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Cap 232 Gallery 4

andy_kane_cap232_1.jpg (32716 bytes)

Dennis Gergits (L) and Andy Kane with Andy's 35% Cap 232

( "Who loves ya, baby ?")

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Brian Johnson, Libertyville IL with his 40% and 30% percent Cap 232s.

They are both driven by JR radios with all digital servos throughout.  The 30% has a 3W 60 for power, DA 150 in the 40%

mike_jenkins_cap35.jpg (40222 bytes)

Mike Jenkins

Winston-Salem NC 

30% Cap232 

bill_cline_40cap-1.jpg (49140 bytes)  This 40% Cap 232 is owned by Bill Cline, (Dayton Ohio)

Bill is one of the professional painters who finished many of the Carden professionally built planes 

bill_cline_40cap-2.jpg (54332 bytes)  

The bottom of Bill's 40$ Cap 232

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leland_cap232-1.jpg (61782 bytes)


Here is a picture of my plane that Mark McClellan just completed.  Thought you might like to see it.

Leland Berry's 35% CAP 232

Leland owns a hobby shop, Leland's Trains and Planes, in Hildebran, NC. 

The CAP is powered by a 3W-100TOC with all JR electronics and was built and flown by Mark McClellan


bert_sutton_35cap-1.jpg (67296 bytes)

Bert Sutton,  Greeley Colorado

new 35% Cap 232


bert_sutton_35cap-5-touchdown.jpg (26168 bytes)

Here's  Bert again doing the "Harrier landing with his 35% Cap 232

(Fall 2001)

pasror_rick_cap35-1.jpg (96050 bytes)

This 35% Cap 232 belongs to Pastor Rick Arrowood from Troy, Ohio.  He professionally covers planes - his company is Arrowoods R/C Aero Finishes

pasror_rick_cap35-2.jpg (134484 bytes)


Pastor Rick Arrowood,

35% Cap 232

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