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35% Extra 330S Gallery 2

javier_sierra_extra_260-2214.jpg (275063 bytes)

July 21, 2005

Hola Carolina:

I present You my new project, ... 

Extra 330 S 35% totally new, are the first photos before their premiere. (maiden flight)  

javier_sierra_extra_260-2215.jpg (254810 bytes)  

The premiere will be next Saturday 16 of July..

javier_sierra_extra_260-2216.jpg (267431 bytes)  

Thank you so much forall the attentions of your part 

javier_sierra_extra_260-2217.jpg (280706 bytes)

PS Already they are four Cardens that I have built... the best of the market in control radio airplanes! !!!    Soon the Yak..

Greetings,  Javier Sierra


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July 13, 2005

Every time I have built a Carden, I have managed to sell it before I got it completed.  Well I managed to keep my mouth shut on this one and finally have a 35% Extra of my own!

I now have 8 flights on it and can honestly vouch for what all the hype about Carden's is all about.  The plane is very smooth and makes me look much better than I really am.  

dale_klein-35extra-side.JPG (148028 bytes)

(I expected that from flying Mike's, Brian's, and Bill's 40%'ers).  Lines are straight, snaps are nice and slow where I can keep up with them and they stop very crisply.  Rollers seem much easier than other designs I have flown.  I can't wait to get to a
contest to see how things go.

I've been too anxious to fly it every time I get to the field that I keep forgetting to weigh it.  I'll get that done one of these days. 

dale_klein-35extra-bottom.JPG (137244 bytes)

 It still has a few white stripes to be added and it really needs some stickers, but everyone that has seen it fly has commented on how well the colors show up and how drastic the change is from top to bottom.  I've been told I need to contact the Life Savers candy company for sponsorship.  I wasn't after that effect, but wanted it to show up well in the air.  It really does do that.

Dale Klein

tom_haycock_35extra-001.JPG (126313 bytes)

May 25, 2005
Hi Guys!
Well, I know this has got to be record time to build one of these things but I did have a time challenge along the way. The airplane flies great as expected. I have been waiting to get the graphics from Kirby to send you a picture for web site. I know this has been a challenge for me but I would like you to know that I appreciate all your help with the project. There is just a certain pride of flying this one as opposed to an ARF. I hope this finds you both in good health and business is good. 
Hope to see you soon, Tom and PattyMae

bob_teseo_35extra-592.JPG (64421 bytes)

May 25, 2005

Caroline and Dennis, here's a few pictures of my new 35% extra. 


bob_teseo_35extra-579.JPG (59054 bytes)


DA-100 with K&S cans and JR 10X radio. 

bob_teseo_35extra-580.JPG (68712 bytes)


Graphics are by Kirby and hand cut. 

bob_teseo_35extra-589.JPG (65389 bytes)

It's the best flying 35% I've ever flown! 

i also included some pictures side by side with  my son Rob's 40% Extra.    

Bob Teseo

bret_rogers-35-extra-01.JPG (93485 bytes)

September 15, 2004
Hello Dennis and Caroline

Here are a couple of pictures of my 35% Extra 330s. It ended up weighing exactly 28 lbs and is powered by a DA-100. It is a great flying airplane and  has become a great IMAC plane to compete with. What I like the best is that  I can go from flying precise manoeuvres to flying some pretty wild 3D with a  flip of a rate switch.

bret_rogers-35-extra-02.JPG (158530 bytes)

I can't wait to build a 40%er!

Bret Rogers
San Antonio, TX

chris_fry-35extra-1062-800.jpg (117440 bytes)

September 9, 2004


Just want to say what a DREAM this 35% Extra is to fly!!!

chris_fry-35extra-040.jpg (102903 bytes)

After a few years of flying brand "J" ( we all know what the "J" stands for!)  I decided to take the plunge into a Carden!!  

chris_fry-35extra-023.jpg (48738 bytes)

I wish I would have done it years ago!!!  Flew pretty true off the board.  With 3 beeps of right ail and 8 beeps of down elev, I was tickled!!!

It was the EASIEST trim flight I have put on a new plane since I don't know when!!!

chris_fry-35extra-01.jpg (60122 bytes)

JR 10X, 6-8411's, 2-8611's, 2721 on thro.  950S PCM Rx coming from the i4c Products Isolator.  3W 100 Cactus Sig. Series w/ canister mufflers, i4c Products, DuraLite Plus batteries, Sure-Link rudder system, RadicalRC extensions, and finally J&M Model Craftsmen!!!!

I have to thank Jim Short and Tom Mikalaskaus for putting the plane together for me, since I have no room.  Plus I'm still in college!  I graduate on July 15th, roughly 8 days from now!!!!

chris_fry-35extra-02.jpg (53481 bytes)

Airplane weighs roughly 29#, and flies like it weighs 20#!

Thanks for such an awesome product, as you already know!!

Chris Fry, Dayton, Ohio

ralph_foll_35extra-141-800.jpg (168867 bytes) September 9, 2004
Hello Dennis and Caroline
I couldn't resist sending you pictures of my latest projects. I finished the Extra about 3 months ago and I maidened the Cap today. 
ralph_foll_35extra-007-800.jpg (190443 bytes)
Sorry to say my Edge meet it's maker recently
due to pilot error, but I've received my new kit and will be
building a new right away.
Cheers, Ralph Foll

gerald_ream_35extra-03.JPG (157800 bytes)

September 8, 2004

Dennis, Caroline: 

My 35% Extra is finished and has about (14) flights on it now. I can't believe how smooth it flies. It took one click of elevator and one click of aileron. 
gerald_ream_35extra-05.JPG (130313 bytes)

I balanced it just as Dennis suggested. I have KS canisters and a 25-12 Air models three bladed prop on it and it is so QUIET that you have to really have to concentrate to hear it. It has a DA-100 for power, all JR servos and SWB servo arms and servo tray for rudder. 

gerald_ream_35extra-08.JPG (75954 bytes)

The plane was glassed, painted and covered by Doug Yaroch at A & D Custom Aero and it looks as good as it flies. This is my second Carden and I don't even care to fly anything else.

Jerry Ream

chris_costantino-35extra-red-bull-01-800.jpg (114623 bytes)

August 19, 2004

Caroline and Dennis,
Here is the latest master piece from Jim Julian of PSL, Florida...  And of course my moral support throughout...  
chris_costantino-35extra-red-bull-02-800.jpg (126227 bytes)


This is the newest addition to my fleet..  

chris_costantino-35extra-red-bull-03-800.jpg (173728 bytes)


It will be test flown tonight and I am sure it will fly as great as all my Cardens..  

chris_costantino-35extra-red-bull-04-800.jpg (132822 bytes)


Its powered by a DA 100, 8411's on rudder and ailerons and 8611's on the elevators. I look forward to many, many great flights and as always thank you guys for your support.  

chris_costantino-35extra-red-bull-05-800.jpg (145392 bytes)

See you soon!

Chris Costantino  

dave_demicael_35extra-11.jpg (197824 bytes)

August 12, 2004
Hi Dennis & Caroline

Well it's been a year since I received my kit and after adding a 20x40 addition to my garage so I had room to work I have finished and flown my first of what I hope to be many Cardens. 

I have to tell you there is nothing like watching it lift off for the first time and it's so easy to fly I had to add 2 clicks of elevator and 1 click aileron and that's it. when I started flying 3 years ago everyone I talked to about flying large planes told me if I wanted to fly the best I would have to fly Cardens because the are the best, they where 100% correct! 

dave_demicael_35extra-05.jpg (141679 bytes)

Engine - DA 100
RECEIVERS - 2 JR 649 PCM  Servos - 7 JR 8411 & 2 Futaba 5301
Servo arms & tray - SWB
Hardware package - from Carden
Graphics - DB signs & designs
Covering - MonoKote & Ultracote
Batteries - Powerflite
Wing & Tail bags by Caroline

dave_demicael_35extra-03.jpg (159754 bytes)

I have dealt with a lot of companies in my 48 years of life but I never had any so willing to spend hours helping me and teaching me how to build the perfect model, you two are the best and your customer support can't be beat thank you for all your help. 

dave_demicael_35extra-09.jpg (120906 bytes)

To all the people that are looking to build and fly giant scale planes I have to tell you from experience if you want the best buy a Carden!

Thank You
Dave DeMichael

gary_villard_35extra-01-800.jpg (134001 bytes)

June 14, 2004
Dennis and Caroline,
Hope you made it back from the Joe Nall in good shape. On Sunday Gary Villard test flew his new 35% Extra and as you can see from the photo, we still canít get the smile off his face.  The D&B 120cc Twin in this plane is a totally awesome combination.  Would you believe unlimited vertical at about 1/3 throttle?  He let me fly it for a few minutes and now Iím really hot to finish mine.

 Kraig Krumm,  Canton, OH

barry_hall_35extra-toledo-01.jpg (79237 bytes)

June 3, 2004

Hello Caroline & Dennis!
   Attached are a few photos of my recently completed 35% Carden Extra 330S.  What a wonderful airplane!!  We're still getting to know each other, but so far it's been nothing but pure fun to fly.  Every manoeuvre is crisp & clean and it flies like it's on rails.  Test flight was very rewarding..... it took only one 'click' of elevator trim for straight & level hands-off flight...... sweet!  
barry_hall_35extra-joenall-01.jpg (92271 bytes)

Been quite an adventure so far - I entered the model in the Toledo R/C Expo in April,   managed a second place in the Monokote category.

Then, after a couple of successful test flights, it was off to the Joe Nall fly-in just this past week. Had a great time - got another 7 flights on this plane, plus a few on my 35% Carden CAP 232 that's still going strong.

barry_hall_35extra-joenall-02.jpg (87433 bytes)
   Did a little more feeling out of the Extra at `Nall..... so far it's done everything I've asked of it and more.  Now that the engine is getting some time on it, it's time to start trying out some 3D 'fun'.  I have no doubt it will be awesome!   
Couple quick particulars:
 Engine - 3W 106 w/Mejzlik 28x10 prop
 Radio - JR 10X, JR 945 Rx
 Servos -  Hitec 5945 and 5975 digitals
barry_hall_35extra-joenall-03.jpg (75271 bytes)
 Servo arms, engine offset mount, rudder horn, pull-pull tensioner system: SWB 
 Covering & trim - hand-cut MonoKote
 Paint - Concept PPG Urethane from Radio South
 Trim scheme..... own design that seemed like a good idea at the time!!  End
result was worth the effort, though!  
barry_hall_35extra-joenall-05.jpg (83800 bytes)
Thanks for the great design, I'm looking forward to this summer's flying to find out just what this thing is capable of..... somehow I suspect it's only limitation is going to be me!!  But I'm working on that, and this is just the plane to help me expand my horizons!
   Thanks again,  Barry J. Hall   Britton, MI

carroll_plunk_35extra-01-800.jpg (92154 bytes)

May  20, 2004

Caroline & Dennis, I finished my Carden 35% Extra a few months ago and finally got a chance to fly it last weekend. I had built your 30% Extra a couple of years ago and I really loved the way it flew, but the 35% is even better. The Extra has a DA 100 and Hitec servos throughout. This is certainly one of the nicest planes I've flown.
I am now building the Carden 40% Extra for a friend in Little Rock. I'll be test flying my Carden 30% Cap 232 in a couple of weeks and I'll send a picture of it with a flight report.  Just cannot think of a better company to do business with than Carden.
Carroll Plunk
greg_myers_35extra-0427-800.JPG (144378 bytes)

April 25, 2004

Dear Dennis & Caroline,
Greetings from South Louisiana!  I thought I'd send you a couple pics of the new 35% Extra 330.  I have about 8 flights on it so far and I can't say enough about it.  This one is a winner...I think I might like it better than my Edge.  
greg_myers_35extra-0420-800.JPG (145121 bytes)
The plane has such a presence in the air and on the is smooth and graceful but ready for 3D at the flip of a switch.  The DA100 is a perfect match for the Extra.  Thank you so much for what I feel are the best kits and planes available!  I could go on and on but I think you get the idea...I LOVE the new Extra! 
Greg Myers, New Iberia, Louisiana

Sept 12, 2003
Hi Dennis and Caroline

Wanted to say Thanks!  Just finished mt 35% Extra.  Building this kit was just like all the others!  everything fir perfectly and the material was "Grade A" as always with Carden kits. Hope to get to the field next week.

Thanks again for all you and Dennis do to make this hobby enjoyable

Hope to see you soon

Jim Short

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