here's  Andrew Jesky with his new 35% Carden Cap 232 at a recent mall show.  

I have been flying for 7 years now. I like to fly pattern. The plane is a 35% cap with a TOC mod 3W-80 on it. It has all JR servos in it, except rudder, where it has a multiplex Jumbo. Other than that, it has all 2721 and 8411's. I fly it with a JR 10sx2.  Andrew

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Hi Caroline 

Here are some pics of my newly finished 40% Cap that Scott Walby, from Eau Claire, WI built for me. Scott did an absolutely flawless job on this aircraft, and Brian Johnson put the finishing touches on it.  Graphics were done by Die Hard Graphics here in IL.

    mark_jahnke-cap232-2.jpg (33699 bytes)

The aircraft is powered by a DA-150 (are there any other motors out there?<grin>),

I have two JR 950S receivers, two Duralite Batteries, and 8411 servos all around. 


mark_jahnke-cap232-3.jpg (34443 bytes)

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I have not yet weighed this beauty, but will before she makes her first flight next weekend!
 Enjoy the pics!  And feel free to put them up in the Cap gallery!
 Mark R. Jahnke - Barrington, IL
ray_perschall-40cap-1.jpg (37027 bytes) ray_perschall-40cap-4.jpg (45473 bytes)    This is Ray Perschall of Slidell LA with his 40% Cap 232
ray_perschall-40cap-2.jpg (37924 bytes) ray_perschall-40cap-3.jpg (30730 bytes)    Ray Perschall
 ray_perschall-40cap-5.jpg (31825 bytes) ray_perschall-40cap-6.jpg (26841 bytes) Ray Perschall 

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Dennis and Caroline: Thank you for a really great plane. From the very first
flight I realized this was the finest aircraft I have ever flown....and
there's been quite a few in 15 years! The maiden flight needed not one click
of trim for straight and level. I could easily knife edge straight and true
each way taking my right hand totally off the transmitter just to show off.
Inverted flight is a dream as well. This plane has absolutely no bad
tendencies and really makes me look much better than I am. My son Devon can't wait to get his hands on the sticks. Bye the way...does the color scheme look familiar?
Thanks again from sunny New Orleans,    Robert (Bob) James (and son Devon)   NOMAC New Orleans Model Aviation Club

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Here is a couple of pics of my cap232 that I got from Craig Harris. What a GREAT flying plane.  As you can see, Craig really did a nice job on it.
Thanks,   Ray Blair
alex_louw-40cap-5.jpg (27478 bytes) Here's Alex Louw, in Israel, with his 40% Cap.

Stay tuned for Alex's 40% Extra 330S.

alex_louw-40cap-1.jpg (34884 bytes) alex_louw-40cap-2.jpg (33560 bytes)
fabio_trento_tucson2001.jpg (40026 bytes) Fabio Trento, Brazilian pilot at the Tucson Aerobatic Shootout 2001
Cap 232 40%   DA-150cc

randy_brown_cap40-1cap.jpg (41592 bytes)

Big is Better!! This is my new Carden Aircraft 40% Cap232 built by Steve Johnston. Engine is a DA 150 on Johnson mufflers.  Rudder has dual Multiplex Jumbo Speed Servos.   On ailerons I have 4 Airtronics 94358's and two Airtronics 94358's on elevator. Throttle servo is an Airtronics 94731.  Radio is a Airtronics Stylus with an 811 Acro card.  Total weight of my dream machine is a hair over 37lbs 

Randy Brown, London Ontario Canada

joe_ross-cap35-1.jpg (34519 bytes)


Joe Ross with his great looking 35% Cap 232

Joe has a 355 Edge 540 on order, we can't wait to see it when it's finished.

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dave_naylor-cap40-3.jpg (11470 bytes) dave_naylor-cap40-2.jpg (4546 bytes) 

Hello Caroline and Dennis: 
I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for everything. I had great success this summer and I owe most of that to you.  This was my first 40% airplane.   You defiantly  steered me in the right direction.  

I have already got my next Carden kit.  As you know its a 40% Edge 540.  I met Dennis down at Dayton fly in and he always seems to have time for all of us.  Since I have gotten my big airplanes I have interested a lot of people in our club.  Last year there were only 1 or 2 planes and next spring there will be at least 7.  Most of which are Carden Aircraft kits.  Your kits are second to none.  My Cap 232 has a DA-150 engine,  Hitec 5945 digital servos and a Futaba radio. Dragging the tail on the ground got to be common flying by summers end. Thanks again.
 Dave Naylor.

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