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35% Edge 540 Gallery 2

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Mark Jahnke with his new 35%  35% Carden Edge with a DA-100

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wes_ryman-35edge-054.jpg (40010 bytes) Hi Dennis and Caroline,

I got my 35% Edge done, thought I would send you a pic or two.
DA-100 up front,  27-10 Menz, Futaba 9CAP with Hitec 5945 digitals.  Thanks for all your help Dennis and Caroline.I'm just waiting for some good weather to try it out.
Thanks,  Wes Ryman
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April 18th, 2002

This a picture of Tristan Clines new 35% Edge 540. 

He can't wait to tork it. DA 100, Futaba radio

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Builder: Ray Sprouse

Power plant: DA-100 w/Menz 27x10 and Tru-Turn spinner

Radio system: JR10X

Covering and Graphics: Monokote (true red and white) and vinyl graphics by Kirby's Kustom Graphics

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Test flown Apr 9th in Lumberton, MS and a total of 15 flights as of April 22nd. A/C based and flown at Faquier Aero Recreation Modelers (FARM) R/C club in Bealeton, VA.

 Awesome A/C.  Flies even better than she looks!!

jeffrey_aivaz35edge-03.jpg (29685 bytes)

Thanks to Caroline and Dennis for the unmatched support as well as Ray for the great turn-key build.  I cannot thank Mike Sauls enough for all of his time, mentoring, and good old fashioned Southern hospitality.

Thanks all!!!! Semper Fly, Jeffrey

Lt.Col Jeffrey "Spit" Aivaz

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May 12th, 2002

Dennis, Caroline, here's my new 35% ready to fly. I'm trying to fly before the Nall, weather permitting.  Graphics by Signs Unlimited.   Covering by Jeff Dean and myself.

See you at the Nall,

Craig Harris    Kennesaw, Ga.

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 May 16, 2002
I'd just thought I'd drop a quick email to let you know I flew my 35% Carden Edge for the first time yesterday.  This is my first plane over 25% and my first gas.  The engine was set too rich and I'm not the greatest builder weight wise so I wasn't sure what to expect.  It was incredible.  The plane took off all by itself before I expected it to.  It took one beep of elevator and one beep of aileron to trim.  I punched out some tumbles, snaps, spins, elevator, tail slide, etc and when I came in for landing it almost landed itself.  I even received a "great landing" complement from my spotter (Doug Cunning). 
john_willman_35edge-02.jpg (15595 bytes)
 I replied in awe "That was the plane... all I did was cut the throttle."  The low air speed handling of this plane is awesome.  The control and predictability of the plane awesome.  I couldn't believe I managed a 20-30 foot tail slide in the first flight.  I have to fight my 25% models to get a 15 foot tail slide and I've flown some for over a year.   As far as first flight impressions go I would have to say that my Edge is by far the best flying plane I have ever flown to date. 
John Willman

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June 5th, 2002
jeff_karmy_35edge-093.jpg (300065 bytes)   Dear Carden Aircraft

Last year I decided to purchase your 35% Edge 540 kit.  The kit arrived and the soonest I could start construction was over my Christmas break, which I completed the airframe.  It was not until spring break that I would be able to test fly my Edge for the first time.  My Edge 540 flew incredibly well for the first flight, it needed very little trimming to obtain hands off flight.  Since then I have been out flying almost every weekend and finding that 3D aerobatics are finally within my grasp. Thank you for such a great airplane, here are some pictures of my Edge.

Sincerely, Jeff Karmy;



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